Chinese Soul

Motherland, what a kind and proud word at this time. When you “live alone as a stranger” and when you are in imminent danger, what you think must be the motherland. He is our firm belief and the hope of the people for survival.
“Jingling bell” home plane suddenly rang, I quickly connected the phone. Just listened to the other side of the phone and there was a gasp of booing and kicking.
“Uncle, what’s wrong with you?”
“Oh, no, last night we had a lot of rain here, and the flood flooded us… And then…” I listened vaguely to the intermittent voice: “Uncle, don’t worry, first find a safe place to avoid, waiting for rescue!”
I anxiously turned on the live TV news broadcast, only to learn that last night, a 50-year-old flood occurred in Fengdu County. Eight townships were affected to varying degrees, and more than 2,000 people were urgently relocated. Several people were missing, including the elderly, women and children. People who have lost loved ones are heartbroken and grieved. TV footage shows drowned poultry running down the river, muddy floods slapping the shore like beasts, engulfing trees and houses, and destroying bridges. The floods were mixed with sand and rocks that flooded villages and farmland. Communication was also affected by power outages. More seriously, most of the roads were damaged to varying degrees, which brought great obstacles to emergency rescue operations.
From last night till now, the rain keeps falling, the water rises higher and faster. Even so, at this moment, the police forces in Fengdu and the surrounding areas, risking their lives, marched to the front line of the disaster area and immediately launched rescue. When they arrived, the mountain torrents were rising fiercely. More than 100 local people and my uncle were besieged by the floods. Armed police and police officers rowed rubber boats to rescue stranded people one after another. At this moment, the mountain torrents are becoming more and more ferocious. The flood surpasses the wave. In a few minutes, the flood rises by more than two meters. The risk of geological disasters may occur again at any time. “Must be quick! “Snatch in front of the torrent,” the commander kept shouting. The camouflage clothes of the armed police soldiers were wet, dry and wet. The soldiers did not care so much because they knew that if landslides and mudslides happened again before the evacuation, the consequences would be unimaginable. From the start to the end of the rescue, they have been fighting on the front line for nearly 10 hours. In front of the flood, they are a natural person, but in front of the common people, they represent the national army and the people’s children and soldiers. Through their efforts, all the people were transferred to safety zones and immediately secured. In the course of the transfer, one of the most touching stories was that a traffic policeman almost climbed on the ground and carried my elderly uncle up the mountain to take refuge.
In the face of interviews with reporters, uncle has a kind of pride and pride from his heart. The tearful uncle held his hand for a long time. In fact, he held not only the hand of the traffic policeman, but also the persistent soul to protect people’s lives and property in the roar of the flood.
When my uncle talks about “China”, he speaks these two words very loudly and loudly. At your feet is the fertile land of the motherland; at your heart is the ghost of China!

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