Iraq continues to protest

China news agency, Beijing, October 3rd, comprehensive news: As of the 3rd local time, Iraq’s anti-government demonstrations have killed at least 33 people and injured more than 600 people.

The 33 dead included 32 demonstrators and 1 Iraqi security force.

In a joint statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health, the security forces used tear gas, high-pressure water guns and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators.

Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi announced that the capital Baghdad has entered a 24-hour all-weather curfew at 5 am on the 3rd. “All vehicles and individuals are prohibited from entering Baghdad until further notice.”

According to CNN, demonstrators repeatedly tried to break into the “green zone” after the Iraq war in 2003, including the government building, the US Embassy and the UN office.