Tencent is compensated 45.24 million yuan

Tencent was compensated 45.24 million yuan, and the Court confirmed that the amount of compensation for the infringement of the right of reproduction of six game maps and the right of information network dissemination of Tencent’s “cross the line of fire” game was 45.24 million yuan.
Legend is coming.
Recently, Shenzhen intermediate people’s court made a first instance decision on Tencent’s case of suing seven companies, including Changyou yunduan and yingyinghuiyi, for infringing the copyright of online game “cross the line of fire” game map by six game maps of mobile game “gun battle of the whole people” issued by yingyingyinghuiyi, and ordered seven defendants to stop the infringing act immediately and jointly compensate Tencent for its economic losses And the reasonable maintenance cost exceeds 45.24 million yuan.
“Crossing the line of fire” is a first person shooting online game launched by South Korea’s Xiaomen company in 2007. Tencent has the exclusive agent operation right of “crossing the hot line” in mainland China from 2012 to 2021. “Crossing the line of fire” is very well-known in China, with a very wide range of game players.
“Gun battle of the whole people” is a mobile game developed by Changyou cloud (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of hero Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. of the new third board company. “Gun battle of the whole nation” pioneered the game control mode of left-hand mobile role, right-hand mobile lens and shooting, so that when there is no peripheral equipment such as mouse, keyboard and game handle on the mobile phone end, it can also give players high-quality shooting control experience.
Tencent sued that the artistic images of many game maps, small maps and props and firearms in the national gunfight are the same or substantially similar to those in the operation structure, layout, color matching and modeling design of the cross fire line, as well as the game design it carries. Tencent is suspected of infringing the copyright of the cross fire line game, so it will develop and transport it Seven companies operating “gun battle for all” filed a lawsuit to the court.
According to the judgment obtained by 21st century economic report, Tencent sued for plagiarism of six game scene maps of “crossing the line of fire”, including transportation ship, new year square, railway station, street battle, border trade city and giant city ruins. Ai Rui’s consulting report shows that the utilization rate of the players of the six maps accounts for 62.3% of the total scene maps of crossing the line of fire.
Taking the “transport ship” of the two games as an example, the court found that the plane outline and structure, object position arrangement, object shape and object quantity of the “transport ship” small map in the “gun battle of the whole people” were the same as those of the “transport ship” small map in “crossing the fire line”.
In terms of game scene map, the court found that the same points of the two “transport ship” cabin maps are: one cabin is set at both ends of the map, and two exits are set in each cabin, one of which is equipped with L-shaped curtain wall. In the cabin, the path entrance to the opposite position on both sides of the map is set behind the L-shaped curtain wall. The difference is: the scene color decoration art appearance is different.
In the case of map of the cabin scene of the transport ship “gun battle of the whole people”, both parties applied for expert support personnel. According to the judgment, the expert assistant of the plaintiff said that shooting game is a very sophisticated game for map structure. There are seven stages in making a shooting game map, with an average production cycle of three months. White box design is the most important. In the white box state, the design of shelter and path is used to achieve the preset goal. After the completion of the white box iteration test, you can attach any artistic effect to the white box. On the other hand, this process is reversible. You can directly strip the art resources of the game map, remove the art effect, get the white box, and then give the white box to the art to change the skin again, which saves the steps of designing the white box.
In the first person shooting game, the operation mode and shooting mode are the most important, and the scene map of the game is a very small part of the game design, said the expert assistant of the defendant.
The court held that the game scene map conforms to the type of “schematic diagram” in the “copyright law” on “explaining the principle or structure of things” in graphic works, and should be protected by the copyright law. In terms of the basic expression of the overall composition, internal combination structure and layout of the six game scene maps accused of infringement in the “gun battle of the whole people”, they are the same or substantially the same as those in “crossing the line of fire”. In case of infringement of Tencent’s right of reproduction and information network communication, Tencent shall be liable for the infringement.
For the determination of the compensation amount, the judgment shows that the court estimated the net profit of Changyou cloud’s “gun battle of the whole people” from 2015 to may 2017 to be more than 572 million yuan based on the data disclosed in the hero entertainment announcement. The judgment also shows that the life cycle of “gun wars for all” is designed to be 5 years, which will be online in 2014, growing in 2015 and 2016, and declining in 2017 and 2018. The growth rate of recharge income in 2017 has been – 17.7%.
In addition, the court determined the contribution rate of the game map to the first person shooting game as 20% according to the claims of the plaintiff and the defendant. The court also combined the evidence of both sides, taking 39.53% as the contribution ratio of six game maps in this case in all game maps.
Finally, the Court confirmed that the compensation for the infringement of the right to copy six game maps and the right to spread information on the Internet by the national gun battle was over 45.24 million yuan (572 million X20% x39.53%).

Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway opens today

On December 30, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway will be officially put into operation. We will help the integration and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and provide transportation service guarantee for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The total length of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is 174 kilometers, with 10 stations including Beijing North, Qinghe, Badaling Great Wall, Huailai, Zhangjiakou, etc.
On December 30, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway was put into operation.
The Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway starts from Beijing North Station, passing Qinghe station, Shahe station (without passenger transportation), Changping Station, Badaling Great Wall Station, donghuayuan north station, Huailai station, Xiahuayuan north station and Xuanhua station, and finally arrives at Zhangjiakou, another host of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.
The fastest running time from Beijing to Zhangjiakou will also be reduced from the current 3 hours and 7 minutes to 47 minutes! Hohhot to Beijing will also be compressed from 9 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 9 minutes at most, and Datong to Beijing will be up to 1 hour and 42 minutes at most.
On December 30, passengers took g8811 train to Chongli Prince city station. On the same day, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was put into operation, and the Chongli railway was put into operation simultaneously. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (Photo by Peng Ziyang)
On the day of opening, passengers got a limited edition of “customs clearance notice” of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway.
With the simultaneous opening of two high-speed railway lines, Dazhang (Datong Zhangjiakou) and Huzhang (Huhhot Zhangjiakou), into the Beijing Tianjin Hebei high-speed railway circle, it is more convenient for Beijingers to go skiing in Chongli, see Yungang Grottoes in Datong and eat mutton in Hohhot on weekends, and the radiation range of Beijing Tianjin Hebei metropolitan circle is further expanded.
Li Guoping, President of the Capital Development Research Institute of Peking University, told the 21st century economic reporter that the simultaneous opening of the three railways means that another major channel connecting the northwest of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has been established, which is conducive to promoting the connection of talents, technology, culture and tourism resources between Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the northwest.
One way skiing for an hour to Chongli
“I can take the high-speed rail back to Beijing in the afternoon.” At noon on December 30, Ms. Dong, a white-collar post-90s Beijing worker who was skiing in Chongli, told 21st century economic news that she spent four hours on a bus from Beijing to Chongli last Friday. Fortunately, she was on her way back to Beijing Zhang high-speed railway for the first day of opening, which could save nearly three hours.
On December 30, g2505 train stopped at Zhangjiakou station of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway. On the same day, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was put into operation, and the Chongli railway was put into operation simultaneously. Photo by Mou Yu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency
Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is an important part of Beijing Lanzhou channel, the main channel of “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway in the national medium and long-term railway network planning. It is an important transportation infrastructure for the coordinated development of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Beijing Tianjin Hebei. The line starts from Beijing North Station in the East and ends at Zhangjiakou station in the West. The total length of the main line is 174 km. The construction started in December 2015.
When the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is put into operation, the Chongli railway, a branch line of the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, is put into operation at the same time. The Chongli railway is led from the Xiahuayuan North Station of the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway to the Winter Olympic village of Chongli Prince city.
According to China National Railway Corporation, the fastest operation time of Beijing North Station to taizicheng station is one hour and four minutes, and the intelligent EMU Fuxing is 350 kilometers per hour.
21st century economic reporter noted that the tickets of Beijing high-speed railway sold out or only a few first-class seats remained. The opening of the high-speed railway has excited skiing enthusiasts in Beijing. The tickets for the high-speed railway in Beijing are also in short supply at the snowy weekend. Many skiing enthusiasts are preparing to grab tickets.
Miss Dong introduced that most of them would choose to leave Beijing for Chongli on Friday afternoon and return to Beijing on Sunday. There are many people skiing in Chongli this weekend. There are also many young people skiing winter camps in Chongli, where children usually stay for a week.

Li Randi’s Chinese opera test

Li Randi challenges the gold in the wilderness in the final exam of the middle drama. He has a shrewd personality and a wild style of action. Li Randi has mastered it very well and made great progress. Of course, the most important thing is that Li Randi is thin! The gold itself is full of wildness and has the temptation of rebellious women. Especially when he forces Jiao Daxing to say “drown your mother”, he raises his hand and throws his foot. His eyes are small and his body is small It’s amazing to watch! Your mother and your daughter-in-law fall into the water, who can you save? The end of the term is coming! Li landi’s character, personality and pungent style are shown on the scene of the Chinese drama examination. In the whole 30 episodes of the TV drama, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng are not dissatisfied with many CP fans in a kissing drama.
Later, netizens revealed that Li landi held Zhang Xincheng from behind in the elevator, and the suspected love affair was exposed! Zhang Xincheng and Li landi were photographed for an intimate date, and the suspected love affair was exposed, but after the news was exposed, the woman’s agent said that it was just a good relationship, not a relationship, but because of the intimate behavior of the two people, it was still hard for everyone to believe. If it was just a good relationship, it would be too exaggerated It’s such a good relationship, and as a public figure, I should pay great attention to it. Even some netizens speculated that the two were in love. Although Li landi denied the love, Li landi and Zhang Xincheng also took part in “I am an actor” one after another. The performance of the two people in the program was also excellent, and the two people have always met in the entertainment circle.

Mental health in schools

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, Dec. 27 (reporter Qu ting) 12 ministries and commissions, including the national health and Health Commission, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education, have recently printed and issued the action plan for healthy China – children and adolescents’ Mental Health (2019-2022). It is proposed that by the end of 2022, all kinds of schools at all levels should establish mental service platforms or rely on school doctors and other personnel to carry out mental health services for students, preschool education and special education Educational institutions should be equipped with full-time and part-time mental health education teachers.
According to this action plan, by the end of 2022, 50% of parents’ schools or family education guidance service stations should carry out mental health education; 60% of secondary and above mental hospitals should set up mental clinics for children and adolescents; 30% of children’s specialized hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, and general hospitals above secondary level should set up mental (psychological) clinics; all cities should set up or access psychological assistance hotlines; children and youth The awareness rate of mental health core knowledge of adolescents should reach 80%.
Mental health, especially the mental health of children and adolescents, has become an increasingly prominent public health problem. The health China action (2019-2030), released in July this year, proposes to carry out mental health promotion actions and primary and secondary school health promotion actions, among which, for children’s and adolescents’ mental health, all have set phased goals for 2022 and 2030. For example, by 2022, the proportion of primary and secondary schools equipped with full-time and part-time mental health workers will reach more than 80%.
According to the person in charge of the disease control bureau of the national health and Health Commission, the purpose of launching the mental health action for children and adolescents is to ensure the realization of the above-mentioned phased goals by 2022, to meet the challenge of the current rising incidence of children and adolescents’ psychological and behavioral problems and the prevalence of mental disorders, and to form a coordinated mental health service model of schools, communities, families, media, medical and health institutions The social environment is conducive to the mental health of children and adolescents.
According to the latest epidemiological survey, about 16.57% of Chinese people are suffering from various mental disorders and psychological problems. Cui Yonghua, director of the psychiatry department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that in recent years, the mental health situation of children and adolescents is not optimistic. The highlight of this action is to promote the construction of children’s mental health system to the implementation level.
It is reported that in the six specific actions listed in the plan, many pilot prevention and intervention measures have been carried out to strengthen the psychological counseling of key groups. For example, for the students and their parents, disadvantaged students, general bad behavior teenagers, psychological counseling should be carried out, if necessary, psychological intervention should be carried out.

Wang Yangming announces to be a father

On the Christmas night of December 25, Wang Yangming announced that his wife Cai Shiyun had been safely produced in a microblog. He said: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us.”
In fact, Wang Yangming’s wife’s due date was at the end of December. It seems that her daughter couldn’t help it, so she came out so quickly. But from the picture. His wife and children are very safe. Wang Yangming also exposes a picture of holding hands with his wife and daughter.
According to Wang Yangming, the baby is 48 cm tall, 2800 cm in weight, with eyes like a mother and nose like a father. Because Cai Shiyun has a quarter of Russian blood, they choose katiya, a Russian pronunciation for their daughter, which is similar to “Cartier”.
Wang Yangming also recorded the whole process of his wife’s birth. It is reported that he wept with joy when he saw his daughter at first sight.
On the evening of December 23, Wang Yangming posted a photo of her pregnancy with her wife Cai Shiyun on the social platform, adding: “this is the most beautiful moment for her. Women are really great. How much they need to pay and sacrifice for the birth of a new life.”
Speaking of Wang Yangming, we should all be familiar with him. He is Xiao Yaxuan’s ex boyfriend. Many people’s initial impression of him may have been that they had a relationship with Xiao Yaxuan in 2004, but they broke up after only two years. Later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun came together. They also experienced separation and combination, but finally got married in 2015.
However, some people say that Wang Yangming, 37, is now a father. Xiao Yaxuan, 40, is still in love with her 24-year-old boyfriend. Will Xiao Yaxuan find another boy one day and finally find out that his father is a former boyfriend when he gets married?
It’s not unreasonable for netizens to say that. Although the two have been in love for a long time, Wang Yangming chose to take charge of one person in 2015, while Xiao Yaxuan talked about more than ten boyfriends.
Wang Yangming, as the most handsome man in Taiwan, has a very high face value. Although he spent time with Zhang Li through a variety show, the two soon broke up. And his wife is Wang Yangming’s lover who had been in love for eight years before Zhang Li. After breaking up with Zhang Li, Wang Yangming quickly reunited with his predecessor and got married in four months. Now she has another daughter. It’s still Christmas. No wonder Wang Yangming is so happy.
Wang Yangming wrote on the Internet last night: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us. The arrival of my daughter is probably the most amazing gift of Christmas Eve. Wang Yangming has two photos, one with three hands in one family, and the other with Wang Yangming touching his daughter’s head and lying on the edge of his wife’s bed. Cai Shiyun’s skin is really good. Even after the birth, the skin is still white to shine.
It is reported that Cai Shiyun gave birth by caesarean section and chose Christmas Day specially. It is understood that it has a special meaning. Because Cai Shiyun’s grandfather is Russian, she is a mixed race baby, and her name is Cartier because she has Russian pronunciation in English, so she chose this name.
Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun in 2007, and then broke up because of long-distance love. In 2014, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun were reunited. Then on April 7 of the following year, Wang Yangming announced that he had been engaged to Cai Shiyun. In December of the same year, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun held their wedding at the manor in Sydney, Australia. Into the palace of marriage. In September this year, Wang Yangming announced on social network that Cai Shiyun was pregnant. Three months later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun’s daughter, Cartier, were born.
Before the actor Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun, he had a two-year relationship with singer Xiao Yaxuan. Later, when he broke up with CAI Shiyun, he also had a relationship with actress Zhang Li. They had been on the program together and attended the activity.

Right to peace and privacy

On March 23, the 15th session of the 13th National People’s Congress deliberated on the drafts of various parts of the civil code, in which the draft of the right to personality improved the definition of privacy and incorporated “peace of private life” into the right to privacy. The fourth draft revised the definition of privacy as follows: privacy is the quiet private life of natural persons and the private space, private activities and private information that are not known to others.
Refusing to harass is the “just need” of the Internet Age
This means that the right of tranquility, together with private space, activities and information, has become an important connotation of the right of privacy. For a long time, the right of tranquility has been a theoretical concept and has not been formally written into legislation.
With the economic development, especially the development of network technology, the right of tranquility has been paid more and more attention by legislators. It was first written into the decision on strengthening the protection of network information by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in 2012. Article 7 of the decision establishes the right of citizens to refuse commercial advertisements on fixed phones, mobile phones and e-mail. Refusing commercial advertisement is the basic right of citizens to maintain the peace of life, and also the effective extension of privacy law in the protection system of personality right.
Before this, the community convention of a certain network platform also regards the right of tranquility as the basic right of users. In this Convention, the behavior of infringing the user’s cyberspace tranquility, such as private letter harassment, commercial advertisement, frequent @ and so on, is clearly regarded as a category of infringing the right of tranquility, and the obligee can shield it through technical means, of course, it can also be handled according to the contract reporting platform.
It can be seen that the situation of the application of the right of tranquility includes not only the offline real society, but also the online virtual community. From the legislative performance of the existing draft civil code, the right of tranquility is not formally separated from the right to privacy system, but determined by expanding the interpretation of the right to privacy.
There are two main considerations: first, the right of privacy is enough to cover the protection of the right of tranquility, and the connotation and extension of the two rights overlap more, and the right of privacy can absorb the right of tranquility; second, the infringement of the right of tranquility is mostly based on the infringement of personal information, for example, advertising and information harassment can only be carried out on the premise of obtaining citizens’ telephone, mailbox, user name, etc., and personal information is implicit The right of tranquility and the right of privacy are related to each other.
“Tranquility” enters the law and controls the receiving of information
Bringing the right of tranquility into the legal protection system of privacy plays an important and positive role in the development of the legal system of personality right in China. In the future, the application space of the right of tranquility is very large, and both online and offline may become an important hand in safeguarding the right of citizens to live in tranquility.
First, online and offline business publicity needs to strictly abide by the basic principles of the right to tranquility. Not to be disturbed is the core component of the right of tranquility. Internet advertising is not unable to be sent, but based on the basic principle of “prior consent” or “prohibition or stop”. At the same time, the form of advertisement sending must conform to the principle of the right of tranquility. Such “dog skin plaster” like pop ups, stickers and other advertising forms need to be well managed.
Second, there is a new hand for safeguarding rights in the peaceful life of the neighborhood. In addition to calling the police, citizens can also appeal to the court according to the provisions of the right of tranquility in the civil code for the legal liability of the infringer, including stopping the infringement and removing the nuisance.
Third, online “anti harassment” and other technical prevention and control measures will be better and better. According to the principle of the right of tranquility, the social platform should further modify the rules of the platform, return the user’s control over information reception to the user, and protect their rights by setting their own blackout, forbidding comments, etc.
Fourth, the right to tranquility will give more space to social public figures. Celebrities such as artists and online celebrities belong to the public, and their right to privacy, portrait and other personality rights should be derogated to some extent. However, if the public figure does not involve the public interest, the right of undisturbed and peaceful life should be respected. Therefore, the right of peace is more conducive to the peaceful life of public figures.
The right of peace and the right of privacy do not coincide completely
Although the right of tranquility and the right of privacy have a great overlap, we should also see that there are different aspects of application between the two sides. In the future development of personality right law, the right of tranquility may be independent and become a specific personality right.
First of all, the right of tranquility is more applicable than the right of privacy. For example, in the neighborhood, the dog barks at night for a long time downstairs to disturb the residents. According to the draft, the dog barks at night to disturb the residents can be regarded as violating the peace of life. If a lawsuit is filed with the court, the basis of the right of claim is determined to be that the right of peace is more appropriate than the right of privacy.
Secondly, the right of network tranquility is the right to block harassment. For example, in social platforms, there are @ behaviors of others, including harassment and other violations. However, this behavior does not need to know the user’s privacy information, as long as the name of the public account can be obtained, which is not a violation of personal information. If according to the draft, users need to apply the right of privacy to protect their rights, such an appropriate law is really questionable.
Finally, there are many kinds of online commercial advertisements, a large part of which are made in the way of infringing the user’s right of tranquility. For example, pop-up ads, welt ads, embedded ads, and so on. Some of these ads are sent with the consent of users, or meet the needs of network economic practice, but the way of sending them is disgusting or even disgusting. Therefore, the advertising law and other laws and regulations regard “one key close” as one of the basic rights of users of special advertisements. “One key off” is user peace

Wang Sicong’s restraining order and reconciliation

Wang Sicong, who has attracted much attention, has made new progress in the executed cases in Beijing.
On December 24, the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing) announced that the case of Wang Sicong’s arbitration dispute had been settled in the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing. The second intermediate people’s court will settle the case and successively lift the enforcement measures taken against Wang Sicong, the person subjected to execution
After active consultation between the two parties, Wang Sicong, a cultural development center of the party to be enforced, has fulfilled the first payment of RMB 50 million as agreed in the settlement agreement.
Settlement of execution case involving Wang Sicong
On December 24, according to the official wechat news of Beijing No.2 Middle School, the case of an equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) applying for the implementation of a cultural development center and Wang Sicong arbitration dispute was settled in Beijing No , and successively rescind the enforcement measures taken against Wang Sicong.
Through active consultation between the two parties, the case has reached an implementation settlement agreement on December 2, 2019. Wang Sicong, a cultural development center of the person to be enforced, has fulfilled the first payment of RMB 50 million as agreed in the settlement agreement.
At present, the remaining payment period agreed in the settlement agreement has not yet expired; in the process of execution, the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing took such enforcement measures as freezing account deposits, sealing up real estate, vehicles, restricting high consumption, etc., and the person subjected to execution declared property on time and actively negotiated with the person applying for execution; at the same time, the applicant failed to submit to the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing The second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing did not take measures to restrict Wang Sicong’s exit from the country or include him in the list of dishonest Executees.

Personal information protection law

Yue Zhongming, spokesman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, said in Beijing Tuesday that China will enact laws on personal information protection and data security next year.
On the same day, the legal working committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held its third press conference. Yue Zhongming said at the meeting that, according to the provisions of the legislative law, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress should work out an annual legislative work plan every year. At present, “the legislative work plan has been approved in principle by the 44th session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and the legislative work for next year has been pre arranged.”
He introduced several key arrangements, including: the draft civil code was submitted to the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress next March for deliberation, which is the first codified law in the history of new China.
The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress will continue to consider Patent Law (Amendment), law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste (Amendment), file law (Amendment), law on the protection of minors (Amendment), law on the prevention of juvenile delinquency (Amendment), law on administrative punishment of public officials, biosafety law and other legal cases.
We will strengthen legislation in important areas to serve the overall situation of the work of the party and the state. Next year, we plan to amend the organic law of the National People’s Congress, the rules of procedure of the National People’s Congress, the election law, the national flag law, the national emblem law, the copyright law, the administrative penalty law, the administrative reconsideration law, the public security administration penalty law, the maritime traffic safety law, the animal epidemic prevention law, and the production safety law of the National People’s Congress, and consider amendments to the criminal law( 11) We will formulate laws on supervisors, personal information protection, data security, rural revitalization, social assistance, and legal aid.
If it is necessary to implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, timely arrangements shall be made for deliberation if it is necessary to make legislative changes, abolish interpretation and make authorization decisions.
At the same time, Yue Zhongming said that on the basis of previous years, he will focus on six areas of work next year, including the study of relevant legal systems such as the extraterritorial application of Chinese law, new technology and new fields, to provide necessary support for relevant legislation; the implementation of the spokesman system of the legal working committee, response to social concerns, and targeted legal English translation.

Death penalty for sexually assaulted children

Jiang Qibo, a member of the judicial committee of the Supreme People’s court, said on December 18 that from January to November this year, 4159 cases of child molestation were tried in the first instance by courts across the country. In July this year, a criminal who raped a young girl to death was sentenced to death.
In view of the frequent situation of sexual assault on children, such as rape and indecency, the people’s court insists on the position of zero tolerance, and resolutely punishes the death penalty according to law for the cases of sexual assault on children with extremely bad nature, circumstances and serious consequences.