Bucks 18 wins in a row

On December 15, Beijing time, the Bucks won the Cavaliers 125-108 at home in the NBA regular season. After that, the Bucks won 18 games in a row, which is two games short of the longest winning streak in the history of the bucks. In this game, adeto Kunbo got 29 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists; the Cavaliers were swept in three games of the two teams this season, and lefo only got 12 points and 10 rebounds.
This is the longest winning streak since tomb raiding this season. Before this season, the longest winning streak was Celtic’s 10 consecutive victories and Lakers’ 10 consecutive victories. Although the bucks are the third team’s 10 consecutive victories, they do continue to win longer. After this game, the bucks are 21-3, ranking first in the league. The Lakers play one game less and rank second with 23-2 , so why can the bucks go all the way, not only to win 19 straight wins, but also the first in the league?
First, the Bucks’ offensive firepower ranks first in the league. The Bucks averaged 121.2 points per game, ranking first in the league. The Bucks can maintain a sustained fire attack is the basis for the bucks to achieve 18 consecutive wins. It is 10.7 points higher than the league’s average score of 110.5 points, which can be said to be a high-density shell output.
Second, the Bucks’ rebounding ability won the league. The Bucks averaged 51.3 rebounds a game this season, the first in the league. Compared with the league as a whole, 45.1 rebounds per game can be 6.2 rebounds higher, so as to ensure more times of mobile phone out and better under basket protection ability, which enables the bucks to maintain a long winning streak in the league.
Third, the bucks are also very good at sharing the ball. More ball right sharing can make teammates more involved in the attack, and can better unite the team to form a stronger joint force. The Bucks rank seventh in the league with 25.8 assists per game, which is actually a very high assists data. Compared with the 28.4 assists of Phoenix Suns, which has the highest assists per game in the league, it is less than three assists, but the Bucks’ player structure construction is actually very reasonable.
Fourth, excellent defense ability is the most powerful weapon of bucks. Most fans will pay more attention to the offensive ability of the team and often ignore the defensive achievements of a team, especially a team with super offensive firepower like bucks. It has been said that the Bucks’ rebounding ability is the best in the league, which is a strong defensive side.
The bucks are not very good at snatching. They can only be regarded as medium level in the league, with 7.8 steals per game, ranking 13 in the league. 5.8 caps per game is an excellent performance, ranking sixth in the league. So combined with Bucks’ rebounds, steals and blocked shots, the defensive strength of this team is very strong, and it is still the top five in the league.
Bucks attack and defense strength is very balanced, attack and defense are absolutely good. The statistics of Bucks’ various data have been improved compared with last season, only the number of caps per game dropped from 5.9 last season to 5.8 this year, and other data, including the hit rate, have been improved compared with last season, some have been improved a lot. This is also the adjustment made by the Bucks after being bullied by the Raptors in the playoffs last season, especially in the defensive regular season.
As the arrow letter brother on Bucks’ attack, his physical talent is still clearly visible on the small screen. As long as he can expand the offensive area, it will greatly increase the defense difficulty of the opposing team, and bring great richness to the tactics and playing methods of the team, so that the nightmare of other teams will come. At that time perhaps alphabet elder brother will be the MVP big popular candidate every season, will he then become the international player’s new benchmark?