Do Aliens Really Exist?

I remember when I was in primary school, my friend borrowed a book about alien creatures in the library. She was so addicted to this book that she refused to put it down 广州桑拿 even on her way home, but she still had to walk along. I said to her, “Is this book so good?” “It looks good 3. It records some stories of people communicating with aliens. As she looked at it, she answered, I shook my head helplessly, and then she said solemnly, “If we meet aliens on the road, we will not be afraid, we can communicate with them. “I said in surprise,” Can aliens speak Chinese? “No, the story recorded in this book says that aliens are telepathic to humans. Suddenly I couldn’t help laughing and crying. I threw myself into the ground with admiration for her.
Do aliens really exist? When we were young, we often heard about flying saucers and aliens. They were frightened by the strange aliens described. They had hard skin like monsters, big heads and big red eyes. When we grow up, we are no longer interested in stories like aliens. But I believe that many people still have a slight interest in aliens.
First of all, our planet is full of life, not only high intelligence creatures like human beings, but also all kinds of animals and plants. Because of the existence of these creatures, our planet becomes more beautiful and special in the universe. Because so 深圳桑拿网 far, humans have not found any other life on some other planet. We can’t find any life on our neighbor planet, but the universe is far away. Maybe the aliens are in some corner of the universe. After all, we are only investigating the solar system in the Milky Way. Are there any living things outside the solar system and the Milky Way? Maybe scientists will be able to solve this problem when technology is more advanced.
We all know that water is indispensable to life, so scientists are trying to find out whether there is water on other planets, because the existence of water is very likely to exist life. Scientists haven’t found liquid water on other planets. Turning over Jupiter’s satellite, they have found ice like when the Earth’s oceans freeze. They speculate that there may be liquid water under the ice, but scientists haven’t studied it yet. In Wu Yanzu’s film “Europa Report”, six astronauts went to Europa on a secret mission, and were attacked by unknown objects on the way to the mission. It was horrifying to think about it.
But do aliens really need water? Perhaps on planets without water or oxygen, aliens have long been accustomed to the environment of their planet, unlike creatures on Earth, 桑拿广州 they need water and oxygen to survive. Perhaps poisonous substances in our eyes are indispensable to them.
Is there any nickel in the existence of aliens? If so, in what form do they exist? Is it a single cell, animal, plant or a higher biological nickel like human beings? If they were more civilized than us, would they invade the earth or try to communicate with it? These problems may be solved one by one in the future.

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