No, my big yard

When I was young, I grew up in a large suburban yard. At that time, my family was very poor. My father and mother were ordinary workers. Their income was meager. There were grandmothers at home and two younger brothers. Three sisters. Because of the large population, the days of life can be said to be very bitter, but because of the family and harmony, the yard of my family is always full of laughter and laughter.

Because my parents and my elderly grandmother are especially hardworking, my house is clean and orderly, and my elders are still planting a variety of fruit trees around the yard, including apple trees and hawthorns. Tree, pear tree, jujube tree…

The most eye-catching is the thick apricot tree near the window of the house. I remember that the tree was planted by my grandmother. As I grew up with my brothers and sisters, the apricot tree gradually accompanied us. Grow up.

In the spring, we appreciate that the tree blossoms, the yards are full of colors, and the green color of a small vegetable garden in the left corner of the large yard and the strong flowers of the small flowers at the entrance to the garden are no exaggeration. It is said that the big yard of my family is simply a beautiful paradise.

In the summer, when my brothers and sisters used the summer vacation, they often shuttled between various trees to play. The kind grandmother shook the fan and often sat under the apricot tree to enjoy the coolness. She looked at us happily. The figure, we also often wandered around my grandmother to tell some interesting stories.

At this time, Grandma is always very patient, and slowly tells the story. We are holding a pair of curious eyes and fascinated to listen to the story told by Grandma. The good time is just at that moment. It is fixed forever.

In the autumn, the fruit of a yard is so tiring that the autumn wind is blowing, mixed with the fruity smell. The children of our mouths often hang around under the trees and taste the fresh fruits. Grandma and Mom and Dad often use them. With long rods, working hard under the fruit trees, the various fruits in the top of the tree are knocked down, and the soil on the fruit is washed with well water. It is only safe to hand those red, green and green fruits to our little hands, the unforgettable fruit fragrance, presumably this life will be immersed in the depths of our hearts… Unforgettable!

The snowy winter is coming, the northerly winds that whizzing past, also ravaged my home, but at the same time brought a different kind of beauty to the big yard of my family. The trees are blooming with pure snowflakes, inadvertently A touch, the snow will fall, cold and full of charm.

Over the years, the four seasons have alternated, and these little children of our year have gradually grown up, and over time, the original large courtyard full of laughter and laughter has disappeared, because with the city The plan, the big yard also quietly sacrificed his life, and went with the wind. What makes me even more sad is that the elders of the family have gradually passed away over the years…

Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of the policy, our days have become richer. However, whenever I see the pictures of those children who are stored in the mobile phone, especially those old photos about the old courtyard, they can’t help themselves. My tears will flow uncontrollably…

At the same time, my entire body and mind seems to have returned to the big yard that once witnessed my entire childhood… In every corner there is full of memories and full of stories!

In the childhood that I can’t go back, I can’t taste the fragrance of the fruit anymore, and I can’t see the busy figure of the elders in the family…

Touching the photo, at the moment, in a vague vision, my heart secretly sighed: “No, the mark of my growth, no, my big yard…”

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