My teacher is very avant-garde.

A black, dense hair like a black waterfall, a pair of shining, clear eyes like transparent pearls, a pair of small and exquisite, symbolizing wisdom of the glasses, a round face, every day with a brilliant smile, scholar’s style also exudes the elegant and dignified temperament of sunshine. This is our Chinese teacher, 广州桑拿 Mr. Zhao.
Although Mr. Zhao is over 30 years old, her love for beauty is universal. Her love for beauty is increasing and changing every day. Sometimes she wears a broken flower dress with a white coat and a fresh pink bag on her shoulders. Sometimes she wears a white T-shirt with a pink shawl and a blue flowing skirt on her lower body with shining feet. Bright and high-heeled shoes make people one of the brighter, with a faint fragrance of perfume on the body, which makes people intoxicated. Mr. Zhao is a fashion hot mom.
Likewise, as a “hot fashion mom”, Mr. Zhao also has a set of skills in teaching and educating people. In order to make our troublemakers more interested in learning, as soon as the first day of junior middle school, the teacher implemented the system of “clear rewards and penalties”. Make a list and add or subtract points according to each student’s performance, such as classroom activists, homework completers and other rewards. On the contrary, more mistakes will be made, the more serious mistakes will be deducted. The bigger the number of points, the more 10 points a book will be rewarded. If you accidentally become a negative point,深圳桑拿网 you will be punished. As for the content of the penalty, it is not serious, that is, to let you copy the text several times, stand for a few lessons and so on. Because Mr. Zhao usually treats us kindly, we also know how to lift, so in most cases there will be no phenomenon of punishment and copying, but we try our best to grab the point, let the teacher laugh. In addition, teachers often play games with us in class. That time, the teacher typed out a few words on the screen and played a game of “you say I guess” with us: in groups, each group was represented by two people, one person said, one person guessed, after four groups of words, which group used the shortest time which group won. We scrambled and shouted more and more fiercely. Finally, our group sent 桑拿广州 me to fight with Cheng Jiaqi. In the process of guessing, Cheng Jiaqi described to me: “A kind of fruit…” I listened for a long time and my mind was blank. What is it? Oh, “Grapes!” I shouted. Then came the cheers of our group… Because we passed the customs. The teacher looked at us and laughed.
Teacher Zhao not only uses some special methods in class, but also is avant-garde after class. Generally speaking, teachers pay special attention to their academic achievements. They wish that students are reading books all the time, but not Mr. Zhao. On Saturdays and Sundays, Mr. Zhao took great risks in organizing our afternoon reading and reading some literary classics, which helped us to experience life better, and also helped us learn the fundamentals of human beings, the importance of morality, meditation and self-cultivation. At the same time, we also learned the broad and profound Chinese culture. Another time, Ms. Zhao said in class that she would take us to the orphanage. I was wondering how a teacher could support us to do activities unrelated to learning. Mr. Zhao must have said on the spur of the moment that it was impossible. However, the teacher not only took us, but also organized several small programs, which really impressed me. That activity, I participated in, not only exercised my organizational ability, but also let me realize how happy I am, I should be satisfied, I should learn to be grateful.
I have to admit that Miss Zhao is an avant-garde teacher. Everything she does is so different. She does something that other teachers don’t want to do. Other teachers only care about the results, while she pays more attention to the education of our personality and the experience of life. She will not easily give us pressure. She hopes more. We grow up healthily and happily!
Teacher Zhao’s avant-garde deeds are many. They are as warm as spring breeze, as bright as sunshine, and as sweet as fruit juice. Teacher Zhao uses his own unique method to let us learn in activities, harvest in joy, and appreciate in moving, so that our life is more colorful.

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