Tears in Laughter Recalling Teachers

It’s Teacher’s Day again. Every year, his name will be written on the greeting card. This year is no exception. Whenever I write my congratulations, his kind smiling face will always appear in my mind, and his caring eyes will always be remembered. Everything is so real.
His surname is Zhou, a lovely old man, with 广州桑拿 a kind face and always very humorous, but he has a bad habit and likes smoking very much. He smokes several packs a day, which is just a smoker. That was the third year of junior high school, and the teacher changed. He taught us.
Mathematics, before he taught me, I was a naughty, troublemaker, but I like math very much, and math scores are very good, but very arrogant, often sleeping in math class, because I think the teacher taught nothing useful, not as good as self-study.
I remember the first lesson when he just entered our classroom, the students were whispering in private: Why did an old man come? And I am still that lazy expression, I think the teacher is not the same, will only follow the text, no new ideas.
However, I was wrong. He asked many questions in class, and no matter how difficult they were, he always made us understand. Because he liked to tell math as a story. Mr. Zhou’s lecture had a special feature. He always pulled up his sleeve when he was very excited and said, “Did I solve this problem correctly?” Knowing that there was cheating, he collectively shouted, “No!” He then asked 深圳桑拿网 , “No?” Then everyone was a little panicked and answered in a weak voice, “Yes.” At this time, he always stares at his eyes and roars out his original exclamation: “Right ass!” The students shouted, and the classroom poured over.
At that time, I was good at mathematics, so of course I was a math class representative. Every time I handed my book to the teacher’s office after school, I always saw him smoking cigarettes, preparing lessons, correcting homework, and looking so attentive that no one came in without noticing it. Once the school had to select the best mathematicians to compete in the provincial contest. At that time, there was only one place. I was honored to be selected, and the teacher who trained me was him. He asked me to 桑拿广州 go to his home to train me on weekends. But I think if I don’t compete, what’s great? Training or not is the same, so he ran straight away. I am very sorry to come to my home to train me. I will go to his home to train later. My teacher and mother are very good people. They always like to make snacks for me to eat. Teachers always tire of explaining topics to me, and often educate me, proud, conceited people will fail sooner or later, he will give me a lot of truth in life.
However, one day, the teacher fell ill, but soon stood on the platform to continue lecturing to us. We thought the teacher had a minor illness. Later, we learned that when he was sent to the hospital for examination, he was found to have cancer, but he asked his family to keep it secret and insisted on discharging from hospital to lecture us. It was ridiculous. I didn’t even know that he was giving me a lecture and explaining the topic. Just a few days before the competition, he fell down and explained the topic to me. He never came back after he was sent to the hospital. Later, I learned that he died of fatigue, which led to worsening illness and ineffective rescue. When I heard the news, my pen fell and my tears fell unconsciously.
The day he was buried was when I took part in the competition. I couldn’t attend the teacher’s funeral, but I paid him back with my grades. I won the first prize in the competition. But I burned the certificate – I want to send it to my teacher in heaven in this way. I want the teacher to see: his students did not let him down!
What really affected me was not his words, but his personality charm. He gave me the most vivid life lesson with his actions. He always wanted to write an article to commemorate him. Today, I finally got this opportunity, not for any awards, but for the memory of my respected teacher.

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