Happy New Year

When the New Year comes, we are all very excited because we can wear new clothes, set off firecrackers and collect New Year’s money with our small wallet. Hee-hee, New Year’s Day, I always forget my lucky money, every child is like this. On New Year’s Day, we can also eat dumplings with our families, watch the Spring Festival Gala, every household, lively, happy to welcome the new year.
Today is New Year’s Eve. If I had a holiday, I would get up at 8 or 9 o’clock, but today I made an exception. I woke up at 7:15. I jumped out of bed and went to the living room. I sat on the sofa. My mother and brother were still awake. Only my father and I were awake. We dressed quickly, took firecrackers and went downstairs.
The following is really lively: the children and some uncles and aunts with firecrackers, are ready to welcome the new year in the sound of firecrackers. “Let’s set off firecrackers.” I don’t know who shouted, and the children soon got together. A string of firecrackers were set on fire in people’s hands, making loud noises and splashing everywhere. It’s like sending every good wish to every family. The sound of firecrackers was continuous and lively. After setting off firecrackers, my father and I went home. My mother and brother woke up. We finished breakfast, prepared New Year’s goods, got on the bus and drove to my grandmother’s house.
After more than two hours of exhaustion, we finally arrived at our destination, Dongqiao Village, Yuling Town, Lingbao, which is Grandma’s home. “Grandma!” As soon as I entered the gate, I cried out that, as I expected, my mother-in-law rushed out immediately. Haha, my grandmother is still so young and energetic! Then, my two cousins came out, and we were in a mess. What a bustle! I still talked to my little intimate princess. “Lulu, how did you do on the final exam?” I asked, “Language: 98 points, Mathematics: 99 points, English: 100 points, a total of 297 points, the class first!” Lulu answered happily. “Not bad! I am the same as you, Chinese: 97 points, mathematics: 100 points, English: 100 points, 297 points, the first in the class! I said. “Look, we are a pair of bosom sisters, even the scores are the same!” “Yes! Let’s go and play with the wrestling guns. I have a lot of them. Let’s call morning, Yangyang and my father to play together! “Good idea!” Dad took Yangyang, me, Lulu and Morning, and we went out to play with wrestling guns hand in hand.
“Boom, boom, boom, boom!” This is my four guns. This is Lulu’s second cannon. We had a great time! Meanwhile,
Grandma is making dumplings with her mother. They are also very busy. As soon as we got back, we heard a “crash”. The first dish of dumplings came off the pot and we had to make a second pot. Lulu and I also wanted to have a jump. So we washed our hands and sat down at the table and began to play seriously. Well, actually, Lulu and I can’t make dumplings at all. Making dumplings is just an excuse for both of us. The first dumpling I made was like a leather ball. It was round. Lulu said to me, “Sister, this is not the Lantern Festival. Don’t be so round!” Look at my bag, I’ll teach you!” “Good!” Lulu was good at first, but the worse it got behind it: leather, meat stuffing………………………………………………………. Mess. “Ha-ha, you can’t pack it. Why didn’t you teach me?” I laughed. Lulu blushed, and she said, “Good sister, let’s learn together, shall we?”
“Good! Let’s learn together! In this way, Lulu and I learned to make dumplings while we were making dumplings. Lulu and I made twenty-five dumplings all at once. After ten minutes, a large plate of dumplings was finally wrapped. Grandma gave us a big plate of dumplings, and the four of us ate around the table in a mess, because we were so hungry! “Lulu, I think it’s a sense of achievement to eat dumplings made by myself! How about you? ” “Me too!” Soon, night came, and I went out to watch fireworks with Yangyang, Lulu and Morning. I don’t know who lit a cannon of fireworks. Suddenly, countless small sparks came out of the cannon. In an instant, a silver-white “dragon” rushed to the sky like an arrow off the string, emitting tens of millions of flowers, like a beautiful little girl, wearing a dress, singing and dancing in the sky. Dad came out, he lit several “butterflies” fireworks, only to see a few beautiful butterflies, dancing, flying to the sky. At this time, the sky is like a big garden, butterflies are like messengers of spring, waving their wings and joining the colorful banquet one after another. All around the fireworks are constantly burning, red, yellow, blue, purple, a variety of colors intertwined, dazzling. At this moment, we jump, jump, laugh and shout, not to mention how happy we are, but also with everyone is the harvest of family!
We finished watching and went home. Mom and Grandma were watching the Spring Festival Gala in 2014. We also sat down and watched it. “Lulu, look! Really play! Ha ha! ” “Yes, it’s really fun!” Originally, it was the wife’s words in the sketch “Can’t Help You”: “Oh, my elbow, oh, my Bolinger, oh, my waist disc, oh, it doesn’t hurt at all!” Soon, it’s eleven fifty-five. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, bang, the New Year’s bell rings!” I said aloud to Lulu. “Let’s sing”Happy New Year!” I said. “Good!” Everyone agrees with one voice. “Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year to you all! We sing, we dance, and we wish you all a happy New Year! __
In this way, we celebrated the New Year with songs.
This is the best New Year I’ve ever had. I wish you all a happy New Year.

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