Waiting by the telephone

I don’t know how long it has been since I visited her. Only in her childhood, there were vague traces. Her face had silver silk that looked shining, and the traces that had been deposited by the years.
“Jingling bell”, a telephone call广州桑拿 in the morning woke me up from my sleep, “Why don’t you go to see Grandma when you get back? She’s alone. If I hadn’t called her yesterday, I didn’t know about it. Grandma couldn’t get in touch with you, so you should always accompany her!……………… Mother was there blaming me. Obviously, I haven’t waked up yet, and I’m “uh” in a daze.
I hung up, but I didn’t sleep at all. Yeah, I haven’t seen Grandma for a long time, but I had a short and cold time last summer vacation, because I dislike Grandma and seem strange. Today is fine anyway, just listen to my mother’s words!
Riding a bicycle, the familiar pastoral scenery along the way reminded me of the only memories of my深圳桑拿网 childhood. Now I find that there is only a vague shadow in my brain, even my grandmother.
When I arrived downstairs, I saw Grandma sitting on the balcony and staring at the distance. When I saw her, all the sunshine came back to her face. “At last I came to see Grandma, but I want to die!” I smiled and answered, “Well, Grandma, I’m back!”
As soon as she entered the door, Grandma was so excited that she didn’t know what to do. She was stunned. Suddenly, as if she had remembered something, she busily pulled me to the table, and I saw the cake on the table, which was obviously just bought back. Suddenly, I thought of Grandma’s kindness to me… How long has it been since I came back? How long has it been since I called? Is it busy study or alienation and indifference of growing up? Grandma smiled and said, “Eat, guess you don’t have much snacks in your uncle. I bought some cake for fear that you would be hungry.” As I ate the cake with relish, I said it was delicious. As if back to my childhood, Grandma looked at me eating snacks, with a satisfied smile on her face…
On the table, for both of us, Grandma cooked four dishes, all of which were my favorite dishes. Grandma could not help me with the dishes and kept me eating more. A feeling came to my heart: Grandma had always been thinking about her granddaughter! Grandma seemed a little restrained and did not dare to桑拿广州 speak much. Out of the guilt of that summer vacation, I first opened my mouth and chatted with my grandmother about the family routine. As soon as I opened my mouth, Grandma couldn’t stop. She even told me that I was almost late for school when I was a child.
For all of me, Grandma will always remember my good, but I never remember her good to me, just blindly abandoned her. Thinking of this, I bowed my head in shame and stopped talking. Grandma thought I was tired of her and quietly got up to tidy up the dishes and chopsticks. Watching Grandma trembling toward the kitchen, I realized that everything is changing. Today’s Grandma is not as good as day by day. Older people are more likely to be lonely. I should accompany her more…
I have a picture in my mind: an old man stays by the phone all day waiting for her only granddaughter to call her and have a meal. Every time she waits, she is disappointed and lonely. Is this a luxury? Her ignorant granddaughter would rather spend all her time with the computer than comfort an old man’s injured heart.
Yeah, it’s not a luxury. So I shouted to Grandma, “Grandma, is there a quilt I covered at night?”

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