Unforgettable memories

Youth is like a graceful Waltz dancer, turning lightly in a delicate spiral; Youth, like an exciting heroic symphony, flies in a strong rhythm; Youth, like a new tender bud, spreads its leaves eagerly to the world; Youth, like a flourishing flower, blossoms in the bud when it blossoms. Fragrance…. Youth, it seems, represents all the good things God has bestowed on all things, represents the endless vitality of life. In the space-time interwoven with youth, it can let people gallop freely, fly freely, and live their own characteristics! In the corridor of youth, there is a place where I most attach to embrace, that is my mother’s bosom; In the most reassuring corner, it is my father’s arm bend; there is a fragrance that I can not forget most, it is the fragrance of the mountain forest, which is our family share joy and warmth of the forest fragrance…
That spring, our family went to Miaoxiang for seclusion. The car slid down the expressway, turned left, and we started the expressway; turned right, we forked into a winding mountain road. Chezi road turns round and round, winding mountain road, as graceful and long as Song Ci. I can’t help but roll down the window and let nature’s freshness – full of green eyes and pleasant wind come first to my eyes, my heart, the sky is so blue and blue, that’s not the blueprint I’ve already laid out in my heart? Like with a wandering heart, I think I’m wandering abroad in a twinkling of an eye! Once I get to the entrance of the ancient road, I could not wait to jump out of the car and look at a piece of tender green. My feeling of being infected with joy made me hum. There was a light moisture in the forest, mixed with flowers and herbs, and the green waved in the wind! The wind and the wet, light and gentle fragrance were scattered in the forest. Essential and unique odor, this is a strange and eager pursuit of urban children’s fragrance!
Unconsciously, the sky in our walk in the forest, greedy sucking the forest in the atmosphere gradually pulled down the night!
Our family live in a small wooden house made of red birch. On the noisy night of insects, we can still smell the rich flavor of red birch in the house and the exquisite breath blowing in through the window, so that I can eventually experience the situation of “one flower, one world, one sand paradise” in this lush forest. In the night, I soak in the warm spring pool. Looking out of the window at the hazy scenery in the faint sky, suddenly several flickering lights flashed before me, ah! It was a firefly! I pushed open the door and followed the faint light to find the shining fairy! It was a small lantern in the night, living on the edge of the mountains and cliffs, with green fluorescence at the tail, like a small star flying in the sky. Its graceful dancing is like countless prayer lanterns flying around us.
Pushing out the door, I was attacked by the fragrance of the forest at night. Unexpectedly, it was more intense at night. The night breeze was gentle, the leaves rubbed, the water molecules in the air slowly absorbed with negative ions. The whole forest is a delicate bathtub! I breathe, I touch, and I get air vitamins physically, mentally and spiritually. There are wild ginger blossoms in bud beside the cabin, cherry trees standing up, flickering fireflies, a little light shuttling through the green paradise, I am very excited, I occasionally meet Du Fu’s so-called fluorescent clothes in the woods of the heart, it slowly flies between my hair, let my hair like sparkling pink, a flash. Suddenly, there was the illusion of being an elf. It stopped on my shoulder, it stopped in my clothes, like stars falling on me. I seem to accompany Tao Yuanming, who is a foolish chrysanthemum, with the Wuling people to the world’s desperate situation: suddenly, peach blossom forest, sandwiched shore hundreds of steps, no miscellaneous trees, delicious grass, colorful fall of the English… The land is spacious and the houses look like houses. Isn’t this the paradise in Mr. Jingjie’s works? I greedily inhaled the unique fragrance of the mountain and tasted this rare tranquility and pleasure…
This memory is the greenest jigsaw puzzle in my life. It smells like the most unforgettable fragrance in my life.

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