Paternal love

“Hello, where are you going?” The bus conductor leaned out half of the body and greeted me and the other girl warmly. I looked through the window into the car as if the seats were full. The conductor seemed to see some signs, but he did not laugh. “There are still several vacancies in it.” Come on, come and have a look. I was very unwilling. I swept around, and there were several Hibiscus cars, and the car was very empty. I went to the opposite car. Behind him came the conductor’s cry.
“Excuse me, is this car leaving?” Several men in the car were talking and laughing, and without answering, I shut the door with a bang.
“Hey, little girl, I told you all about it. There’s still room here. Come on.” When the conductor saw me bumping into a wall over there, he could not help saying that he had pulled me into the car. There was no room in the back compartment, and there were barely two seats on the mat beside the driver. I hesitated whether to sit or not. “Come on, I’ll let you.” A 20-year-old man in the second row near the door got up and gave his seat to the girl next to me. He sat on the mat next to the driver. The girl was very polite. Let me sit down. I refused. I still took that car. In front of me is the young man just sitting. Hey? What is he doing? I can’t see his face. I can only see him feeding Hawthorn slices to the old people beside him, just like his mother feeding the newborn, careful, lest he choke and choke. Is that young man his son or his relatives? The old man is about four or fifty years old. His hair is obviously not as white as my grandfather’s, and my grandfather is in his early sixties. I don’t know if he’s laughing or not. I can only see from behind his left eye socket has become a line and the furrow-like wrinkles have become tight and loose. His face was pitifully thin. It was skin and bones. As for the mouth, I can’t see clearly. The old man was wearing a grey and grey-brown down jacket, but the quality of the down jacket was not very good. Every hair stretched out his small head. The car was so noisy that I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I scratched in one or two sentences. But I saw the young man pointing to the house beside the road and saying, “The old man nodded his head all the time.” It’s getting hotter and hotter in the carriage, the space is getting smaller and smaller, and the ticket sellers are still trying to attract the good guys. I’ve been sitting on four people on the cushion, so my feet are numb. I could not help but see the old man taking off his gloves. That hand is too thin to look at. Skin is like a thin sheet of paper. Bones can be pierced at any time. Black, rough like pine bark. The wrinkles in the corners of the old man’s eyes were tighter, like pulling off the gloves with a full body solution. The young man turned his head and saw that his throat was immediately blocked by something, and his voice changed markedly, with that elusive tone: “Dad, I’m coming.” Oh, the boy is really his son. His hands trembled toward the skinny hands and slowly pulled the gloves away from his father’s hands in fear. I saw the son’s eyes in the car mirror. His eyes seemed to be painted with rouge, red and dizzy, and the tide was raging in them. The son sobbed, “Dad, let’s get off first. I’ll take you to have a good meal. Let’s go back.” The father’s eyes were narrower than the line, and his head was in a strong position, as if he had completed the whole nod of his life. The young man hurried to call the driver to stop and helped the old man out with his most lovely smile.
I stared at the spotless piece of glass and thought: The father and son must have suffered a lot before, otherwise… Today, they must have tasted the sweetness of bitterness, but the father collapsed. But now the father must be happier, happier and happier than ever. He thinks it’s worth it, and it’s worth it. Because that young man is his son.
The young man is now trying to compensate his father. Perhaps, he knows, it’s an insolvent debt. However, he certainly wants his father to live a hundred times happier and a thousand times happier old age for any old man!
Father loves son more than sea! Son loves father more than mountain!

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