Happiness bet

Love is always giving. Don’t bet if you’re afraid of losing.
—— Notes
Today, after school, the 广州桑拿 Chinese teacher announced our test results. When I heard about my grades, I was really surprised – I failed!
Subsequently, the teacher asked the first and second members of each group to go to the office.
Then, the teacher said, “This exam, the first failed, give me a step forward.” As soon as the voice fell, I stood out of the crowd of more than a dozen people. I swept around with my spare time – no one, only me, only me!
So the teacher began to get angry: “I’m very dissatisfied with your results this time! I never imagined that there would be a failure in No. 1. What on earth are you doing? Having spoken for a long time, we finally got home.
I’m not in a good mood because of my poor exam. Plus being criticized by the teacher, the mood is even worse. I quickly went back to the classroom and packed my schoolbag. Then I ran to the school gate and waited for my father to pick me up. However, I waited at the school gate for more than half an hour, and my father hadn’t come to pick me up yet. I looked up at the sky 深圳桑拿网 disappointedly, only to see a gloomy area, as if it were going to rain. My mood is getting lower and lower. Why? Everything seems to be arranged by God. Everything seems so unsatisfactory. Finally, I decided to walk home by myself.
On the way home, I thought a lot about it.
A few days ago, I lost my temper with my mother because of a little thing.
That day, I came home from school late, my stomach was hungry and growling, but my mother hadn’t cooked dinner yet. I began to complain: “Why is our dinner so late every time? People can eat it as soon as they get home, why can’t I eat every time they come back?” “Today is a little late, I bought some bread today, or you eat some first?” “No, I hate bread, you let me eat it. I don’t want to talk to you. I did my homework. After that, he turned around and ran to the room with his schoolbag on his back to do his homework.
“Ouch -” Think of here, I suddenly tripped over something, almost fell a “dog eat shit”. Hey, how can God punish me? It’s strange today. It’s bad luck all day. Isn’t it true that nobody came to pick me up? There’s an inexplicable fear in my heart. It seems that the whole world has forgotten me.
“Tick, tick,” for the first time heard the second hand move so clearly. One minute, three minutes, seven minutes… I was still walking, but nobody came to pick me up. 桑拿广州 Suddenly, a trace of coolness came into my heart. So I heard a voice in my ear: “Do you know now? They have forgotten your existence. Don’t forget our bet. When the whole world forgets you, I will take away your happiness.” Listening to these horrible words, I was frightened. This is when I was about to lose heart, I saw a familiar body – mother, mother came to pick me up.
I ran excitedly to my mother’s car. Mother said, “When I cooked the meal and wanted to ask you to eat, I found you were not there. I looked at your bicycle at home. Your sister said that your father took you to school this morning. I only knew you had not come back, so I came to pick you up immediately.” “Oh.” “I waited until my stomach was starving. Mom, you’re here at last.” “I’m afraid you’ll come home and say you have no food and you’re hungry. Then I cooked after work. You can eat at home now.” “Oh.” I answered, but the tears in my eyes were turning and I didn’t know where to go. Mother is so kind to me, can do everything for me, but I treat her with that attitude, really should not!
Mom, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t be mad at you.
Thank you, Mom! Let me win back that bet – happiness!

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