Yishuai Qianxi kissing Opera

Yishuqian Xi talks about kissing: the mood is very complex, it’s very difficult for me! When it comes to “Dadong”, it’s shy.
Today, the movie “young man’s you” has occupied several hot searches, and several hot search related bodies, none of which is not Zhou Dongyu and yishuqianxi. Many people who have seen the movie praise their excellent acting skills. This movie was nominated by a certain award earlier, which is enough to show its quality. At present, the movie’s reputation in cat’s eye is 9.7 points, and 94.8% of people have played 9 to 1 for this movie. 0 points, the box office reached 91.507 million. It seems that breaking the hundred million mark is a matter of time. In today’s premiere, yishue Qianxi was also asked by reporters about the feeling of kissing.
To this question, yishuqianxi replied earnestly: “the whole play is more serious and heavy, so the mood is very complicated. I don’t know if I can show the gentle and cold things between the two people, which is very difficult for me.” In the last interview, yishuqianxi said that it was very difficult to make films in several places, such as learning motorcycles and smoking scenes, because smoking was not advocated, so they smoked tea smoke, which was very choking. Judging from the gags, the tears choked by yishuqianxi came out, which was really not easy. When referring to “bidong”, yishuqianxi was very shy under the guidance of the director, while Zhou Dongyu laughed aside. It’s estimated that there’s a little cute in my heart.
After being touched by the director’s leg, yishuqian Xi suddenly retracted his leg. When he knew that he was going to pass the whole line, his head would explode! These intimate plays are too difficult for him who has no emotional experience.
However, the emperor did not lose his heart and all his efforts were not in vain. Zhou Dongyu and Yi jianqianxi spent their time to shoot the movie, which finally won everyone’s attention on the premiere day, and the score was very high. They are looking forward to “young you” continuing to shine and heat up, and the box office breaking billion as soon as possible. Is that gentle and cruel kiss moving you?