Barren mountain dug out live baby

Shandong’s “live baby buried in the wasteland” incident attracted netizens’ attention, and the grandfather’s grandfather took the initiative to report to the police station and was under investigation. At present, the child’s vital signs are normal.

At 9 o’clock in the morning of August 21, 2019, Mr. Jiao from Nanbaita Village, Niuquan Town, Laiwu, Jinan, and Mr. Zhou, a friend visiting Hui Village, planned to go to the mountain in the southwest corner of the village to dig mushrooms. Vaguely heard the cry of the baby, so the villagers began to look for, and finally found a cardboard box, and there is a baby boy in the carton that seems to be born soon, may be due to prolonged lack of oxygen, baby lips purple, weak breathing. They found that the abandoned baby was located in the barren hills at the junction of Laiwu and Xintai.

According to the child’s grandfather, the parents of the children are twins, the boss is very healthy, this is buried in the second child. After the twins were born at the local children’s hospital, the second child was diagnosed with multiple diseases. After the family gave up treatment, they took the child back home and found that the child’s grandmother had a thick burial after the child’s death.