White black

In the morning, the sun shines behind the clouds. Although the “ruthless shelter” of clouds can’t stop its “brilliant” in the slightest.
Put on your schoolbag, cart and go to school. From the corridor to the door, you can see all kinds of people in just a minute. “Workmen” carry briefcases and start to catch buses from 桑拿广州the doorway; grandparents practice Tai Chi on Sunshine Square in the early morning; bicycles and electric cars carry children to school. It seems that no one is ever idle on weekdays. Riding a bicycle “fly” on the way to school, chatting with friends, talking about the “plan” of the day. Red light, green light. The yellow light seems to be absent.
A morning course may be boring, but it will have different knowledge. It’s not easy for tourists to get ten minutes between classes, but more than half of them are teachers. Fly into the toilet, rush back, and have class again. Half way through the fourth lesson, the belly “naturally” screamed. Only then did I realize that I had forgotten to eat breakfast in the morning. After class, the bell rings and rushes to the restaurant to enjoy the good time of lunch.
Lunch break, reading, drawing and doing exercises. Only the class representatives hovered between the office and the classroom. Holding stacks of homework, push open the door of the classroom: homework points!
Afternoon classes are more or less interesting. He is sleepy in class and energetic after class. In physical education class, the afternoon is “not quiet”. In the last self-study session, I was looking forward to the assignment by the class representative. 深圳桑拿网Take out the homework book “crazy” to write homework, but no one knows that the head teacher pushed in the door: “Today we will discuss about it together.”
Well, it’s hard tonight.
The trolley is crowded at the school gate. We happily walked home on the “Tao Dao”. Take a look at the “traffic jam contest” and enjoy yourself as a “green race” (how healthy to ride a bicycle). Okay. And “heavy” homework.
At nine o’clock, do your homework. I pulled out the novel which deceived me a lot of tears. Turning over their stories, fantasizing about their future.
At ten o’clock, put the book under the pillow. Turn off the lights and sleep. In my dream, I met beauty.
Of course, it’s just a working day. There are holidays.
Seven o’clock sunshine shines on the hair of the shawl. The songs in the headphones are repeated over and over again, one song after another. All the way early in the morning, shake your breakfast.
All morning, I wandered between reviewing, homework and preview. Look at a pile of textbooks on the table. The wall was covered with homework on a large post-it note. Looking at the posters on the wall, looking for mobile phones, talking about them and their motivation, you will have the motivation to write your homework.
In the afternoon, I wandered in the square. Some friends play table games and fly kites. Eat a bunch of ice-sugar gourds and sit on the rocks by the river. Watching the fish swimming in the river, I fantasize that I can see the scenery with you one day. But the more you look, the more lonely you are. The more you look, the more you lose. The cry in my heart always repeats this over and over again: Brother, I love you.
Seven o’clock, bring your nails. Sitting in front of the zither, he played the piano music he had changed. 广州桑拿Even if it’s a zither, it’s very nice to pop up. After all, it’s your masterpiece. I can pop up with my eyes closed.
Find out the notebook at eight. Writing our story, I was moved to cry by myself. But, brother, when on earth will you come back? I miss you.
At ten o’clock, turn on your cell phone. Say good night. He went to sleep happily.
In my dream, I dreamed.

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