Shanghai Disney has let go! Visitors can bring their own food into the park.

According to People’s Daily, the reporter learned from the management of Shanghai Disneyland that the management team of the park is actively communicating with the relevant parties. On the basis of continuing to listen to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, the next stage will launch a number of measures, including security inspection and food policy, to further improve the park operation and optimize tourism. Customer experience.
Xue Binjun, Director of Security, Safety, Fire Protection and Health Services of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, said: “We understand that the current process of entry security may bring discomfort to some tourists. Garden management team has been actively listening to feedback from all parties, and under the support and guidance of relevant departments, carefully study and optimize the security inspection process to achieve two major objectives: first, all the premise, namely, to ensure the safety of tourists and performers; second, to provide more comfortable experience for our tourists.
Xue Binjun said that the security inspection team in Shanghai Disneyland is optimizing the existing manual inspection methods to reduce the impact of inspection on tourists’experience through more friendly and humane processes and services. It is suggested that tourists can open their bags by themselves during the security inspection. If required by the security inspectors, tourists can take out their personal belongings and put them back after inspection. The management team will continue to cooperate with all relevant departments to continuously adjust and optimize the process of entry security inspection. Considering the next step, we should increase the investment of security inspection equipment, use a variety of scientific and technological means, such as X-ray machines, to assist human services, and constantly enhance visitors’entry experience.
Meanwhile, Xue Binjun said that the management of Shanghai Disneyland paid close attention to and listened to a lot of suggestions about the current prohibition of carrying items into the park, especially for food and drinks. Based on these feedback, we will soon adjust our take-out food policy. In addition to re-processing, thermal storage and irritating food, visitors will be able to bring food for their own consumption into the paradise. After the policy is finalized, the park will introduce details to the public as soon as possible. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the diversified supply of food in the park, increase the number of different varieties, tastes and prices of food, and provide more rich catering choices for tourists. In addition, visitors will continue to be able to bring bottled water and drinks into the park. More than 50 direct drinking water supply points and more than 20 hot water supply points throughout the park will continue to provide free cold and hot water for visitors. Alcoholic drinks will still be banned from carrying into the garden.
According to Xue Binjun, a series of optimization measures should also start with early notification of the policy of strengthening admission. At present, Shanghai Disneyland is updating its official ticket-buying channels and platform ticket-buying process to ensure that visitors are aware of the park’s guidelines and visitors’instructions before purchasing tickets and make arrangements in advance.
Xue Binjun said: “With the support and cooperation of various departments, the management team of the garden side is identifying and implementing various operational optimization measures as soon as possible. In preparing for the implementation of these measures, we also hope to gain public understanding and support. For the garden management team, seeing the smiling faces of tourists everyday is the greatest driving force for us to keep moving forward and striving.
Event Review
At the beginning of this year, Xiao Wang, a junior at East China University of Political Science and Law, was checked by staff on the grounds of “Park Rules” when he entered Shanghai Disneyland. According to Xiao Wang, when the staff saw that she had brought snacks, they asked her to throw them away. After Xiao Wang disagreed, they gave him two choices: eating at the small table at the entrance to the garden or depositing them in the nearby locker. There are a lot of snacks, so it is obviously not feasible to eat them all. The cost of a day in the locker is 80 yuan, which has exceeded the price of snacks. Finally, Xiao Wang had no choice but to throw his snacks on the small table. Xiao Wang believed that the rules and related acts formulated by the park violated his legitimate rights and interests, so he filed a petition against Shanghai Disneyland in court.
From August 22 to 23, the media reported that after receiving a single complaint, the Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Shanghai Pudong New Area tried to promote mediation between the parties and the Shanghai Disney Resort on issues such as carrying food into the park and checking bags, but the resort “did not accept mediation”.
On August 23, Shanghai Disneyland issued a statement saying that security checks are required by relevant laws and regulations to ensure that tourists and their luggage are checked before all tourists enter Shanghai Disneyland. “We have worked closely with various departments to develop the security inspection process for visitors to the park, and continue to review and optimize it to ensure its legitimate compliance.”
Photo Source: People’s Network
As a matter of fact, Shanghai Disneyland has not been allowed to bring food into the park since its inception.
In 2016, tourists were allowed to bring sealed food into the park at the beginning of its opening, but on November 15, 2017, Shanghai Disneyland suddenly announced that it would adjust the “Guidelines for Visitors to Shanghai Disneyland” to prohibit tourists from bringing food and alcoholic drinks into the park. Even previously allowed unopened food would no longer be allowed into the park.
Of course, tourists can choose to deposit, but the deposit fee is about 80 yuan. Some tourists think that the deposit fee is too high. They prefer to eat food or throw it away on the spot.
At that time, Tao Ailian, deputy director and secretary-general of Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, said that Disney changed the rules of carrying food, whether for the sake of Park hygiene and other management needs, or from the point of view of food safety, its hidden or commercial interests. Tickets plus meals in the garden are expensive, the time of visiting the garden is limited, and the time of dining out of the garden is long.


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