Basketball training

Huipu Basketball Team is a well-known basketball team in China. This summer vacation, I was lucky to participate in Huipu Basketball Summer Training Camp.
As soon as I entered the stadium, I was rushed out by a large crowd of people. It was not easy to get into the stadium, but I could only see a crowd of bustling people. After a while, the crowd finally dispersed. I swam to a room like a fish in water. Looking carefully, it turned out to be in my serving shirt.
I rushed to find Dad and he gave me the invoice. Finally, I found Dad not far away and asked him for the invoice. I squeezed in front to get the jersey, and everyone was coming.
Suddenly, they flocked to another direction – the basketball court. The coach was already grouped. I hurried over and happened to meet three classmates. I was in a group with them. After the grouping, we also took a family photo.
Next is to appreciate the big brothers who will participate in the game to play the whole game, they cooperate with quite tacit understanding, passing, laying up, dunking, mid-range shooting, three points, blocking, stealing, assists, rebounds. You can win the championship. Parents of their children praise the athletes.
“That tall man is good.”
“A small man has a strong breakthrough ability, shoots well and has a bright future when he grows up.”
“Small forwards are fast, dunk and lay-up are good. Yes, it’s a piece of material.”
After watching the game, there was not much time left in the morning, so the coach announced that the opening ceremony was over and everyone went home one after another.
By the next day, it was officially practiced. The coach first teaches us some basic and simple movements, such as dribbling, passing and stealing. Then gradually it becomes difficult to teach, such as shooting, blocking, breaking through, laying up… Sometimes we need to cooperate with each other. Dong Fengyuan and I cooperate quite well. We are almost sympathetic.
In the following days, the more you practice, the more brave you are, the more skilled you are in basic movements and some difficult movements. The coach can play a 5v5 basketball match for us on the fifth day, playing 20 balls. I am in a group with two students in our class: Dong Fengyuan and Guihaokang. The other two are very strong. The other group, however, was poor.
The game is about to begin. First, we compete for the ball by jumping the ball. I jumped up and grabbed the ball easily. I passed the ball to the swing guard. He rushed forward. I rushed forward and inserted it. I got a “long drive straight in”, got a basket and scored. Then the other side’s pass was grabbed by the scoring guard. Break and lay up again. 4:0.
Gradually, the better we played, fifteen balls in a row, the other side had no power to fight back. In the last three balls, the ball fell back into my hands. First, I was shaking the first defender with a fake move, then a gorgeous turn broke through the second defender, and finally, I got a single-handed layup score, which was quite a process. Perfect.
The other side finally knew how hard it was. When Guihaokang scored the penultimate goal, Chen Gangjie led the team to a fast break, but it was only one goal. When Dong Fengyuan scored the last goal, the opposing team was extremely depressed.
In the end, we won by a wide margin of 40-2. After the game, the coach also commented on our game. He also told us that basketball needs unity, you have to pass the ball, unity is strength. If it’s just a dribble, it’s called a five-player basketball match. Let’s just call it a one-man basketball match. He said that one of the biggest reasons for the other side’s defeat is because they fight alone. In fact, the two teams have the same strength. The only difference between them is cooperation, unity and passing.
Ten days have passed since the basketball training camp. Today is the last day, that is, the tenth day. The tenth day is the performance match for all the students. Because it is the fastest and the best one to play, I was elected MVP (Most Valuable Player) and got a pair of Adidas’latest basketball shoes.
Finally, the coach announced that the summer basketball training camp in Huipu was over.

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