Tan Weiwei apologized to the author Xu Jingqing for singing the storm: no response for the time being

News on September 16 reported that “For Tan Weiwei’s apology, I interviewed a lot of media. Today, I will not respond to your telephone interviews for the time being, and I will answer your questions later.” On the morning of September 16, cover journalist interviewed Xu Jingqing, the original composer, by telephone to apologize for singer Tan Weiwei’s performance of “Dare to Ask Where is the Way” at the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Party, and he gave the above reply.
Xu Jingqing, a composer at the national level, is the chief composer of CCTV 86 Edition Journey to the West. He is engaged in the music creation of the TV series Journey to the West. Among them, Prelude of Journey to the West (alias Yungong Xunyin), Daughter’s Love, Return from Classics and Dare to Ask Where the Way is) are Xu Jingqing’s famous works, as well as his ever-lasting classics.
On the evening of September 13, 2019, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was held in Huaian. Singer Tan Weiwei sang the classic song of Journey to the West in a rock-and-roll style, Daring to Ask Where the Way Is, and the actors of four masters and apprentices of the 82 edition of Journey to the West, such as six younger children, Chi Chongrui, Madehua and Liu Dagang, appeared on the stage to meet you.
After the performance, many audiences expressed their inadaptability, believing that the national singing method of Jiang Dawei, the original singer, had been adapted into rock style by Tan Weiwei, and the tune and singing style had changed dramatically. The result was “unpleasant!”
“Music can be innovative.” “But it can’t be changed blindly!” “It’s totally aesthetic,” he said. “Especially the children and the elderly are scared enough!” The audience was full of comments. Tan Weiwei has become a hot topic in recent days.
On September 14, composer Xu Jingqingfa Weibo asked Tan Weiwei why he adapted it without authorization. Even if his singing skills were good, it changed the original intention of his works. This is an act of disrespect for classical works and old artists.
On the evening of September 15, Tan Weifawen apologized to Xu Jingqing, the original composer of Dare to Ask Where the Way Is, for “deducing classical songs, I always have enthusiasm and awe, and hope that next time I will have the opportunity to deduce your works and really participate in the adaptation, carefully deliberate, repeatedly polish, respect your and the original author’s wishes, so as to ensure deduction. Perfect!”
In response, Xu Jingqing said on the phone: “Tan Weiwei’s response to the singing of”Dare to Ask Where the Way Is”was great. There were many people who came to me these two days. Some journalists asked for an interview and some friends asked me by micro-mail. I didn’t respond. Now Tan Weiwei apologized, and I saw it. But I won’t say anything today. I’ll talk about it later.


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