Faye Wong’s party

“Queen of heaven” Faye Wong stepped into the age of 50 last year, and her life style became more Buddhist. In the past, as long as every other month or two, fans had the chance to meet Faye Wong. However, since the beginning of the year, Faye Wong’s whereabouts have been mysterious and disappeared. It is said that she and Nicholas Tse went skiing in Japan at the beginning of the year, but only Nicholas Tse appeared in the fans’ lens.
Since I can’t meet Faye Wong by chance, fans can only search all over the web to find her clues. As a result, her efforts are not inferior to those of her heart. Faye Wong finds the photos of Faye Wong at the beginning of this year. The photos were taken in January, but they haven’t spread.
The shooting place is a square in Beijing. At that time, the Faye Wong family attended the Liyan auction, including former husband Li Yapeng, Zhou Xun, Dou Jingtong, Zhou Jie and others. In January, their photos were exposed one by one, just to avoid suspicion, they did not have the same frame.

45 newly diagnosed cases in China

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 28, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 45 newly confirmed cases, including 44 imported cases, 1 local case (Henan 1 case), 5 new death cases (Hubei 5 cases), 28 new suspected cases, including 27 imported cases and 1 local case (Gansu 1 case).
On the same day, 477 cases were cured, 1097 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 179 severe cases were reduced.
As of 24:00 on March 28, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 2691 confirmed cases (742 severe cases), 75448 cured and discharged cases, 3300 dead cases, 81439 confirmed cases and 174 suspected cases. The total number of close contacts was 701884, and 18581 were still under medical observation.
There are 0 newly confirmed cases (0 in Wuhan), 467 newly cured discharged cases (467 in Wuhan), 5 newly dead cases (5 in Wuhan), 2054 currently confirmed cases (2045 in Wuhan), including 710 severe cases (706 in Wuhan). 62565 cases (45418 in Wuhan), 3182 cases (2543 in Wuhan) were cured and 67801 cases (50006 in Wuhan) were confirmed. There are 0 new suspected cases (0 in Wuhan) and 0 existing suspected cases (0 in Wuhan).
From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 28, 44 cases (8 in Guangdong, 7 in Tianjin, 7 in Shanghai, 4 in Beijing, 3 in Liaoning, 3 in Jiangsu, 3 in Zhejiang, 2 in Sichuan, 1 in Shanxi, 1 in Inner Mongolia, 1 in Jilin, 1 in Fujian, 1 in Jiangxi, 1 in Chongqing and 1 in Guizhou) were newly reported. As of 24:00 on March 28, 693 confirmed cases imported from abroad have been reported.
In total, 902 confirmed cases were reported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 582 in Hong Kong (112 discharged, 4 dead), 37 in Macao (10 discharged), 283 in Taiwan (30 discharged, 2 dead).

Four more imported cases in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was imported from 12 to 24 March 26th, including 3 cases in Britain, 2 in France and 1 in France. A total of 4 confirmed cases and 3 suspected cases were imported from abroad yesterday. As of 24:00 on March 26, 153 cases of confirmed imported cases and 12 cases of discharged cases were reported.
From 12:00 to 24:00 on March 26, no newly confirmed cases were reported. As of 24:00 on March 26, 416 locally confirmed cases and 394 discharged cases were reported, with a cure discharge rate of 94.7%.
There are 15 districts in the city that have not reported new confirmed cases locally for more than 14 consecutive days, specifically Pinggu District has not reported cases since the epidemic, Yanqing District 63 days, Mentougou District 53 days, Huairou District 49 days, Shunyi District 47 days, Miyun District 44 days, Shijingshan District 42 days, Daxing District 42 days, Fangshan District 39 days, Changping District 38 days, Xicheng District 36 days, Tongzhou District 36 days, Fengtai District 23 days, Chaoyang District 22 days Days, Dongcheng District 20 days.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was imported from abroad from 0 to 12 March 26th, and 1 cases were imported. One case was cured and discharged. As of 12:00 on March 26, a total of 150 confirmed imported cases and 12 discharged cases were reported.
From 0:00 to 12:00 on March 26, no newly confirmed cases were reported, and 2 cases were cured and discharged. As of 12:00 on March 26, 416 locally confirmed cases and 394 discharged cases were reported, with a cure discharge rate of 94.7%.

U.S. confirmation will not be announced

Just announced the suspension of all operations of the U.S. military stationed abroad, U.S. Defense Secretary esper said on the 26th that in order to avoid leaks, the details of the number of U.S. military infections will not be released.
In an interview with Reuters, esper said that in the future, the total number of confirmed cases in the military will still be announced every day, but there will be no more specific breakdown.
“We won’t give a breakdown because it may expose that one area (US military) is more infected than others.” He didn’t do it.
In February 25th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed in the US military base in the US, and increased to 227 as of 25, an increase of 30% over the previous day. Among them, 8 cases have been confirmed on the USS Roosevelt, which is deployed in the Pacific region and carries 5000 sailors.
During this period, the U.S. military kept a daily briefing, involving specific units and services, such as warships, aircraft carriers, contractors or civilian personnel of the Pentagon.
Esper said he did not want to develop such a habit of briefing. “We will not habitually provide the confirmed figures of each theater command, and some areas will be worrisome after 6 or 7 weeks, so the exposed information may be dangerous.”
He said operational security is particularly important for overseas troops, especially those deployed in East Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.
US soldiers in South Korea are taking temperature pictures from US Army
Reuters believes that esper’s speech seems to highlight the U.S. military’s concerns about the direction of the outbreak in the coming months. Officials said that the number of confirmed cases of some key services in the United States has exceeded the number of overseas deployments.
The U.S. Air Force said 85 percent of the confirmed members were at home as of the 25th, while the Navy’s figure was close to 90 percent. The army did not give a percentage.
Esper did not confirm the ratio between the overseas and the local garrison, only mentioning that the commander of the overseas Garrison has greater authority to arrange movement restrictions for the soldiers and their families than the domestic deployed troops.
In Europe and the Middle East, thousands of U.S. military members are being quarantined or self quarantined because they have been exposed to diagnosed patients or high-risk areas. On the 25th, esper issued a “stop operation order”, requiring all US troops stationed abroad to stop all travel and action plans, and avoid bringing the virus home or spreading in the military. The ban lasted for up to 60 days.
In the interview, esper also stressed that the U.S. military still has “sufficient strength” and “there is no concern about the spread rate and impact of the epidemic.”

Eric and his wife record video

Actor Eric showed a video on the social platform. His wife, Chen Meishi, rarely appeared in the mirror. The couple were close together and looked very kind. Eric and Chen Meishi took two pairs of underpants and put them on their heads directly, covered half of their faces, and made Superman gestures to the camera.
Many netizens have said that as a public figure, Eric’s behavior will cause a bad demonstration to the public. Also has the netizen to be frank, wraps the underpants on the face, the taste is too heavy!

13 provinces clear opening time

Novel coronavirus infection control command of Liaoning province was issued in the forenoon of Liaoning in the morning of March 23rd. The provincial command will be graded ninth.
According to the notice, the preliminary arrangement:
From the middle of April, the third grade of senior high school will return to school at the same time within the province, and the specific time will be notified by the provincial education department; the third grade of junior high school will return to school at the same time within the same city, and the specific time will be notified by the Municipal Education Department; other grades of primary and secondary vocational schools will return to school at the right time, and the specific time will be notified by the Municipal Education Department, and the school will start at the wrong time in batches; colleges and universities will determine the opening time according to the arrangement of the Ministry of education The resumption of study for overseas students in Colleges and universities will be determined according to the development of international epidemic situation; all kinds of kindergartens will resume study after the epidemic situation is fully controlled.

Zhao Benshan responds to immigration

Due to the recent policy of restricting foreign stars from shooting films and TV plays in China, star immigration has become a hot topic again. In the morning of March 23, a “star immigration record” appeared on the Internet. In addition to “exposing many star immigrants such as Zhang Tielin and Jiang Dawei,” Zhao Benshan’s family immigrated to Canada “also attracted people’s attention. Whether Zhao Benshan has emigrated or not has become a hot topic.
Cover reporter immediately called Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan exclusively responded to the reporter and denied the immigration rumors: “no, it’s a fake. I have never immigrated. My family’s registered permanent residence is now in Liaoning! “
According to the cover news reporter, rumors about Zhao Benshan’s emigration have been passed on for many years. As early as June 2011, media reported that Zhao Benshan had been approved to immigrate to Canada and intended to settle in Toronto.
Later, the reporter learned from interviews with relevant people in Liaoning that Zhao Benshan’s family accounts are all in Liaoning.
Zhao Benshan said that I have not immigrated to any country. I love China, white mountains and black soil in the northeast, and Lianhua village, the hometown of Tieling. Why should I immigrate when our country is developing so well? I will always be Chinese!
Cover reporter interviewed Liu Shuangping, artistic director of Benshan media by telephone, he said: “old rumors! Mr. Zhao did not immigrate. His registered permanent residence and ID card are still in Liaoning.