April Fool’s Day gift

Just after finishing the 3rd and 4th units today, the classmates will be alive and kicking, and they will all be very confident. The results will not be bad. I am also very happy, because there is no difficulty in the process of doing it, so I think there should be no problem with 90 points.

In the afternoon self-study class, I saw that Teacher Cao took a large stack of test papers into the classroom. I was excited and nervous. Excitement is because if the exam is done, my mother will praise me, because I want to know my grades.

Suddenly, I saw Teacher Cao squinting, very angry, and went to the podium and said: “Today’s exam, I am speechless.” I started to report the score… I reported to Wang Xinhe, and Cao stopped in the middle for a while, then said 76 Points, this score is like a blue sky, the busy classroom immediately quieted down, shocking us all, I can’t believe my ears. I saw Wang Xinhe pulling his head. The confident smile had disappeared without a trace. The large black clouds covered his face. I faintly saw that the tears were spinning in his eyes. “Yeah! He must have been miserable. After going home, there must be a storm waiting for him.” I worried about him in silence. Then look at other students, some of them are scared to move and do not dare to move; some of them are like bones scattered, and they are unable to fall down on the seat; they have to open their mouths into eggs. There are countless small question marks in my mind. I thought, “How is this possible? Wang Xinhe has always been the top master of our class. This time he actually only scored 76 points. Did he write a lot of typos, or missed it? The question, if not, then I can’t go anywhere, but I turned to think again: “Maybe Wang Xinhe accidentally made a mistake, and I took the “9” prefix, that would be great!”

The teacher continued to bury his head and reported the scores. The classmates who were reported to the scores were like the eggplants that were beaten by the frost–and they were all much lower than usual. “Wu Yizhen…” As soon as I heard my name, I quickly gaze at it. I felt that all the blood rushed to my head, and all the hair was erected like a long ear. I didn’t dare to gasp, waiting for Teacher Cao to judge me. Teacher Cao’s eyes were round and cold, and he reported coldly: “76.5, 76.5!” This is like pouring a cold water on the head, and my last hope is shattered. I am very embarrassed, I can’t wait to find a hole to drill in, what should I do? How to do it? How do you go back to such a result? I seem to see my mother’s angry eyes, as if I heard Dad’s loud reprimand, Grandma’s helpless sigh… …thinking, I can’t help but feel sour, look at the classmates, some bury their heads and cry; some mouths squat, as if they are crying; others have red eyes, tears full of eyes .

I looked up and peeked at the teacher. I saw the teacher’s mouth slightly upturned. I thought to myself: “We are so poorly tested, the teacher should be violent, and the Hedong Griffin is right. How come you laugh?” Suddenly, Teacher Cao’s face From the yin to the sunny, haha ​​laughed: “The whole plan is successful, April Fool’s Day!” Teacher Cao jumped up and said. The students suddenly realized that it was April 1st April Fool’s Day! Everyone’s expression relaxed at once: some eyes stunned, their mouths widened; some laughed and bent; others laughed even more strongly After taking the table directly, Mr. Cao then said: “Actually, your score is fake. You should add 20 points to the original score. This is your real score.” “Great!” Cheering, I saw Wang Xinhe wiped tears, happy eyebrows danced fast; Lu Tianyang leaned against the wall, a lot easier, I patted my chest with my hand, took a sigh of relief, the tension in the classroom suddenly The smoke disappeared. I can’t think of a normal teacher, Cao will make such a joke! But it brings us happiness, this is the best gift that April Fool’s Day teacher gave us!

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