Dream and cat

Last night, I had a dream. In the dream, there is meow. When I woke up, I found that the pillow was wet.
Our family has been keeping cats since we knew something, for several years, for more than ten years. Until my second year in junior high school, the last cat we had in our family… After leaving, we no longer have cats in our family. In the past, for any reason, it was said that there were too many mice in the family, or that the children in the family had to have a cat to play with. The adults in the family agreed to keep a cat. Even raising a cat has become a “habit” in the family. But later, no reason can be used as a reason for our family to keep cats again.
We have many cats in our family, orange, white, grey, black, and black and white, orange and white… All cats have been raised, and most of their lives come from other families. Their mother cat has given birth to a litter of kittens, and she thinks there are too many cats. So she sends them out. Fortunately, they are taken in. Of course, there are also cats from the “wild”. When my sister and I saw their pity, we wanted to take them in. But parents often disagree, saying that wild cats are mostly abandoned because they are bad. So, very few, very few of us have cats.
However, a wild cat was adopted by us. It’s clever! Otherwise, it won’t eventually make parents agree that it will stay. It was dressed in beautiful black and white clothes. Its hair was so smooth and cute. It always waited at the door for our brothers and sisters to come home from school to meet us. It’s this lovely one who spent two years with us, and it’s the only one who can stay with us for such a long time. You know, our cat’s vitality is always not very tenacious…
Just as it entered the cold winter, it left. We looked for it for a long time in those days. It will play everywhere, but it will always come home in the evening, because it knows – dinner time is up, master I am waiting for it to come back! But, in those days, my hopes have failed again and again. When the curtain of night rolls over the world on the third and fourth days, I understand that it will never come back.
Mother said, it’s cold winter now, our cats are so fat and tender that they must have gone out of the pot. At that time, the family was eating hot pot, but I endured, endured… It wasn’t until the night when I lay in bed and remembered what had happened to it that I let my tears run down unbridled.
That’s my sister’s favorite cat and I. It’s so cute and cute! It just left us at last…
I wiped my tears and welcomed the next lovely little one. This kind of thing has happened countless times in our family. Come on, go on; come on, or go on… Tragedy happens again and again, but it still can not stop its occurrence!
Later, we all seemed numb. In the second year of junior high school, it was the one I regretted most all my life.
At that time, after school, I rode home on my bicycle and passed by a road beside my home, where there was a bush. I found that there seemed to be a cat there. It was moving, causing the grass to sway. When approaching, it was an orange cat. Although it was covered by grass, it seemed to be small, just like the “lovely” cat at home. Only when I was too lazy to get out of the car, I stopped my curiosity.
Two days later, tragedy happened!
“Big cute” is missing! When we all confirmed that it was really missing, I thought about the cat found in the grass two days ago, and my heart twitched. Later, the old lady next door came over and said that she had found a dead cat in the grass, foaming at the mouth. It looked like it had just died! At that time, I collapsed.
Later, we learned that cat food had already disappeared a few days ago, but nobody went to buy it. From childhood to adulthood, cats grow up eating cat food, which seems to be a “habit” of our family. It was hungry because it was so hungry that it had to go outside to find food, but accidentally took poison! Blame us, blame me me more…
The old lady said, “You cat, it looks like it has been struggling in the haystack for a long time, just look at its dead state. If discovered earlier, it may be possible to recover…
At that time, I really did not know what to do. I didn’t tell them about my regrets, maybe I didn’t have the courage, maybe I knew it was in vain, or maybe I was discouraged… But now, whenever I think about it, I feel sad. It’s a kind of heartache of need, a guilt of life…
Later, my mother said that there would be no cats at home. Somehow, my heart was both happy and sad. After my mother said that, I was in conflict for some time. Think about it, at least the cat’s tragedy won’t happen again in our family. How nice! However, my heart is a little bit stuck – no longer accompanied by them, so lonely!…
Cats, I hope you can find a better family in another part of the world. I hope you have a good time.

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