Cruel choice

I often hear the grown-ups say, ”Life is good, happy, happy…” I always think this is true, but today’s composition class has changed this view. It can be said that life is also full of cruelty and full of sadness! !

In the composition class this afternoon, Teacher Zhang asked us to write the names of the five most loved ones. As soon as I heard it, I thought that today’s essay is to write these five people. I am very happy, and I wrote it without thinking: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Ergu, and Uncle.

“Classmates, please remove one of these five people and leave four of your favorite people…” ‘Mr. Zhang told us.

”what? ? ~ ”Everyone was amazed, like facing a huge test, one by one. But surprised to be surprised, since the teacher has already given orders, we will obey. Everyone was reluctant to draw a person.

I thought for a while, and finally decided to paint the second.

”Please tell us who you painted and explain why. “Mr. Zhang said. Some students raised their hands very quickly. I played the draft and slowly raised my hand. Teacher Zhang called me. I said, “I painted my second aunt. Although she hurts me a lot, the distance between the two of us is far, and we have fewer opportunities to meet, so it seems a bit strange. ”

“Well, you painted her because you are moving less, but you have to remember that your second aunt will always love you. So, what you draw is a family relationship.” Teacher Zhang stopped for a while. And said to everyone: “Whoever you paint, it is equal to who you ‘abandon’.”

The teacher called a few other students and said, “Please ask the students to pick up your ratio and draw another person.”

“Can you not draw?” asked one classmate.

“No, I know you can’t bear it, but you have to make a choice!!” Teacher Zhang is very determined.

So, I helplessly picked up the pen and painted the four uncles. The reason is very simple. Although Si Shu brings me a lot of books and foods and uses every time I come, it is a little smaller than my parents’ kindness to my parenting. Uncle, sorry! ! !

I think: Do you have to paint another one below? ? Sure enough, as I expected, Teacher Zhang asked us to draw another person. I hope that the three people on the book will be in a daze. After a fierce ideological struggle, I finally decided to remove my grandfather. How guilty I am, how regret it is! I thought that at the beginning, my grandfather fell to help me fight the wild dog. When I think about the situation when my grandfather falls, my heart is sour. Finally, my eyes were red, and tears swirled in my eyes. After a while, my disappointing tears flowed out…

Grandpa! I have failed your love for me, and you have hurt me for a while.

Then, Teacher Zhang asked us to eliminate one of the last two people. I left my mother and abandoned my father. It is because Dad is not as good as Mom, and everything is dependent on me. But what do you want to buy for me? I am not a thing! ! How good Dad is to me, but I am…hey…

Finally, Teacher Zhang said the most heartfelt words and painted the last person we loved the most!

The teacher’s words are like a sharp sword, deeply “stinging” the hearts of each of our classmates. Everyone has sad, sad tears to helplessly draw their favorite people.

Suddenly, the air in the classroom seemed to solidify. Except for the sorrowful sobs, no sound was heard. Yes, don’t cry, what else can we do now?

We are crying and we are going to be tears. We will “discard” our most loved and loved ones. Are we not orphans? Why are we cruel choices, let us face them and bear them? ?

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