Late Night K Song Update of Liu Xiang’s Ex-wife

Speaking of Liu Xiang, I believe that we are all familiar with him. When he was brilliant, he could be said to be the pride of Asia. But recently, it suddenly spread the news of “Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song”, and for a time netizens had a lot of comments. So what’s the reason for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song? Let’s take a look.
Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
On September 8, a recent photograph of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife Ge Tian was taken by the media. After her flash marriage and divorce, Ge Tian had no new love. Recently, she appeared late at night to have dinner with her friends. After the dinner, she was sitting alone in the street, looking lonely, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.
Ge Tian was black look, long hair, low-key and lazy that night. Although she was not outstanding in the Performing Arts circle, her temperament and figure were very good. She walked on the street side by side with a female friend and looked at the relationship very well.
Although it is late, it can still be seen that Ge Tian made up a very delicate look that day, especially the big red lips are very eye-catching. Looking at the face of melon seeds from the side, it seems beautiful after divorce!
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After dinner, Ge Tian did not leave in a hurry, but stood at the door of the shop and chatted. He stood in the crowd, tall and distinguished, and was very glamorous.
After Ge Tian made a phone call, he got into the car, but the party did not end there. He drove to a KTV and a group of people continued to revel.
After the K song, Ge Tian appeared again, her face was flushed and slightly worn. Her long hair had already been laid down and scattered at will. She was sitting alone on the roadside, looking very lonely, and then she stood up with a silent sigh.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Ge Tian and Liu Xiang fell in love in 2014 and got married quickly. After the marriage, Ge Tian also made fun of how he didn’t know he was going to get married. When interacting with netizens, he said he would join hands with Liu Xiang to get old.
However, in May of the same year, Liu Xiang held a retirement ceremony at 80,000 stadiums in Shanghai. Ge Tian did not show up. On June 25, Liu admitted on Weibo that he had divorced Ge Tian and ended the marriage of less than a year.
Now Ge Tian, who has been divorced for four years, is drunk at night on KTV and sits alone on the roadside. She looks very lonely. Maybe she also wants to have dinner and drink with her friends. It’s her lover, not the driver, who is waiting for her.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Reasons for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
Speaking of Olympic champion Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone is very familiar with him. As an “Asian flying man”, I believe that Liu Xiang’s achievements have been well-known in the history of spectators and Chinese sports. However, in terms of emotion, Liu Xiang has had two emotions, and the first emotional entanglement with actress Ge Tian is more deeply remembered.
Before marrying Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone should be very unfamiliar with the name Ge Tian. The fame in the circle is only a 4th and 5th line actress. However, after the exposure of his love with Liu Xiang, Ge Tian was more familiar with the public, and his fame and popularity flew with each other.
It is reported that Ge Tian and Liu Xiang met at a gathering of friends. At that time, Liu Xiang was troubled by injuries and was at a low point in his life. At that time, just like a sunshine, Ge Tian was shining on Liu Xiang in the haze. With the frequent interaction between Ge Tian and Liu Xiang, the relationship between them quickly warmed up, and then in 2012 they decided on a love relationship.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Then they entered the marriage hall happily, but after marriage, they were often heard of disagreement. Until June 25, 2015, Liu Xiang Weibo announced their divorce from Ge Tian. The reason for their divorce was personality discord. From marriage to divorce, Ge Tian and Liu Xiang’s marriage lasted only 227 days, and the two people who had been divorced by flash marriage did not. Don’t make people feel sad.
Now that they have divorced for three years, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha are living happily, but Ge Tian’s situation is distressing. After his divorce from Liu Xiang, Ge Tian put all his thoughts on his acting career. There has been no new love affair in his heart. He is single. On September 8, a media friend exposed a group of pictures of Ge Tian sitting alone on the street with a lonely look, which attracted public attention.
Ge Tian, who appeared late that night, attended a dinner party hosted by his friends. He was wearing a tight black dress in front of the camera that day. His figure was vivid and convex. His long black hair was high behind his head. His delicate face and three-dimensional features were particularly prominent.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
The day Ge Tian dressed up, will be delicate makeup, although it is already late at night, and the lights are dim, but even in this case, Ge Tian’s big red lips in the late night crowd is still dazzling. Ge Tian, who seldom gathered with his friends, was also very excited on that day. He was directly shoulder to shoulder with his friends. As if he were a big man, he could see the deep friendship between them.
After a group of friends gathered for dinner, the public was still in the mood, and then turned to KTV to continue the late night carnival. Ge Tian stood on the street and chatted with his friends during the waiting time of KTV. Although Ge Tian was not very tall among the female stars in the circle, he seemed to stand out from the crowd among the ordinary people. His tall figure and exquisite facial features were definitely the most beautiful children in the evening’s friends’gathering.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After the K song, all the friends left and found themselves alone.


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