Woman Porsche crying

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a woman wearing slippers ran out in a Porsche Palamera sedan and stopped her car and burst into tears. The pink body is particularly eye-catching, which naturally attracts traffic policemen…
On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 12, it was the lights of thousands of families. On the way to the front hill of Zhuhai, there were many people who were happy and worried. Some people hid in the car and began to cry.
At 9:30 p.m., Gongbei Traffic Police Officer Liang drove his motorcycle to the vicinity of Qianhe East Road Central Bus Station and saw a pink Porsche Palamera car parked by the roadside from a distance. The traffic policeman couldn’t help looking more because of the parking violation and the pink body.
This INS pink Porsche is really rare. Traffic police immediately went to check and found that the license plate was Zhejiang B2 * R2. Looking through the window, the driver was a woman driver in white clothes, wearing Princess Wind clothes, and matched Palamera in light pink.
Seeing the traffic police checking the car, the female driver was very impatient and asked the traffic police, “Can’t I cry here for a while?” I didn’t drink any more! “
Crying is okay, but it’s dangerous for women drivers to wear slippers on their feet and drive by the side of the road without double flashes.
Traffic police inquired the license plate into the system, which showed that the Palamera coupe body color was white, not light pink; moreover, the validity period of the annual vehicle inspection expired in July this year, and the expiration date was two months without last year’s inspection.
The woman driver was feeling sorry for herself. When she heard the traffic policeman say that Palamera had no annual check-up, she said angrily, “The annual check-up has expired, so it’s time to check-up!”


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