The Story of Mother

All along, I think that my mother is very strong, I am also strong, fell, do not cry, lick the wound to get up.
All along, I have always thought that mother is very strong, no matter how much bitterness,广州桑拿 no more tears, endure to swallow into their stomach will be okay.
Maybe I think too strongly of my mother, or maybe I don’t understand her vulnerability at all, or maybe I’m too naive. That time, my mother cried, crying so sad.
Winter days seem to be spent in the drizzling rain. The bitter cold makes people not want to get out of bed. But that’s why: on that rainy night, everyone huddled in bed to watch TV. Although it’s a boring TV series, it’s so cold that people can’t sleep. The stepfather had better break the silence in the room.
“XX, there are oranges in the nylon bag in the side room. You can take two to eat.” It was very cold. I was very reluctant. I muttered, “I don’t know where it is?”
“In the side room.”
“With so many pockets, I don’t know which one?”
“Look for Thi!” The tone of the stepfather became stern. I didn’t speak, but my foot didn’t move. My confrontation with my stepfather almost destroyed the whole room except for the crying voice on the TV. My mother said to me kindly, “Go and fetch him two to eat.” I still did not move, eyes fixed on the screen, but my heart was like a knocked-over five-flavor bottle, not taste.
When I was three years old,深圳桑拿网 my mother and I moved here. At that time, I knew that he was not my father and father. It was common to fight. Maybe I was naive that night, thinking that there was no gap between my mother and my stepfather. Maybe my self-esteem was too strong to pull down my face to get oranges.
The stepfather, who was lying in bed, finally got angry. He threw up the quilt, jumped up from the bed, jumped on the floor, turned off the TV, and started a quarrel with his mother. I was stunned and motionless. Mother told me to go to bed in the bedroom. I was obedient. Then there was another quarrel in the room between mother and stepfather. I lay in bed, listening to the rain outside the window, as if I had forgotten the cold, only to feel sad in my heart. Suddenly I saw the picture on the desk, which was taken by me and my mother: I was riding on my mother’s shoulder, holding two lollipops in my hand, laughing brilliantly, and my mother laughed brilliantly. Well, I miss it. I moved my pillow. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa”, there was a knock outside the door. I got up quickly to open the door. “Mom!” Mom had tears on her face, and her eyes were red. Although her eyes were桑拿广州 wide open to prevent tears from flowing out, her tears were dripping vigorously, “on the floor, on clothes, in my heart. “Why don’t you turn off the light?” mum choked. Then I noticed that the light was on, red and dazzling, and I was filled with tears.
That night, my mother and I slept together. Even deeper, my mother is still sobbing, my mother must cry: Why my life is so bitter.
Now that I think about it, I really regret it. Why don’t I know how to be considerate to my parents? Why do I always feel that the quarrel between my mother and my stepfather has nothing to do with me? Why am I so ignorant?
Mom cried that time. She cried so sadly that she always smiled in front of me and cried. I also knew my mother’s fragility when I was eight years old.

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