Love, Uninterpretable Love

Days grey, I got up very early, about 4:10, the pain in my heart like the weather now, grey everything, heavy mood, can not help but the cheeks have been wet, I can not help but shed tears of missing Grandpa, the deceased Grandpa left me when I was two years old, listening to Grandma’s lecture. My Lord loves me very much. When he is about to die, he must look at me at the last one. That is, when my uncle just walked into the ward to let my grandpa see me at the first sight, my grandpa went to heaven and went to beautiful heaven.
This morning, the whole family went to Shuangta Temple on time at six o’clock. No one was late because today is the day to move grandpa’s grave. After taking care of everything for grandpa, I took Grandpa’s ashes box. I had an indescribable feeling in my heart, sour, bitter… With a heavy heart, I carefully took Grandpa’s ashes box and went to Longshan Cemetery with my family. I stared at Grandpa’s ashes box for half an hour all the way, until the moment I got off the bus, I saw the cemetery. My pace slowed down a lot, not tired, but felt heavy under my feet. Every step is laborious. People say that those who can hold the ashes of the dead are the loved ones of the dead. I’m going step by step… Step by step, I followed my sister who was holding a picture of Grandpa and went to Grandpa’s cemetery. Gradually, the footsteps stopped. At the grave, I gave the urn box to my crying father. He cried hard and cried hard all the time. My heart was hard to suffer. Looking at Dad, taking the urn box in my hand, looking at the urn box, watching Dad slowly put the urn box into the public. The grave is over. Look at the staff covering the cemetery cover where Grandpa’s ashes are stored. Until I closed the cemetery lid, I couldn’t help my emotions and cried out.
After storing the ashes box, we as the younger generation, including Grandpa’s son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, grandson knelt and kowtowed to Grandpa together. Then we went to the place where we burned paper for Grandpa. I saw that there was a lot of paper money burned today. I asked my aunt why. My aunt said that it was because today was the day when Grandpa moved his grave. It needed a lot of money. We sent it to him with our thoughts, so that your grandpa could buy whatever he wanted in heaven. In order to buy, your grandpa was very magnificent, very strong!
Unconsciously, we have done our best to etiquette, is stepping out of the gate of Longshan cemetery, just stepping out of the gate, I looked back at Longshan pulse, silently prayed, “Grandpa, we bought you a new house, in heaven days to live well, little evil very much miss you, please ask grandma in good health, we all miss you very much, in the near future. At the end of the year, we will move my uncle, who is still in the old Shuangta Temple. Grandpa promised me, to live well, to promise me, to bless Grandma! Your grandson, “Grandpa, I never believed in Buddhism or Christ, and I never believed in myself. But this time I believe that if these teachings are true, you will surely receive my blessings and miss you… Grandpa, have you received it?

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