Don’t Forget Me

Don’t forget that my life is a road. Years are the passers-by in a hurry. They come and go fast. No one can see their true features clearly. And my life is a part of the road, and what I have experienced is the pedestrians passing by in a hurry. Although I know that time will not stay, but I still hope they do not forget me!
Purple and blue flowers, with fragrance if not, blossom in large areas, like the rug of the title of magnificent and flexible purple silk. Every time I pass by lightly, I have to be surprised and hold my breath. It seems that everything fades away in the beauty of transcendence, and loses its original color. Faced with this fragrant orchid flower, I know that its name is “Don’t Forget Me”. It’s hard to forget that such a delicate flower is not worth remembering for a lifetime.
Yes, don’t forget me, never forget!
When the warm wind in June is a cluster of forget-me-not, when the sky is more beautiful because of the purple-blue melody, when the earth becomes graceful because of the petite posture, I and all my classmates know that this year, this month, this day is the most beautiful image that years have drawn in their hearts.
In that year, we were graduates of Grade Six, facing a turning point in life, and also the most beautiful moment in six years. In this same year, there are too many tears and laughter in our eyes. The clouds in the sky are our blessings. On this day, I spent the last time with you in my primary school career. Now. After this day, it is easy for elementary schools to distinguish between hardships and dangers, only to recall the dream of childhood. Indeed, it is a dream, an unforgettable dream. Dreams have your smiles, clothes and laughter sprinkled on the grass; dreams have your every move, hands and feet between the mental outlook; dreams have your infinite memories, stay in the golden childhood of “spring”… _.
Looking up at the sky, facing unforgettable moments and changing years, I just want to ask: Years, years, why are you so ruthless and so sentimental? I don’t expect an answer, because I know, this question will accompany me through my life.
It was a summer that was about to leave. In September 2010, I was confused and remembered that at that time, I entered the campus in the expectation of my parents. Know the summer, know the textbooks that emit the fragrance of books, know the classmates, know the teachers, but also know a long way to go… Childhood passed away, but youth came to me like a song, so I have no regrets.
Years will not really be lost, it just disappears from our eyes, but hides in our hearts, and then slowly changes our appearance, so my friends, no matter what setbacks in the future, please be sure to maintain a tolerant and joyful heart. In this way, more than ten years later, we meet again, I can recognize you from the vast crowd.
Also clearly remember, the school teacher’s praise eyes, students warm and sincere words, but also clearly remember, at home father hate iron can not be steel anger, mother’s kind and spoiled eyes… I know that these precious memories will be covered by life. But it will never die.
Don’t forget me, just for the purple and blue flowers with me, as well as the joys and sorrows brought by my alma mater and the years. I hope that the passage of time will not erase my memory, do not forget me!

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