Memory on Loess Slope

The setting sun was shining on the Mercedes-Benz train, and we began our journey to the West in the twilight. Along the way, we can see the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River full of green mountains and rivers, while the west, which is covered with mystery, has not appeared yet.
The next morning, when we woke up, we saw a little bit of the West — the hills were no longer green and gentle as they started, but steeper. The river is no longer the clear trickle of the south of the Yangtze River, but becomes broad and has added a little yellow. Unconsciously, the train arrived at the destination of the trip, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. At last we saw the real scene of the Great Northwest. Lanzhou’s mountains are different from the green and gentle hills in the south of the Yangtze River. The loess slopes here are endless, and there is not a trace of green on the towering hills. Even a grass, a tree, is a luxury landscape here.
“You can’t see the water of the Yellow River coming from the sky, flowing eastward to the sea and never returning, you can’t see the mirror of the lofty hall, grieving white hair, turning into snow at dusk.” This is a famous sentence in the famous work of Li Bai, a poet of the flourishing Tang Dynasty, “A toast to the general”. The first sentence describes the Yellow River in front of him. Nine meandering mothers river is broad and vast, which has caused great waves on the land of China. The surging mothers of the Yellow River make me wonder why the narrowness of the reinforced concrete forest can have the same broad mind as that of the mother of the Yellow River.
Hand in Hand School is located in Hongfeng Junior High School, Hongfeng Village, Beitan Township, near Lanzhou. Cars shuttle through endless loess slopes. I look at the bumpy road. It seems that this road connects not only the plains of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Loess Plateau, but also the cities and countryside. It connects not only Shanghai Zhiyuan Middle School and Hongfeng Junior Middle School, but also our hearts and the hearts of other people of the same age.
After nearly three hours’long journey, as our car pulled into the school on the Loess Plateau, we were eager to see the students standing neatly at the school gate, clapping their hands to welcome our guests from afar. We got out of the car shyly, and I quietly watched each of them face. Their faces were all black and red without exception, especially the eyes of each of them that attracted my attention. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and friendliness towards us. They also made me feel that they had a hidden fear of us. Maybe the clothes we wear, the words we say, the bags we carry, the actions we do from the city… Everything, let them feel so strange.
But in the next two days, what I felt was not only the poverty in the countryside, but also the seriousness and efforts of the students there. I had a morning class with my classmates in Class 2 (1) of Hongfeng Junior Middle School. Their teaching progress there was far less than that in Shanghai, and they did not have decent desks, chairs and classrooms. In short, all the hardware facilities there are vastly different from ours. But in contrast to this, they are conscious, conscientious and hard-working in such a hard learning environment. Their study life is very tense, but every day during lunch break I can still see many students sitting on the floor with books in hand reciting texts; their progress is slow, but in the classroom except for the teacher’s lecture, there is only the rustle of the pen; they walk about three kilometers to school every day on average, but none of them will be late; It was the humble house and the shining certificates that the poor students saw when they visited their families. From the glow of these awards, I can see a sad growth history of a poor and outstanding student – mother paralysis, father’s unemployment and grandmother’s serious illness. This fifteen-six-year-old child uses her thin body every day to shoulder the heavy burden of family life, and learns all kinds of knowledge hungrily under the oil lamp at night. When others look at her with envy and praise her excellent achievements in her studies, she has no pride in her heart, not even the pride she deserves, only the family’s cottage and the unemployed father, the paralyzed mother and the sick grandmother in her heart…
These two days, through pair exchanges and visits to the activities of poor people, I learned a lot. The biggest feeling is that they are not “poor”. The sharp contrast between their material poverty and spiritual wealth makes us cry. Their greatest wealth is that they are full of hope for tomorrow and willing to fight for their dreams for tomorrow.
There is no banquet in the world. Two days passed quickly. We are destined to go home. At the farewell party of Hongfeng Junior High School, when the “Long Pavilion, the ancient road, the green grass and the sky” singing, some of our classmates shed tears, even if they did not cry, it is difficult to hide their hearts for these peers, life is rarely a happy reunion, only a lot of parting ah!
The train took us on the way home, looking at the Northwest scenery, recalling the Loess slopes, recalling the simple faces, recalling the Lige song, recalling the scene of “it’s hard to say goodbye when we meet”, my thoughts are long and uneasy…
On the barren loess slope, we will put on the holy green clothes for her.
In the sparsely populated countryside, we are going to build beautiful cities there…
In the impoverished northwest, we should make people’s lives there full of laughter and joy…

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