Jay Chou reproduces the magic car skills

Recently, Jay Chou reappeared the god car technology and caused a hot discussion among netizens. It was recently exposed to a video of Jay Chou’s car racing. The video content is very cool. Jay Chou is also very handsome wearing a racing suit. Let’s see what is the specific situation?

Jay Chou reproduces the magic car skills

On October 15th, Jay Chou reappeared the magic car technology on the hot search. Jay Chou once appeared in the racing movie “Initial D”. I believe many netizens who like him have seen it. Recently, Jay Chou’s video of a racing car caused a hot discussion. The video content is very cool. Cool, Jay Chou is wearing a racing suit is also handsome, aggressive, and brave to break through the time limit, between the electric and the flint, the pointer reversed, time and space reversed.

However, netizens continued to watch and found that this video turned out to be an advertisement! Follow Jay Chou, the spokesperson of the Tudor watch brand, and drift rapidly through time and space. Unexpectedly, Jay Chou’s video of recreating the god car skills turned out to be an advertisement! But this advertisement has also caused many people to miss the movie that Jay Chou once appeared. I don’t know when Jay Chou will play another movie.

Jay Chou battles the screen again

Jay Chou has always been the character of the “Great God” level in the entertainment industry. Whether it is music or film, whether it is now or behind the scenes, Jay Chou has become a “golden signboard” in the entertainment industry, all works related to him. There is a high popularity.

The movie “Hurricane” is also a behind-the-scenes work by Jay Chou. This work also exemplifies the “singing singer”, and his wife Kun Ling will star in the film “Lv Lili”. This film also retains Jay Chou’s style very well. The racing elements have once again made many viewers see the return of Jay Chou. I want to know how many people in the previous “Initial D” have been excited. This preparation has been going on for six years. Intentional work will once again take you to a world of beautiful guys, idols, racing cars, but the most regrettable is that Jay Chou retired as a producer behind the scenes, and would like to see again “the car is not old.”

The influence of Jay Chou’s music field is unquestionable, so his music works have been adapted into films. There is a precedent. The previous “Unspeakable Secrets” made the Almighty label deeply engraved on Jay Chou. Another new Jay Chou’s new eponymous drama “The Arrangement of Dandelion” is expected to meet the audience. “The dandelion next to the elementary school fence is a scene with a taste in memory. The sound of a nap in the nap playground is still very good after many years…” The familiar melody has its own story in everyone’s heart. The adaptation of classic songs into dramas will definitely lead to the feelings of many people. Once the male gods and the classics of the past, such a combination is very “killing.”