Mom sends dumplings set meal

Children, so now this mother choose to send dumpling packages to her son, so that his son also feels the warmth of home. Dumpling filling is children’s favorite three fresh filling. The oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar have been mixed, and the package is the most authentic “mother’s taste”. Now the event of sending dumpling packages has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens call “grandma” online. In fact, the dumpling package costs 665.7 yuan, because the cost of cold transportation, postage and cooking utensils are also relatively expensive, but family affection is priceless. If you are free in the new year, you can go home and have a look at everything at home.

Resignation of the Russian government

According to CCTV news, Medvedev said that the constitutional amendment and other contents mentioned by President Putin in his state of the Union address will have a significant impact on the balance of power and the administrative, legislative and judicial fields after being discussed and approved. Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation should give the president the opportunity to make all necessary decisions. In this case, Medvedev believes that the current government of the Russian Federation should resign in accordance with Article 117 of the constitution of the Russian Federation.
Russian satellite network reported that Putin expressed his gratitude to the members of the government for their joint efforts, “although not everything has been resolved.”.
Russian satellite network said Putin then nominated Medvedev as vice president of the Russian Federation Security Council, in charge of national defense and security.
Agence France Presse just released the news.
Before Medvedev announced the resignation of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued this year’s state of the Union address in the State Duma.

TCL Group plans to change its name

China business daily / China business network (reporter zushuang) appliance companies are still changing their names. On January 13, TCL Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TCL Group) announced that it planned to change the company name to TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd. and the securities abbreviation to TCL technology. In recent years, the renaming of household appliance enterprises is common. What is the reason behind this phenomenon?
TCL Group plans to change its name to TCL Technology
According to the data, the predecessor of TCL group is Huiyang area electronic industry company. In 1985, TCL communication equipment Co., Ltd. registered under the name of “TCL” was invested and established. It was officially changed into TCL Group Co., Ltd. in 2002 and has been used up to now. After 38 years of development, TCL group covers TV, mobile phone, home appliances and other terminals and supporting businesses, semiconductor display devices and materials, industrial finance, investment and venture capital and other businesses.
It is reported that the renaming of TCL group is directly related to its major asset restructuring in 2019. In 2019, TCL group completed the delivery of major asset restructuring, divested the intelligent terminal and related supporting businesses from the listed company and handed them over to TCL Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. At the beginning of 2019, TCL Group announced that TCL Group plans to divest the consumer electronics business with 4.76 billion yuan and focus on the display panel business of csot. In November 2019, csot officially changed its name to TCL csot. It is mentioned in the announcement that the name “TCL Group” is no longer applicable because the business scope of the company has changed substantially.
Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, once said that TCL Huaxing optoelectronics accounted for more than 70% of the total fixed assets of the company. Industrial restructuring is one of the main reasons why TCL group changed its name to TCL technology group, which means that the company will pay more attention to the characteristics of its high-tech industry. Since then, the company has changed from a diversified traditional household appliance enterprise to a high-tech company focusing on semiconductor display and material industry, and Developing Industrial Finance and investment business. “In the near future, the company will continue to reset the remaining enterprises to make the business more focused,” said Li.
In the announcement, TCL Group disclosed that TCL Huaxing will focus on large-scale LCD high-end products through mini led on TFT and 8K technology, and take the lead in layout and printing OLED technology research and development and commercial application. The company will also seize the opportunity of industrial adjustment and industry reshuffle, accelerate the vertical extension and horizontal integration of the industrial chain, especially the investment layout in the fields of basic materials, next generation display materials and key equipment in new process.
In fact, in recent years, the phenomenon of renaming household appliance enterprises is common. On June 5, 2019, Qingdao Haier announced that the original name “Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd.” is to be changed to “Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd.”. After the change, “Haier smart home” will focus more on the accelerated development of smart family ecological brand; on July 8 of the same year, Skyworth Digital said that the company name had been changed from “Skyworth Digital” to “Skyworth Group”; on December 20 of the same year, Hisense Electric released a notice that the name was officially changed from “Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.” to “Hisense Video Technology Co., Ltd.” “
Why are appliance giants keen to change their names? Zhang Jianfeng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China household electrical appliances business association, told China Business Daily that from the perspective of industry, at present, the household electrical appliances industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and technology; from the perspective of the enterprise itself, the original name of the enterprise has certain limitations and is not suitable for the current development needs of the enterprise.
“Like with the name of” group “, it can reflect the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but it can not highlight the main business. At present, TCL Group has focused on panel, integrated circuit, chip and other high-tech fields. After the name change, TCL group can more reflect the company’s science and technology and innovation. ” Zhang Jianfeng told China business daily.
Hong Shibin, an industry observer, said, “the trend of renaming household appliances enterprises is an ecological fission based on household appliances. In addition, most of the companies involved in the renaming trend are listed companies. One of the important reasons for these listed companies to “go home electrification” through renaming is to pursue market value to improve their share price and leave more imagination space for the capital market. “.

Hukou waterfall ice sculpture

In winter, Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River, located at the junction of Shanxi and Shaanxi, is a unique landscape in Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area, attracting tourists to watch. The splashing waves condense on the rocks on both sides of the waterfall to form an ice waterfall and ice sculpture. The natural beauty is so spectacular!

Cut a flat head for 1500 yuan

A few days ago, Mr. Zhan in Hangzhou went to the Armani shop to have a haircut. As a result, a flat head cost him more than 1500 yuan. Mr. Zhan said that it was still discounted. The original price was 1888 yuan. Mr. Zhan took out his photos of the previous period and compared them with the current ones. He spent 30 yuan on the flat head, slightly longer than the 1500 yuan this time. Other differences were not obvious. But why does Mr. Zhan spend so much money on this flat head?
Things have to start a few days ago. At that time, he went to the beauty salon of Armani Xuan Hangzhou Wangjiang shop to have a haircut. For his own requirements, he said four words: let it be. But I didn’t expect that after “let it be” finished, the haircut turned into a perm. Mr. Zhan couldn’t tell what kind of potion he was using. The final bill showed that three potions were used for shaving and two for washing hair. The total cost was 1888.
Mr. Zhan originally had a 20 yuan haircut three times discount card. On the recommendation of the clerk, he added 2500 yuan to apply for a membership card. In this way, he can get a discount. It is understood that Mr. Zhan actually paid 3200 yuan for his haircut, added 2500 yuan to his membership card and bought more than 700 yuan of liquid medicine. According to Armani Xuan’s explanation, the cost of haircut, membership card and potion can be swiped, which need to be paid extra. In this way, Mr. Zhan paid 1500 yuan for the haircut.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhan thought that the money had been spent unjustly. He was fooled by the barber shop. So, is this mandatory consumption in barbershop? Did you ask Mr. Zhan for permission before perming your hair or using the potion? Manager Zhao of amanihuan gave an explanation. Mr. Zhao said that these potions protect the scalp, and Mr. Zhan agreed when they were applied. But when the reporter asked to see the price list, manager Zhao refused. The two sides couldn’t settle the dispute. Manager Zhao said that at that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his hair and apply the liquid medicine. But Mr. Zhan said he had made it clear that he didn’t need a perm, but the potion went on his head in a muddle.
After negotiation, manager Zhao said he had suffered a loss and refunded Mr Zhan 2500 yuan.

Sukhola’s MV is open

People’s Daily News 13, South Korea’s late singer sukhola personally participated in the composition of the song “hello” MV open, the song to express gratitude to fans ballad.
“Hello” is a sad lyric song, which highlights the delicate voice of sukhola. The MV is based on the night view of Tokyo like by sukhola. In the black-and-white MV, the performance of sukhola’s eyes is amazing. Light interlaced, color conversion, meaning from dark to light.
In addition, it is regrettable that sukhola died on November 24, 2019.

14 year abacus beads in ear

14 year abacus beads in ear
Yu Ming, a 24-year-old (pseudonym), dug his ears with an ear spoon and found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear. After he went to the Department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, the doctor took out an abacus bead hidden in his right ear. Yu Ming recalled that the abacus bead should have been “hidden” in the ear canal for 14 years.
On the night of January 2, Yu Ming (pseudonym), 24, pulled out his ears with an ear spoon after taking a bath at home. He found that there seemed to be something hard in his right ear that could not be pulled out. He asked his family to help him look at it and found that a dark yellow hard object was faintly visible in his ear.
In the morning of the next day, Yu Ming came to the outpatient department of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University. According to Yu Ming’s self-report and preliminary examination of his right ear, the doctor suggested that Yu Ming should have further otoscopy examination to make sure the hard object was removed.
Zhou Fang, head of Otolaryngology and neck surgery of Changsha Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University, said that according to the image seen under otoscope, doctors found a dark yellow round foreign body in the right deep of the right external auditory meatus, and there was yellow brown cylindrical scab adhesion around the foreign body, showing obvious inflammation.

Didi online route

On January 9, Didi travel launched the “passing point” function in 37 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunming, etc., to meet the needs of multi-destination stops in scenarios such as multiple people riding together and individual multi-point travel.
After the party with friends, I want to take a car to different destinations. When I go to an activity site, I need to go home to pick up a document Such scenes are very common in people’s daily travel. In the past, passengers often faced such problems as unable to estimate the trip cost and arrival time when issuing the ticket, need to communicate with the driver repeatedly on the way, and worry about the vehicle not to continue service after getting off. The “passing point” function is mainly aimed at the problems in these taxi scenes, reducing the misunderstanding and inconvenience caused by oral communication.
From now on, in the area where the “waypoint” function is enabled, when passengers can enter their destination before the trip, click the “+” symbol on the right to add up to three waypoints. The platform will plan the routes to different routes according to the sequence of routes filled in by passengers, and display the estimated itinerary information of the routes to passengers according to the routes.
After the passengers get on the train, the driver will deliver the passengers to different passing points in order, and the dwell time of each passing point shall not exceed 3 minutes. If passengers need to wait for a long time in a certain place, they need to reach an agreement with the driver, and the driver has the right to terminate the order in advance. At the end of the trip, passengers can view the trip information and the route points in the “my order”.
At present, the “waypoint” function only supports the issuance of orders on the Chinese interface of didi travel app, and is applicable to the real-time travel services of didi express, preferential and special vehicles.

Fine 500 for one time of being late

The special prize of this year’s 360 company’s annual meeting – a free “cut” coupon, which is regarded as a gold medal of “death free”, can offset a layoff. The coupon is valid from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and is only for personal use, and cannot be traded on the dark network.
After the news was released on the Internet media, it quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens speculated that 360 might implement the layoff plan this year.
In response, 360 replied that 360 has no layoffs or plans. Zhou Hongyi’s article is humorous, in fact, to encourage innovation and make bold mistakes.
Coincidentally, at the beginning of the new year, personnel measures of another Internet company also attracted attention. According to the e-mail of “new rules on attendance” sent by Sohu to employees, the new rules require employees to arrive at work before 9:30. If they are late for work, they will be fined 500 yuan at a time, with a maximum penalty of 1000 yuan. This is also Sohu company since its inception about late the most serious punishment. According to Sohu’s internal staff, Sohu had previously imposed a single fine of 5 yuan for latecomers.
This triggered a lot of Internet users’ Tucao: “how much is overtime? Is it more than one second overtime?” “when a company starts to catch attendance, it’s the time to go downhill.” “Is it 500 yuan to work overtime for one minute?”
In response, Sohu said that the punishment for attendance has been greatly enhanced. Its core is to hope that employees can keep passion and ambition for their work, remain highly sensitive at all times, actively participate in discussions, and work more professionally, diligently and efficiently.

Iran attacks US bases

First of all, when I saw this news, my first reaction was that, fuck, it’s crazy that the Americans kicked Iran the option of whether to fight through the act of “killing XXX by air attack” to let the Iranians decide whether to fight. But the Iranians are crazy. They kicked this choice back to the Americans through the act of “attacking the US air base in Iraq”, and added “the revenge action of XX’s death in the attack is over. If Iran does not want to go to war or fear war, if it is not for Russians without white caps, I think this is what the Russians have done, and then they will be confused, because I can not tell whether it is crazy or Islamic or Iran people. Secondly, I feel that the trump battle has hit him. And it seems to be beyond the control of meizhituan. This is an “emergency” incident in the United States since the attack on Benghazi, and this incident is different from that in the past, the United States will be dragged into the mire of war again if it is a little careless, thus giving the rabbit a chance to breathe again. The specific advantages and disadvantages still depend on the US Intelligence Corps to slowly analyze. In addition, I am worried about the rabbit. If the Middle East local war expands, will China be involved in it? On the one hand, the premise of rabbit’s rapid development in recent decades is “peace”. On the other hand, China’s economic development has entered the transition period in the past two years, which urgently needs innovation. Moreover, domestic inflation and various contradictions also need to be released urgently. Is it a good thing to be involved in a war far away from the country?