Ma Yun donates to protect the wetlands

In order to better create a green ecological civilization, we will build a new type of urban community that is “livable, suitable, and suitable for travel”. Recently, Zhejiang Mayun Public Welfare Foundation, Hangzhou Yuhang District Charity Federation, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Construction Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Future The Science and Technology City (Hai Chuang Garden) Management Committee and other parties signed a donation agreement, and Zhejiang Mayun Public Welfare Foundation donated 100 million yuan to the Yuhang District Charity Federation of Hangzhou for the ecological environment research and protection of Xixi Wetland.

As a citizen of Hangzhou, Ma Yun said at the donation ceremony: “Today’s signing is only our first step. We will invite the world’s top eco experts to participate and make the Xixi Wetland like New York’s Central Park.”

Xixi Wetland was listed on the International Important Wetland List on July 7, 2009. Its rich ecological resources, elegant natural landscape and profound cultural accumulation are also called “Three West” in Hangzhou with West Lake and Xiqiao.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of next year. The construction section is Liangzhu Road (from Wen’er West Road to the south of Luting Road). It is located at the core of the key area of ​​the Future Science and Technology City. It is south of Luting Road and north to Wenji. West Road, with a total length of about 1.93 kilometers, is close to the planned Wuchang Wetland boundary at both ends, and the west side is close to the Central Green Island. The traffic function is very important and the landscape sensitivity is high.

This not only fully guarantees the planning quality and layout of Xixi Wetland, but also provides favorable conditions for the development of wetland construction. It is also an important example for the future science and technology city to create a “city of vitality, a city of innovation, a city of wisdom, and a city of green”. It is also an important way for Yuhang District to achieve “global beauty”.

The reporter learned that in 2017, Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation, 17 founders and partners of Alibaba, Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. and Yunfeng Fund donated 560 million yuan to Zhejiang University Education Foundation to support the establishment. “The First Affiliated Hospital Development Fund of Zhejiang University Medical College”.

“The last time was a hospital, this time it was environmental protection. I believe that Hangzhou will become a more and more happy city.” Ma said.