The courage of the bus

As the sun sets, the sky is getting late, just after school.

This is the moment when people get off work, and it is also the peak period of the crowd. In front of the bus stop, I carried a bulky schoolbag, and my skinny body was crowded into a crowd like a hive. People’s crazy crowded figure had already lost the previous order, and the smell of smell of sweat came to me. The resentment of living, I tried to get into the gap of the crowd, so as to further board the bus. When the door was closed, I was fortunate that I was flaunting and waved with people outside the car.

There are a lot of people in the car, and people of all kinds are dazzling. Squeezing beside me is a prostitute who looks like a twenties. Her dress is very simple. The short-sleeved white shirt will show her exquisite figure. The snow-like clavicle is exposed to the air and then matched. A denim shorts adds a touch of vigour to her. Her hair like ink is carefully arranged. She counts down on her chest, her delicate eyebrows are drawn, and her head is added to her. Introverted, a small golden bag in his hand. I have to say that this is indeed a very attractive and tasteful woman.

Squeezing between us is a man with a black leather cap. He is wearing a black leather coat. The shoes under his feet are slightly damaged. The angle of his standing is just facing me, so that I can’t tell. His looks, but I can glimpse that he is wearing a black mask.

In an instant, a man’s hand reached the armrest, his arm just happened to be behind the woman, and he slowly turned his head, facing the woman’s back, and the woman might fall into him if she didn’t pay attention. In the arms.

After a minute and a second, the situation on the car was as crowded as before, and the passengers were doing everything.

I just turned my head. Maybe the driver was not properly braked. The car suddenly stopped. Everyone was stunned. Even I almost stood still. Unfortunately, my Yu Guang’s eyes were behind and the woman fell. In the man’s arms, there was a bit of ruddyness in his face, but he did not leave his arms. I suddenly had a little excitement. Is it a couple after a hard time?

I slowly turned around, and there was a bit of joke in my heart, but the result was unexpected. My pupil gradually enlarged and watched quietly. The man’s hand climbed the woman’s waist like a snake. There was a bit of jealousy and jealousy between the eyebrows. The woman did not say a word. The bottom of the high heels at the foot had already stepped on the man’s feet. She seemed to be patient, and the face suddenly became difficult to look at. Up…

Actually… I am not sure, this is the first time I have encountered such a thing. The word “猥亵” has gradually formed in my mind. I and the woman looked at each other in the blink of an eye. Fear made me judge for a moment, facing the man behind her, the seeds of fear gradually sprouted in my heart, and the man’s hand seemed to stretch out…

The woman choked, her fists gradually tightened, and I finally couldn’t help but yell. At the same time, another voice was issued together, and the two “rolling” words resounded throughout the bus…

The eyes of the people in the car gathered here. The man’s face was a little bit awkward, and the woman’s arm was loosened a little. I couldn’t help but kick it, and the woman’s bag instantly hit the man’s face. The mouth finally shouted: “Rogue!”

Everyone seems to understand everything in an instant. The people who saw the situation also kicked in and kicked up in an instant. The road people were very sense of justice, and there were alarms… I wanted to get back for the woman. justice.

The woman’s head turned to me, and the two looked at each other with a glance.

In an instant, I understand that a flower called courage has opened…

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