Apple Vice President Leaves

“Steve Dowling has worked for Apple for more than 16 years, participated in many of the most important moments and contributed to the company at all levels,” Apple said in a statement.
“From the first generation of the iPhone and App Store to Apple Watch and Irpods, he helped tell the story of Apple and shared our values with the world,” the statement added. After another successful launch, he decided to leave Apple to spend time with his family, which he deserved. After his departure, his great gift to us will continue to serve the company in the long future. We thank him for what he has done for Apple and wish him every success.
Schiller will temporarily manage the PR team from now on, but Dowling will not officially leave office until next month to facilitate the transition. Dowling said he would “take a break” after leaving Apple before trying a new career.
At the time of Dowling’s departure, Apple, like other technology giants, is facing increasing anti-trust scrutiny. Last week, the House Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress asked Apple to submit documents on how to promote and sell applications in the App Store. Facebook, Google and Amazon have also been involved in the survey and are required to provide relevant documents and internal communications.


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