Millet Surrounding Screen Mobile Phone

At the new launch of millet 5G just now, millet launched a 5G surround screen concept mobile phone MIX Alpha. Lei Jun introduced that this mobile phone has a complete screen around the fuselage, realizing 180.6% screen proportion. The price is 19999 yuan.
Lei Jun introduced at the launch that the surround screen is several times more complex than the fold screen.
He said that folding screen is a single folding flexible screen, while surrounding screen is a double folding flexible screen, which is several times more difficult than folding screen. And the folding screen mobile phones of two friends have not been mass produced up to now.
Lei Jun’s reference to friends, according to e-commerce online verification, should refer to the public release of folding screen mobile phones in February this year, Samsung and Huawei, of which Samsung folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold has been on sale in Korea.
Huawei’s fold-screen mobile phone, which was rumored to be sold in the middle of this year, has not yet been released for sale.
Despite previous reports that Huawei will launch folding-screen mobile phones in the middle of this year, Huawei did not mention the product until September 19, when it held a new product launch in Munich, Germany.
In addition to the screen, the phone will reach 100 million pixels on the camera for the first time.
Lei Jun revealed that the conceptual machine started two years ago, with more than 500 million yuan spent on research and development and more than 1,000 engineers involved.
It is reported that the product is trying to produce on a small scale and is expected to be on the market by the end of December.