Xiamen tour guide threatens tourists

The official micro blog of kulangsu cultural and tourism development center of Xiamen, Fujian Province @ Tianfeng Haitao kulangsu released a report on the investigation and handling of “a tour guide threatens tourists in kulangsu” on November 25. After the investigation organized by the Management Committee of kulangsu, Xiamen, tourism, public security and other departments, the basic facts have been found out: on the morning of November 21, the tour guide Fang and Xu were appointed by Xiamen jiyoumei travel agency to take Lead the tourists to some scenic spots in Xiamen. The two sides had a dispute over shopping in a shop in Xiamen, and another dispute occurred during a visit to kulangsu. One of the tour guides threatened the tourists with words.
According to the report, the relevant responsible departments have investigated and obtained evidence for the tour guides involved, and the tour guides involved have admitted their illegal acts.
Two tour guides and related travel agencies involved have been listed in the “list of subjects of comprehensive punishment for kulangsu” in violation of the regulations of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on the protection of kulangsu world cultural heritage and have been disqualified from taking the tour to the island. As for the illegal behaviors of tour guides and travel agencies involved, such as increasing tourism projects and inducing consumption without authorization, the relevant municipal authorities have filed a case for investigation and will strictly investigate and deal with according to law, and the handling results will be released as soon as possible.