Ticket hotel bookings skyrocketed

People’s daily Beijing, April 29 (reporter Liu Jia) today, Beijing announced that the public health emergency response level was adjusted to level 2, which means that domestic low-risk areas to Beijing for business and return to Beijing, no longer require home isolation for 14 days, Beijing May Day travel demand rose.
According to the data of qunar platform, within half an hour after the news was released, the number of air ticket searches on qunar increased rapidly. The number of air ticket bookings in Beijing increased 15 times compared with the previous period, and the search volume of other tourism products such as vacations and hotels also increased 3 times.
According to the data of qunar.com, up to now, Beijing to Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changsha have become the five routes with the largest number of bookings, and Shenzhen, Kunming, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen and Sanya have also become the hot destinations of skyrocketing. According to qunar travel experts, there are still a large number of special fares with a discount of about 1% for Beijing outbound flights, but the price may rise significantly in the future, and tourists with May Day travel plan need to buy tickets as soon as possible.
Previously, after mutual recognition of the health status of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the high-speed rail reserve volume from Beijing May 1st to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei increased rapidly, and many high-speed rail lines sold out rapidly.

Road toll from May 6

The reporter learned from the Ministry of transport that with the approval of the State Council, toll road charges across the country will be restored. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
1、 Resume charging time. From 0:00 on May 6, 2020, toll road recovery charges (including toll bridges and tunnels) approved by law.
2、 We will continue to implement the legal free passage policy. Military vehicles (including vehicles of armed police forces) complying with the regulations on the administration of toll roads and relevant regulations, standard police vehicles with unified signs for handling traffic accidents, performing normal patrol tasks and handling emergencies on toll roads within the jurisdiction of the public security organ, and national comprehensive fire-fighting and rescue vehicles with special emergency rescue number plates, shall be approved by the transportation department of the State Council or provincial and self-employed departments Vehicles approved by the people’s governments of the autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to carry out rescue and relief tasks, transportation vehicles for fresh agricultural products, combine harvesters and transport combine harvesters (including transplanters) for cross regional operations shall continue to enjoy the policy of no vehicle toll.
3、 We will ensure that emergency transport vehicles for epidemic prevention and control are given priority and convenient access. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control normalization period, expressway toll station set up special fast track, strengthen the scene order, guide and maintain, ensure epidemic prevention and control, emergency transportation vehicles priority and convenient access.

Han artist and his wife are exposed to cheating

Sina entertainment news on April 28, according to South Korean media, in the South Korean variety show broadcast on the night of 27, a reporter from the Ministry of entertainment said: “a famous star wife a married a famous male star B and two people also have children, but the relationship has long faded.” “At this time, wife a was the first to cheat with a male idol over 10 years younger than herself.”. Entertainment reporter went on to say that “a is known for her acting with her husband. Later, she cheated with her male idol.” B knows the fact that a is cheating, but they can’t divorce. If two people divorce, they will be criticized, and their image will fall sharply. It is the best way to maintain the economic benefits of the existing relationship. Later, B also derailed, it is reported that four people also went to travel together. “.

More than 60000 new Brazilian crowns have been confirmed

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 61888 cases in Brazil as at 17 hours local time, 3379 cases were increased yesterday than in April 26th.
Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia continue to rise
In the past 24 hours, there have been 189 new deaths in Brazil, 4205 deaths in the whole country, and 30152 cured cases published by the Ministry of health of Brazil. At present, 1322 virus samples of unspecified causes of deaths are still waiting to be tested. The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Brazil has been rising steadily. The number of confirmed cases in St Paul alone accounts for 1/3 of the total number of confirmed cases in the country, reaching 20715 cases. The state has also collected over 4 deaths in the country, reaching 1700 cases. Next to Sao Paulo is Rio de Janeiro, with 7111 confirmed cases and 645 deaths. The third highest number of confirmed cases is saiara. At present, there are 5833 confirmed cases and 327 deaths.
Brazilian officials infected with the new coronavirus
Following yesterday’s announcement that Renan, the governor of the northeastern state of aragos, was positive for his new coronavirus, Brazil’s Senator Ricardo Barros, the former health minister, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the night of the 25th, and is now in hospital in Parana. Simone Papaiz, director of the State Health Bureau, said she was in good condition and was in the process of home quarantine. Amazon is one of the States most affected by the new crown epidemic. The state’s intensive care unit is nearly full, so many people cannot be admitted to hospital for treatment. Some experts say the state’s current situation has “lost control”. At present, there are 3833 confirmed cases and 304 dead cases in Amazon.
Facing the double pressure of epidemic situation and economic downturn
Brazil has a population of 210 million, and local health experts point out that once the outbreak is out of control, it is likely to have a major outbreak similar to that in Europe and the United States. At present, the number of ventilators in Brazil is far from enough. Brazil’s federal government will distribute 272 ventilators to state hospitals by the end of this month, the number is only 2% of the previously promised 14100, and the health care system is already in high load operation, Brazilian health minister Thaci said Friday. According to local media reports, the intensive care beds in the northeastern state of saiara have been full, and 96% of the beds in Amazon state have been occupied, which is 84% in Pala state, 95% in Bernanke state, 74% in Rio de Janeiro state and 54.57% in NANDA river state. Sao Paulo, the most economically developed state, is 55.3%.
Brazil’s Ministry of health promised on March 12 that it would add 2000 new beds for intensive care across the country, but as of April 24, only 350 were added. In addition, it has been more than a month since the implementation of home isolation measures in Brazil. The government and the public are facing great economic pressure. Some states and cities have begun to gradually relax the isolation measures to restore business activities, and the home isolation rate has been reduced. Recently, the exchange rate of the Brazilian currency real has continued to decline, reaching a new low of 5.59 real to the US dollar. Brazil is under double pressure from the epidemic and economic downturn.

Another province weekend 2.5 days

On April 24, Anhui Provincial Department of culture and tourism and the office of the provincial epidemic prevention and control emergency response headquarters issued the notice on overall planning for epidemic prevention and control and promoting holiday tourism consumption such as labor day, proposing that all kinds of units should implement the 2.5-day weekend flexible work rest system in combination with their own reality, so as to truly implement the paid vacation system.
The notice proposes to promote the consumption of holiday tourism such as labor day. The trade union organization may, in accordance with the regulations, organize the members and staff to carry out the activities of staff (model workers) recuperation and spring outing. All cities and counties shall, in accordance with local conditions, introduce measures such as culture and tourism consumption vouchers and Huimin cards, support the introduction of various forms of consumption subsidies, and promote culture and tourism consumption. According to the principle of “first surrounding, then out of town, first short distance, then long distance”, a batch of one-day tour, peripheral tour, picking tour, family tour routes and products are launched, and a batch of eco-tourism, red tourism, sports tourism, leisure tourism and research tourism products are planned. Provinces and cities jointly held the “culture benefiting people consumption season” activity, implemented a number of policies, increased efforts to benefit people and promote consumer confidence. We will develop a number of health tourism products, such as ecological recuperation, sports and physical fitness, cultural and mental health care, health care and health care, and health care for the elderly, promote the integrated construction of health tourism services, and build a number of outdoor tourism projects, such as cycling and hiking, and a health tourism base with standardized operation and thoughtful service.
According to the notice, measures for prevention and control of epidemic situation on holidays such as labor day shall be implemented. Strictly implement the guidelines for the prevention and control measures for the reopening of tourist attractions, temporarily close the indoor places of tourist attractions, and the daily tourist reception of tourist attractions shall not exceed 30% of the approved maximum carrying capacity. All localities should publicize the opening and reception arrangements of local tourist attractions to the public in time, strengthen the appointment mechanism, and promote the appointment of time-sharing tours through instant messaging tools, mobile phone clients, official website of the scenic spot, telephone appointment and other channels, so as to guide tourists to enter the park at intervals and travel at staggered peaks. The tourist attraction should be equipped with sufficient personnel and equipment, do a good job in screening the temperature of tourists, and use the “Ankang code” for verification in combination with the actual situation; if any suspicious person is found, it should be discouraged to enter, temporarily isolated, and immediately notified to the local epidemic prevention and control department for timely disposal.

Burmese conflict shells fall on China

On the evening of the 23rd local time, an armed conflict broke out in the northern border town of Muse in Myanmar. A gas station was attacked and the gunfire spread to the Chinese border town of SISE. Witnesses said three shells and several bullets fell into China. Buildings and vehicles such as schools were hit by bullets. No casualties were reported. At present, the border trade port has been temporarily closed due to this impact.

New energy vehicle subsidy policy

Today, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the notice on improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which specifies the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles in 2020, and extends the implementation period of the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles to the end of 2022, 2020 -In 2022, the subsidy standard will decline by 10%, 20% and 30% respectively on the basis of the previous year. In 2020, the subsidy standard will not decline for the vehicles that meet the requirements in the fields of urban public transport, road passenger transport, taxi (including online car Hailing), sanitation, urban logistics distribution, postal express, civil aviation airport and party and government official business.
The following is the original text of the notice:
Notice on improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles
CJ [2020] No. 86
Department of Finance (bureau), competent department of industry and information technology, Department of science and Technology (bureau, science and Technology Commission), development and Reform Commission of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan:
In order to support the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry, do a good job in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, the relevant matters of the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles are hereby notified as follows:
1、 Extend the period of subsidy and smooth the decline of subsidy
The implementation period of the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles will be extended to the end of 2022 based on technological progress, scale effect and other factors. In principle, the subsidy standards for 2020-2022 will decline by 10%, 20% and 30% respectively on the basis of the previous year (see the annex for the subsidy standards for 2020). In order to speed up the electrification of vehicles in public transport and other fields, the subsidy standard will not decline in 2020 for vehicles that meet the requirements in urban public transport, road passenger transport, taxi (including online car Hailing), sanitation, urban logistics distribution, postal express, civil aviation airport and party and government official fields, and will decline 10% and 20% respectively in 2021-2022 on the basis of the previous year. In principle, the maximum annual subsidy scale is about 2 million vehicles.
2、 Properly optimize technical indicators and promote the industry to be better and stronger
In 2020, the energy density and other technical indicators of the power battery system will not be adjusted, and the energy consumption of new energy vehicles and the pure electric driving mileage threshold of pure electric passenger vehicles will be moderately increased (see the annex for specific technical requirements). From 2021 to 2022, in principle, keep the overall stability of technical indicators. Support the development of new business models such as “separation of vehicle and electricity”, encourage enterprises to further improve the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle, develop and produce new energy vehicle products with advanced underlying operating system, electronic and electrical system architecture and intelligent networking features.
3、 Improve the fund clearing system and the precision of subsidy
From 2020, the number of new energy passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle enterprises applying for liquidation at a single time shall reach 10000 and 1000 respectively; after the end of the subsidy policy, the final liquidation will be arranged for those enterprises that fail to meet the requirements of liquidation. Before subsidies for new energy passenger vehicles, the selling price must be less than 300000 yuan (including 300000 yuan). In order to encourage the development of new business model of “power exchange” and accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles, the “power exchange model” vehicles are not subject to this regulation.
4、 Adjustment of subsidy mode and demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles
Adjust the current purchase subsidies for fuel cell vehicles to select cities or regions with foundation, enthusiasm and characteristics, focus on technology research and industrial application demonstration of key parts, and the central finance will reward the demonstration cities by “replacing subsidies with awards” (relevant notice will be issued separately). Strive to establish the hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry chain in about four years, make breakthroughs in key core technologies, and form a good situation with reasonable layout and coordinated development.
5、 Strengthen capital supervision and ensure capital safety
The leading department of local new energy vehicle promotion shall strengthen management together with other relevant departments, publicize the subsidy verification results simultaneously, accept social supervision, and refuse to accept the reported materials that are not reviewed and publicized as required. We will give full play to the role of information-based supervision, and eliminate subsidies for data fraud after verification. The local governments and enterprises that are not strictly supervised and cause fraud and compensation shall be dealt with seriously according to the regulations.
6、 Improve supporting policies and measures to create a good development environment
According to the resource advantages, industrial basis and other conditions, reasonably formulate the development plan of new energy automobile industry, strengthen the seriousness of the plan, and ensure the implementation of the plan. Increase the government procurement of new energy vehicles. In principle, in addition to special geographical environment and other factors, government vehicles such as confidential communications should purchase new energy vehicles, and give priority to purchase and provide rental services for new energy vehicles. We will promote the implementation of policies to support new energy vehicles in terms of free purchase, free travel and right of way, increase efforts to control diesel trucks, and improve the use advantages of new energy vehicles.
This notice will be implemented from April 23, 2020, and the transition period is from April 23, 2020 to July 22, 2020. During the transitional period, for the sales of the vehicles on the license plate that meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2019 but do not meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2020, 0.5 times of the corresponding standard of the notice on further improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (CJ [2019] No. 138) will be subsidized, and the sales of the vehicles on the license plate that meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2020 will be subsidized according to the 2020 standard. After the transition period, the price limit of subsidized vehicles shall be implemented. The fuel cell vehicles promoted from June 26, 2019 to April 22, 2020 shall be implemented in accordance with the transition period subsidy standard specified in CJ [2019] No. 138.
Other phases

These people cancel their holidays on May 1st

This year’s may day off for five days in a row
This is the first time that the policy of big and small long holidays has been implemented for many years!
Important reminder
May Day holiday is coming,
April 26 (this Sunday)
May 9 (next Saturday)
To work!
Holiday arrangements
May 1 (Friday)
To May 5 (Tuesday)
Off for 5 days!
Let’s remind our partners
Holiday arrangement in 2020
Notice on the specific arrangement of the holidays for 2020 labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, national day and Mid Autumn Festival is as follows:
Labor Day: 5 days off from May 1 to 5. Go to work on Sunday, April 26 and Saturday, May 9.
Dragon Boat Festival: from June 25 to 27, there are three days off. Go to work on Sunday, June 28.
National Day and Mid Autumn Festival: from October 1 to 8, there are 8 days off. September 27 (Sunday), October 10 (Saturday).
During the holidays, all regions and departments shall properly arrange the work of duty, safety and security. In case of any major emergency, they shall timely report and properly handle it according to the regulations, so as to ensure the people to spend the holidays peacefully and safely.
The staff put desks in the classroom of Huizhou No.1 middle school. Photo by Tang Yuhang, reporter of Huizhou daily
May Day holiday for junior and senior students
After the Provincial Department of education made clear the time for students to return to school in the spring semester of 2020, on April 19, our city issued the emergency notice on the preparations for students to return to school in the spring semester of 2020 in combination with the actual situation, set up a special class for work, and comprehensively deployed the work of returning to school. At the same time of refining various tasks, the Municipal Bureau of education also launched the “Huizhou spring semester 2020 return to school Q & a”, which takes the form of one question one answer for all aspects involved in the return to school, responding to social concerns one by one.
“Q & a” clearly, according to the notice of the superior, in order to ensure that the total class hours of the students are not reduced and avoid increasing the risk of cross infection on the way back to school at weekends, after the students of grade three and grade three return to school, “May Day” holiday is not allowed, and the school organizes teaching guidance, physical exercise and other activities; after the school returns to school in the whole city, the boarding school suggests to take a holiday every two weeks.
Finally, I would like to remind you
The long holiday is coming and the epidemic is not over,
Don’t “let yourself go”
Remember Mozart
Do a good job in personal protection,
To enjoy a good time!

Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan

China Education Daily, WeChat, April 21st, and 3 p.m. on April 20th, the Ministry of Education held a video meeting of the expert report on epidemic prevention and control. The meeting thoroughly carried out the instructions of the general secretary Xi Jinping and the decision making of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and instructed all schools to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in schools.
China novel coronavirus pneumonia, China novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhong Nanshan, director of the National Institute of respiratory diseases clinical medicine research center, Li Lanjuan, Professor of medicine, Zhejiang University, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, director of infectious diseases division, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, respectively, respectively, respectively, and judged the new international crown pneumonia epidemic situation, and the diagnosis of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in China. A special report was made. The Ministry of education novel coronavirus pneumonia leadership group office director Wang Dengfeng presided over the meeting.
Wang Dengfeng:
Dear Professor Zhong Nanshan, dear Professor Li Lanjuan, dear Professor Zhang Wenhong, dear leaders, teachers, comrades and students, good afternoon!
According to the arrangement of the Party group of the Ministry of education, we will hold a report meeting on campus epidemic prevention and control this afternoon. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a very important honor for inviting China to fight against the three outstanding achievements of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. They also played a very important role in the development of the international situation of the epidemic. It can be said that the famous experts and professors both at home and abroad are Professor Zhong Nanshan, Professor Li Lanjuan and Professor Zhang Wenhong.
As of last Friday, the school opening work in our country has been carried out in an all-round way. So far, all provinces (districts, cities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have made clear the opening time of at least part of the school section. As of last Friday, there were more than 35 million students from 24 provinces (districts, cities) and some sections of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps. This also means that in the process of fighting the epidemic in China, our resumption of school has entered the agenda. And this work is very important for the prevention and control of the epidemic in our country. Minister Chen Baosheng once said that the sound of reading in the campus is an important sign of the social restoration of normal order. At present, we are also faced with severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in the process of resuming school. How to do well the school opening work under the condition of normal epidemic prevention and control requires us to have a comprehensive understanding and scientific understanding of epidemic prevention and control.
The three experts we invited today are absolutely authoritative in this respect. We also hope that the three reports can provide direct guidance for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in our entire education system and the resumption of school. I don’t need to introduce these three experts. Professor Zhong Nanshan is a professor of respiratory department of Guangzhou Medical University, doctoral supervisor, 973 chief scientist, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, and now director of national respiratory disease clinical medical research center. Now let’s start to report. First of all, Professor Zhong Nanshan is invited to introduce the situation of international epidemic prevention and control.
International novel coronavirus pneumonia situation
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Director of national respiratory disease clinical medicine research center
Zhong Nanshan:
Thank you, director Wang! Today’s meeting of the Ministry of education is of historic significance. Because there are not many or very few countries in the world that have started to resume school, and we have started this work, so I think it is still very meaningful. Because of the short time, I will give a brief introduction of my own views. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached 2 million 360 thousand worldwide, and has increased very rapidly. The number of deaths is 160 thousand. According to this ratio, the mortality rate is 6.9%, which is quite high. This is a worldwide situation.
There should be three situations here: one is in Europe. It was originally said that Europe was at the epicenter of the earthquake. It was true. It was at the epicenter for quite a long time. From February to March, at the end of March, the prevalence and diagnosis rate of several countries increased very fast in this stage. Most of these diagnosis rates are that patients have symptoms and problems before they go to the laboratory for examination. It is true that The patient to be examined. Because the increase is very fast, for example, some representative countries, especially Italy and Spain, and in Europe, such as France and Britain, are representative. There are also Germany, Germany, of course, with a relatively small mortality rate, but the increase is still relatively fast. These countries later considered that Europe is now the epicenter from who, which is indeed the case. Because Italy is the first country to cut off its flights with our country, especially in the northern part of Italy and Milan, many measures have been taken. Its measures mainly focus on the contact with the outside world, because unlike in our country, our country has four aspects. In fact, in addition to the closure of Wuhan in some parts, because the infection is too fast, the infection is very fast It’s too wide, so in addition to blocking it, there is a very important policy. The most important thing is to implement group prevention and control in the community. Now there is a new term group prevention and control. Group prevention and control is actually the early self-protection in the community created by our country, including wearing masks, keeping distance, staying at home, not going out, not gathering, not having dinner, etc. Second, early discovery, that is to say, early education for ordinary people to see if they are uncomfortable, is an early discovery. In addition, early diagnosis, we have been able to