Accompanied by books

I don’t know which great man once said a word: the book has its own gold house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu! The meaning of the expression is: reading the fame is a great way out of life at that time, after getting the fame, you can get wealth and beauty. This shows the importance of reading.

Books are the most precious spiritual treasures of China for five thousand years. China had written words five thousand years ago, and it has a history that has been passed down through the ages. Reading can make people understand things. Reading can make people distinguish between right and wrong, recognize right and wrong; reading can make people see the ideal, reading can make people hope, and reading can make people succeed.

When I was a child, my family was not good. I often ate and ate. I didn’t have a meal. The tuition for my study was hundreds of hundreds of things. It was very expensive. My father and mother often went around for my tuition. I was so unbearable, I did everything. In the beginning, I just went to work in the fields against the loess in the fields. Later, when they heard that they had manual work, they took the hand home and did it. It was more busy, sometimes it was not. I didn’t eat at all when I went to sleep. I couldn’t have a family to sit and eat together at the same time. I only heard the sound of eating. In fact, my parents didn’t eat at all. They just left me with a meal that filled me. Eat, what about themselves? I only drink soup, then continue to work, I want to help them, but they severely refused me, let me go back to study hard; once, my desk said to me: “I don’t study, I have to go to the factory to work to earn money to help my parents.” There was a burst of excitement in my heart – I have to work to earn money! Anyway, I am reading a little useless now, but also wasting my family’s money. It is better to go to the factory to work and subsidize the household; I said this to my parents, my mother listened, shocked, then shook her head and sighed, my father was angry. Pat the table and shouted: “Give me a room to write homework! The home does not lack you a laborer, you can do your book well!” I still want to talk, “Hey,” my mother gave me a slap I am silent. Since then, I have stopped mentioning the work of the factory, studying hard, and finally succeeding in school. My example is to apply a sentence: knowledge changes fate, books change life.

Yes, yes, if you are good enough, you have a lot of choices, otherwise you can only be forced to make a living. I also often say to my children: “If you are willing to make friends in the book, you will succeed! Yes, yes, the times will change, but people’s spiritual property – books will never change, Books are a shortcut for people to succeed. Although there are many roads to success, reading is the simplest road. How many celebrities in history are self-taught? Zhang Haidi, Helen Keller, etc. They are not all because of Ken. With Yushu, is Ken and the book a friend? Books are the driving force for people to succeed. If a person’s success requires a one-hundredth of talent, then he needs 99% of the effort, and if If a person does not go to school, then he will be very difficult or even impossible to work hard!” To give one of the simplest examples: Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, takes time to study every day, no matter how busy. Then, even the world’s richest man pays so much attention to reading, let alone our ordinary people, let alone those of us who are ordinary people? What reason do we despise reading? It’s not just foreigners. We Chinese people are like this. Let’s talk about Mr. Lu Xun, our great writer. He loves to treat books as a baby. He not only loves to read books, but also loves to buy books. Whenever the Chinese New Year gave him the “old money” he kept looking at the book, he also kept the book clean. Mr. Lu Xun’s greatest treasure in his life is his precious book. I think that the reason why Mr. Lu Xun can become a writer and become a great writer is one of the “Top Ten Writers of the World”. It must be inseparable from his love of reading and his willingness to be friends with books.

I sincerely hope that everyone, with the book as a friend, with the book, let your growth path full of books!

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