Does Beijing heat up in advance?


Recently, the temperature in Beijing has continued to drop. The districts in this city are also undergoing pressure test before heating. However, whether the heating time can be advanced this winter depends on the weather conditions. The temperature is below 5 °C for 5 consecutive days. It is only possible to heat up in advance if the “double five” standard is adopted.

Before the start of heating every winter, the Beijing Municipal Management Committee will conduct meteorological meetings with relevant departments. It is understood that the first meteorological meeting before the start of the heating season this winter has been held last week. At the meeting, according to the forecasted weather conditions, it is judged whether heating is provided in advance this winter. According to the relevant regulations of Beijing, before the official heating day of November 15, the average temperature for 5 consecutive days is less than 5 °C, which is a necessary condition for early heating.

According to the “Administrative Measures for Heating and Heating in Beijing”, the legal heating period in Beijing is from November 15 to March 15. The municipal people’s government can adjust the heating period according to the actual situation such as meteorology. If there is an abnormal temperature in the temperature before heating, the heating authority will work with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Meteorological Bureau to conduct a meteorological meeting to study the weather situation. If the legal heating conditions are met, the heating can be done in advance.

According to the conventional practice, if there is no extreme weather, starting from November 7th, the heating units will start the ignition test run, preheat the equipment, check and solve the heating problem, and ensure the residents will be officially heated by November 15. The room temperature is up to standard.