Dalian boys follow women


“We have a female customer who was followed by a thief. She is a divine reaction and snatched back her mobile phone in one second…”.
On May 11, Ma Jie, manager of the shop of pengpeng Xiujiao Maritime University, reported to the peninsula morning post that he hoped to raise awareness for women through this case.
Surveillance video
Strong man in black steals mobile phone in seconds, woman God reacts and snatches it back in seconds!
The store provided a one minute monitoring video to restore the scene at that time. It happened on the afternoon of May 11, and the monitoring time was 4:35:02 PM.
In the video, a woman opens the door to enter the store. At this time, a man follows her. Almost at the moment of sticking to her body, the man takes out the mobile phone from the woman’s right jacket pocket.
The woman is also a divine reaction! Immediately turn around, take two steps, drill under the man’s armpit, snatch the mobile phone from the man’s left hand.
The reporter observed and watched the replay and found that the man took out his pocket and stole the mobile phone for only one second, while the woman was stolen from the mobile phone to get the mobile phone back. The whole process was only eight seconds. In the middle, the man also tried to hide himself, pretended to point his right hand at the distance, and tried to mislead the woman. Unexpectedly, the woman believed that he stole his mobile phone, and said: “take mine Cell phones! “
“At that time, I thought they knew each other!” Ma Jie said. After entering the store, the female passenger was still a little flustered. “This elder sister’s response was really quick. She robbed the cell phone back. It’s so rampant to steal after the female in broad daylight!”
Stolen woman
I got under his arm and grabbed my cell phone.
On the morning of the 12th, Ms. Li, a female customer in the video, was interviewed by the reporter. She told the reporter about the shocking scene.
“I came by No.3 bus. When I was about to pull the handrail to enter the door, I felt that my pocket was suddenly light. I suddenly turned around and saw that the man was almost leaning on me. My cell phone was in red shell and was still in his hand. I grabbed it.”
“I went under his armpit and grabbed the cell phone!” said Ms. Li, who is only over 1.5 meters tall, while a man in black needs at least 1.8 meters. “Fortunately, there was no conflict. Otherwise, my physique could not be bullied to death by him!”
After thinking about it, Ms. Li felt scared. “I don’t know when he was following me, on the bus or on the road?”
Whether it’s day or night, pay attention when you walk.
Because of the lingering fear, after repairing her feet, Ms. Li hurriedly took a taxi back home, and even dared not take the bus.
Through this incident, she also reminded the majority of female friends, “no matter in the daytime or at night, when walking, you must always look around to prevent your own safety!”