Unforgettable past

Among the many certificates I have, the Guzheng Seven-Level Qualification Certificate feels the most heavy. She recorded my unforgettable experience. Looking at the certificate, my thoughts once again brought me back to the “May Day” festival last year.

On the eve of the “May Day”, my father and mother told me a good news that made me excited and couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. The “May Day” took me to the grandmother’s house in Nanjing. You know, you can like me! Every time I call, I always want to visit them in Nanjing. This time, I finally got it. After I prepared everything for the next day, I took a smile and slowly fell asleep.

“May 1” morning. The air is fresh, the trees are green, and the birds are fragrant. The drizzle of the night washed the sky blue and blue. After some elaborate dressing, I am really like a beautiful little princess. I sat behind my father’s motorcycle, breathing the fresh air after the rain, smelling the fragrant fragrance of the banyan trees beside the road, thinking that I would see the grandmother of Nanjing, I feel that everything is so comfortable. And comfortable. Dad is driving a motorcycle and must pay attention to safety when I am on the road. While holding a brisk song, I smiled and answered “I know ~”. Due to a rain last night, the road surface became very humid. In some places, some of the water still did not recede. When I walked through a pitted road, the motorcycle suddenly bumped. I held my father’s waist tightly, for fear of The car fell off. However, the most fearful thing finally happened. When the motorcycle ran over a small crater, it suddenly lost its balance. When the motorcycle slammed, the motorcycle fell. Due to the huge inertia, Dad “flyed” out from the front of the motorcycle, and I, because the right hand was heavily pressed under the motorcycle, how could it not move. Dad was also shocked by the accident in front of him. He quickly picked up the motorcycle despite his pain. At this time, my right hand’s little finger swollen and turned into a black-green color, bending stiffly and losing the painful perception. I shouted in horror. Dad distressed me to the motorcycle and drove to the nearby Pok Oi Hospital. It’s really a “failure alone”. When I arrived at the hospital, my father was in a hurry and the motorcycle was faulty. When I turned left, the wheels suddenly “cut the plate” and we fell “dog mud.” The pain in the snow! This time, my legs were pressed under the motorcycle, and a large piece of purple, the original beautiful new clothes, was also torn into a “crushed shirt”, and my face was also scratched by gravel on the ground. The flesh and blood are blurred. At this time, I can’t tell whether my face is muddy, bloody or tearful. Dad looked at me in a terrible way, quickly picked me up and desperately rushed to the hospital. “Save my child, save my child…”

The kind doctor immediately performed a CT scan for me, excluding the possibility of brain damage. But after the X-ray filming, I found that my right hand was broken. Dad invited the best doctor in the hospital, cleaned the wound for me, helped me pick up the broken bone, and then put the whole right hand on the plaster and put on the bandage. Lying in my father’s arms, my horrified heart gradually calmed down. In the days that followed, Dad became my assistant in learning and practicing the piano. Every day I insist on going to school. When I came home from school, I always dictated my exercises. My father made a transcript. My father and I completed the homework assigned by the teacher. On Sunday, my father accompanied me to practice the piano. The fingers were not good. I used the brain to record the scores. My father helped me. Record fingering. I am enjoying a “gentleman” life every day.

As the saying goes, “A hundred days of injury and bones” can create one miracle after another. In a month, my little finger was healed, and the scar on my face disappeared without a trace. I became the fresh, lively me again. With the help of my father, my study did not fall behind. At the end of the year, the mathematics exam scored a good score. The math teacher specially called to congratulate. After the right hand was “loose”, I immediately resumed the training of the guzheng. I followed the melody of the score and repeated practice over and over again to make my fingers flexible. In a short period of time, I caught up with other children and successfully passed the Guzheng seven-level qualification test. Looking at Dad’s thumbs up and casting an admirable look at me, I smiled gratifiedly.

An unforgettable experience has made me grow up a lot. I understand the true meaning of “traffic regulations, friends of life.” If we do not establish a good road traffic environment and do not establish a good sense of traffic safety, there will be no happy and peaceful life; an unforgettable experience will let me understand what is the “power of love.” It is the “power of love” that gives me the courage to overcome all difficulties, and gives me the confidence to strive for self-improvement and cherish the good life.

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