Play Shangri-La

Today we went to Shangri-La. We were intoxicated by the beauty of the plateau along the way. We couldn’t say anything with excitement. We could only express it with “wow” and “ah”. We also asked for parking on the way to let us get off the camera. As the altitude increases, some adults feel altitude sickness, dizziness, headache, and only my mother and I are safe. However, the altitude sickness did not affect everyone’s emotions. Even the godmother endured a headache and pointed us out from time to time. “You see, it’s blue!” Then he turned his head and said regretfully: “If we were It’s just like having a sky like this.”

Later the driver took us to a store and let us shop. But none of us bought, because everyone is eager to get to the destination soon.

The car started again, and my heart was excited. We are about to arrive in Shangri-La, and we have seen another piece of white potato flower. Finally we arrived at the very beautiful Shangri-La. We are greeted by a young and beautiful tour guide called 丫丫卓玛. We laughed as soon as we heard her name, because the daughter of the godmother also shouted.

At noon, there was a waiter standing next to him. He said that he was eighteen years old. In fact, he did not seem to be fourteen or five years old. We asked him why he didn’t go to school? Because according to the calculations of adults, 18-year-old should be in high school. He said that reading is not fun at all. We asked him again: “Is the teacher not talking well, or do you not want to attend classes?” He said: “Because there is no interest, the teacher can’t understand the lectures, sleep in class, right?” We all laughed because His honesty and honesty.

After dinner, we went to the Dudu Lake. There, I saw the horse, I really want to ride on the meadow and make two laps. But the mother refused to say that she would collect the money. At this time, a bright and crisp voice “Beijing’s Jinshan shines on the square…” We came to look for it: it turned out to be a dark-skinned Tibetan girl dancing in the meadow. We thought she was cute and went over to invite her to take a photo. At this time, a man came over and he said, “Photo, two.” We paid the money and took turns to take pictures with her.

Then we went to Songzanlin Temple. From the outside it looks like it is very similar to the Potala Palace. We strolled around and found out that the eight treasures came out.

In the evening we went to the Tibetan home. The tour guide told us that when Tibetans offer Hada to you, you have to hold your hands together and bow down and say, “Zhasidler!” At the Tibetan home, we found a seat and sat down on the low table. Cooked green scorpion, milky white cheese, fragrant green scallions, dark blue buckwheat stalks, golden twists. Then the Tibetans poured us a barley wine and butter tea, but only Twisted our taste. The tour guide came to teach us to use chopped tea and green glutinous rice noodles to make green glutinous rice. We did it quite interesting, but it was really bad to eat.

The song and dance performances of the Tibetans began. Every time we finished a show, we worked hard to pick up the floor and shouted in our mouth: “Ye Suo, ah!” Because they said, if anyone collapsed the Tibetan home’s floor, then the Tibetan Will give him a cow. What I was yelling in my mouth was that I hope they will have another wonderful show. Sure enough, they performed one after another wonderful show, and we were happy to go up and offer Hada. We also learned two Tibetan words: “Zhasiso, Zhaxiso, tied the Sebastian; used the ropes, used the ropes, used the Basso; Zhaxiso, used the ropes, tied the bus Soo.” I also followed the Tibetan people to learn to dance, and danced twice, I will.

Finally, the party ended in the plateau disco. I saw an uncle who seemed to eat a ecstasy in the music and shook his head. It was so intoxicating! It was fun!

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