Celebrate the new year

Spring Festival is the traditional festival of our Chinese nation. At this time, every household has to get together for a reunion dinner. Workers are busy collecting luggage ready to go home, with a year’s salary, warm hearts; our children have achieved good results, hearts of beautifully, waiting for parents’praise… On the street, in the community, in the supermarket, everywhere is overflowing with joy, a lively scene.
Today is New Year’s Eve 30. The golden sunshine in the morning spreads all over the earth. My mother and I went shopping happily in the street. The Street seemed to change overnight. The street was full of colorful lanterns. Every family had Spring Festival couplets and red lanterns. People wear Festival dresses and walk on the street with smiles, some shopping, some viewing, a happy and peaceful scene.
In the evening, our family rushed to Grandma’s house for a reunion dinner. As soon as I arrived at Grandma’s house, I saw cousins, aunts and sisters all coming together. It was really a big reunion. Adults were busy in the kitchen. Our children set off firecrackers outside and soon a big table was ready. Wow, sweet and sour fish, braised chicken, braised eel, scalloped turtle, fried carp, fried shrimps, fried kidney flowers, fried hoof tendons… It’s all my favorite food. Look at my heart blooming and my mouth watering 3,000 feet.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, and finally waiting until 20 o’clock, “Spring Festival Gala” began, we all sat in front of the television to watch “Spring Festival Gala”. The programs of the Spring Festival Gala include: What’s the Spring Festival Gala? The opening song “365 Days Think of You”. The dance includes “Wanma Pentium”. The songs include “Where Time Goes”. The sketches include “Can’t Help You”. There are also many programs such as creative martial arts, Beijing Opera, magic, acrobatics and so on. Finally, there is an annual “Unforgettable Tonight”. The program is very exciting, and also has a moral. Congratulations on our success in the Spring Festival.
“Dangdang…” With the ringing of New Year’s bells, fireworks and firecrackers began to ring. My father and I took out the fireworks we had already prepared and lit them. We heard only a loud bang. A fireworks bomb went up into the sky and exploded in an instant. The fireworks exploded like a beautiful lotus flower in the sky. At this time, fireworks erupted from the fireworks, like countless bright meteors, flashing in the sky. Over… Other fireworks are shining in the sky. Some of them are like a string of pearls, some are like meteors, some are like chrysanthemums, and some are like waterfalls. I can’t catch my eyes. A loud sound of firecrackers, a sparkling, brilliant fireworks, flying in the sky, all kinds of colors, the sky decorated into a flower, the night sky suddenly became brilliant. At this time, the scene was surrounded by laughter, firecrackers, shouts, music, and melodies. It was very lively.
The new year is coming again. Everything will change in the new year. I have grown up one year. I hope that this year’s good luck will always accompany me, and I will work harder to achieve excellent results in this year. When I grow up, I will make great contributions to the construction of my hometown.

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