Gao Yixiang’s cause of death announced

On the morning of November 27, Weibo crashed several times.
Gao Yixiang, a 35-year-old Taiwanese artist, died after an unfortunate accident due to the recording of chasing me.
According to netizens on the spot, Gao Yixiang had his heart stopped for 3 minutes and was sent to the hospital for further treatment after more than 10 minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At about 12 noon, Gao Yixiang’s brokerage company, Jiexing Communication Co., Ltd. and the program group of “chase me” issued statements respectively, confirming Gao Yixiang’s death. The hospital finally announced Gao Yixiang as “sudden cardiac death”.
At about 12 o’clock, the official microblog of Zhejiang satellite TV “chase me bar” released a statement, confirming that Gao Yixiang died during the recording of the ninth episode of the program. The statement said that Gao Yixiang suddenly slowed down while running and fell to the ground. Medical staff at the scene immediately started treatment and rushed him to the hospital. After more than two hours of full rescue, Gao Yixiang finally died of “sudden cardiac death”.
The high cost of artists forces the program to “catch up”
Some people think that for outdoor star sports programs like “chase me”, shooting at night should have its own difficulties. Because the site is vast, it inevitably involves some urban streets. Star participation is easy to cause fans to block traffic. Therefore, the choice of night recording is also “two evils take the light”.
On the other hand, in recent years, various programs such as slow variety show, observation variety show and technology variety show have dazzled people. Only from the perspective of network variety, according to the statistics of the regulatory center of SARFT, in 2018, China launched 385 network integrations, with a year-on-year increase of 95% in the number of programs compared with 2017. It can be seen that the number of overall variety shows shows blowout development.
The huge quantity makes the variety market become the “battle place” of the brand. According to the white paper on advertising and marketing of China’s variety show in the first half of 2019, in the first half of 2019 alone, the scale of advertising market of China’s variety show is close to 22 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 16.12%; the number of brands implanted in the show is 546, with a year-on-year growth of 15.19%.
Variety show a strong gold attraction, but also intensified the industry competition. “To tell you the truth, I’ve been staying up all night for 14 consecutive days. It’s four or five o’clock in the morning for half a month.” In an interview with the daily economic news reporter, a well-known variety director in China confessed that ten or eight changes to a program are a minority, most of which are dozens or even hundreds of changes.
The high-intensity shooting, the coordination of all parties before and after the shooting, so that the variety show on all aspects of the staff have tightened the spring.
“Customers need to make comments, and the platform also needs to make comments. Not only that, the platform is divided into different departments: advertising, operation, producer and department director, first instance, second instance and third instance. Each process will make its own comments on the program. “
The director said that at present, the amplification of customer rights is a major problem in program recording, “many sponsors, in addition to requiring rights and interests to be presented, will also put forward unprofessional or non divisional modification requirements for program content.” To this end, the above directors give an example:
He once directed a program sponsored by a juice. “According to the script artist, just mention and drink it. As a result, the client came to watch the recording on the spot that day. The artist must make up a piece of content and ask the artist to say what juice to drink to solve the problem. The artist got angry on the spot and said, “why don’t I drink Pu’er tea to get rid of oil and grease?” for this, customers, sales and platform supervisors quarreled in front of the artist on the spot, and then reported to the boss respectively. Recording can only be paused for more than two hours, and all over 100 people are waiting for the result. “
In addition to the pressure from customers and internal coordination, the high cost of the program team to invite artists to appear on the stage has also become the reason why variety show recording needs to be “faster”.
“Many of the equipment costs for artists are calculated by day. The high cost of artists makes the director group choose the two-day content from the perspective of saving money, and it’s better to finish overtime recording in one day. ” So staying up late has become a very common problem in the industry.

Sichuan dialect in Colleges and Universities

The reporter learned from the aviation and Tourism Vocational College of Tianfu new area of Sichuan Province on the 27th that the school recently opened an elective course of Sichuan dialect. What students learned in the class will appear in the final exam paper, and they can get credits after passing the exam.
For the first time in China, colleges and universities offer elective courses of Sichuan dialect. Cui Yayi, a teacher of Sichuan dialect elective course, introduced that the main purpose of setting up Sichuan dialect elective course is to let students better understand Sichuan traditional culture. At present, the course uses textbooks independently developed by the school, with a total of 16 class hours.
The reporter saw in the class that in addition to introducing the history and dialect of Sichuan, Cui Yayi would also let students come to the platform to play a little game of Sichuan dialect. A classmate from Shaanxi demonstrated Sichuan Dialect on the stage. When the teacher pointed to the back of the head, he said “back claw”. When the teacher pointed to the knee, he said “guest knee bag” There was applause and laughter.
“Sichuan dialect is very charming. It represents the local characteristics of Sichuan and is very fun.” Tan Hanxue, from Guangdong Province, said that she was most interested in the word “old man” in Sichuan dialect. “When she first heard it, she thought it meant old people, but it turned out to be dad. I want to test my old man when I go back this winter vacation. “
Wang tingchun is a girl from Xinjiang. She studies hard in class. She said that Sichuan dialect is very kind and interesting. “For example,” dodge “, in Sichuan, it’s called” shuttle edge “, and” board eye “means” variety ” Wang tingchun said that when she first came to Sichuan, she didn’t know anything. The school opened an elective course of Sichuan dialect, so that she could better communicate with Sichuan students.
Ji Dahai, academic member of the Chinese education society, said that with the development of social economy, many traditional dialects have disappeared in daily life. Chinese culture is composed of a variety of regional cultures. There is no contradiction between the protection of dialects and the learning of Putonghua. The protection of dialects is of great significance to the protection of traditional culture and Sichuan history. (end)

Xiamen tour guide threatens tourists

The official micro blog of kulangsu cultural and tourism development center of Xiamen, Fujian Province @ Tianfeng Haitao kulangsu released a report on the investigation and handling of “a tour guide threatens tourists in kulangsu” on November 25. After the investigation organized by the Management Committee of kulangsu, Xiamen, tourism, public security and other departments, the basic facts have been found out: on the morning of November 21, the tour guide Fang and Xu were appointed by Xiamen jiyoumei travel agency to take Lead the tourists to some scenic spots in Xiamen. The two sides had a dispute over shopping in a shop in Xiamen, and another dispute occurred during a visit to kulangsu. One of the tour guides threatened the tourists with words.
According to the report, the relevant responsible departments have investigated and obtained evidence for the tour guides involved, and the tour guides involved have admitted their illegal acts.
Two tour guides and related travel agencies involved have been listed in the “list of subjects of comprehensive punishment for kulangsu” in violation of the regulations of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on the protection of kulangsu world cultural heritage and have been disqualified from taking the tour to the island. As for the illegal behaviors of tour guides and travel agencies involved, such as increasing tourism projects and inducing consumption without authorization, the relevant municipal authorities have filed a case for investigation and will strictly investigate and deal with according to law, and the handling results will be released as soon as possible.

Poisoning of 100 people in Vietnam shoes factory

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, at least 110 employees in Taiwan funded shoe factories in northern Vietnam have been poisoned in a row recently. They have vomiting and coma symptoms and need to be sent to a doctor for treatment. Vietnam’s military has sent chemical guards, but the cause of the accident is unknown.
The accident occurred in Lishi County, Yongfu Province, about 70 kilometers northwest of Hanoi, Vietnam’s Qianfeng Daily reported Tuesday.
The Taiwan enterprise named Lixin Lishi Co., Ltd. employs about 4200 employees in the local area, specializing in the production of leather shoes and other products. From the 14th to the 18th, 110 local employees were poisoned and had to be sent to a doctor for treatment.
On the 21st, Lishi leather shoes company, about 1km away from the factory, also suffered from collective poisoning. Several poisoned people also suffered from coma, vomiting and fainting. The two companies belong to the same boss and use the same equipment, machines and raw materials.
After the incident, the local government has asked two factories to shut down and sent police and other units to investigate the accident.
Yongfu provincial government held a press conference on the 23rd, local officials said the patients had recovered. The police’s investigation failed to find out the cause and has been handed over to the Vietnamese military chemical defense forces for further inspection and evaluation.
In October, golden victory, a Hong Kong shoe factory in Nanding Province, also suffered collective poisoning, causing nearly 200 people to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. After investigation by the military chemical defense forces, it was found that some chemical raw materials for shoemaking contained organic ingredients, which melted and evaporated into the air. After inhalation, the employees fainted and were poisoned.

Mayi retro feather skirt

On November 24, Ma Yili’s Retro feathered skirt appeared at the Golden Rooster Film Festival. Bulingbuling’s Retro feathered skirt is very eye-catching. Ma Yili’s figure can be seen at a glance. He is super upright, slim waist, concave and convex, full of femininity and quite sexy.
The design of big V-neck makes swan neck more sexy. There is no trace of age left on Ma Yili’s body, but only the self-restraint and femininity added by time. It can be seen that the state of Ma Yili after the divorce is getting better and better. There are two meters of elegant atmosphere. No one should argue with it. From her, I can see that she is free and easy, generous and confident. Many fans said that Ma Yili’s winning looks were beautiful.
His representative works include:
My first half of life, struggle, Huanzhugege 3, beishangguang distrust tears, Qiao family courtyard, Chinese style relationship, marriage defense war, find you, etc. Born in 1976 in Shanghai, graduated from the 94 level performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy. It can be seen that Ma Yili has been excellent since he was a child. Up to now, every work has been loved by the audience.
Finally, I hope that the latter half of his life can meet a confidant who knows how to protect his other half, protect his innocence and happiness forever.

Zhang Yimou comments on Zhou Dongyu

The reason for the selection of star sea actors in the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival was announced. As Zhou Dongyu’s recommender, Zhang Yimou said: “Zhou Dongyu is not a little girl, she is very talented, and she cries first-class. When she tears, she has a rich inner level. She was born for the big screen!”
In 2010, Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yimou cooperated in “the love of hawthorn trees” as “the girl of intrigue”.

Ma Yun cashes out 4 billion yuan a year

Today, Hurun Research Institute released the list of the top 30 entrepreneurs in 2019. This list calculates the cash out amount of entrepreneurs listed from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, so as to rank them. No tax is deducted from the amount of cash out.
In the past year, 30 Mainland entrepreneurs have cashed in 91.85 billion yuan, 10% more than last year, the highest amount of cash in the past year.
It is worth noting that in the science and technology circle, since July last year, the Ma Yun family has cashed in 4 billion yuan by reducing part of the equity of Alibaba, a US listed company, and tied sixth with he henjian and he Jianfeng’s father and son in the top 30.
Ding Lei received a dividend of 1.3 billion yuan from Netease, a US listed company.
Ma Yun cashed in 4 billion yuan a year, and 30 Mainland entrepreneurs cashed in 91.85 billion yuan
Amount and method of cash out by entrepreneurs

  1. Cash out amount of Wang Wenxue: 13.1 billion yuan
    Since July last year, Wang has accumulated 13.1 billion yuan by transferring shares of Huaxia happiness and St Hongsheng, a listed company. Wang Wenxue ranks 55th on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 48.5 billion yuan.
  2. Cash out amount of Xu Jiayin: 11.5 billion yuan
    In September last year, the Hong Kong listed company Evergrande under Xu Jiayin issued relevant dividends in 2016 and 2017, and Xu Jiayin received dividends totaling 11.5 billion yuan. Xu Jiayin ranks the third place in the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 210 billion yuan.
  3. Yang Huiyan’s family cash out: 8.9 billion yuan
    From July last year to now, Yang Huiyan has accumulated 8.9 billion yuan from the stock dividends of country garden, a Hong Kong listed company. Yang Huiyan’s family ranks fifth on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 175 billion yuan.
  4. Cash out of Caikui family: 4.55 billion yuan
    At the beginning of this year, Cai Kui reduced his holding of shares of Longhu group, a Hong Kong listed company, to realize cash arbitrage. In addition, the dividend from Longhu group in the past year has accumulated 4.55 billion yuan in cash. Cai Kui’s family ranks 51st on the 2009 Lexus Hurun rich list with a fortune of 50 billion yuan.

GRF fined 100 million won

Recently, Lck has been in a mess. The transfer news is overwhelming. Many teams are nearly reorganized. Only deft is left in DRX, and KT’s player contracts are almost expired. It is unknown whether they will renew their contracts. Khan, SKT’s last single player, and CLID and Haru, two wild players, are also separated. However, the most interesting is GRF, but the transfer of GRF has not been reported so far. However, recently, fist officials suddenly announced a major punishment result. They banned the former coach cvmax of GRF and the former representative Zhao of GRF, and fined the GRF team 100 million won, which was converted into more than 600000 yuan.
Many netizens said that they could accept the fine and Zhao’s punishment, but the punishment for cvmax was a little confusing. Did cvmax participate in the punishment? For cvmax, I believe that many small partners are still familiar with it, leading GRF in the past has made no mistake. Although there are few wins in bo5, GRF’s performance in the regular season is very bright Yes, it also has a strong ruling power in the Lck area. However, cvmax was fired because of the disagreement with the management. Later, GRF’s performance in the S9 global finals was also seen. After being expelled, cvmax also revealed some black material about GRF, which finally tore the skin. But some time ago, DRX just announced that cvmax would join in, and DRX would also reorganize the galaxy warship around deft, but now there is such a thing, it can’t help but wonder, is deft’s S10 cold again?
In fact, for cvmax joining DRX and deft in S10, many netizens are very optimistic. After all, the ability of cvmax has been seen before, which helps GRF achieve good results. On the other hand, deft is more familiar to us. From EDG, it has always been outstanding. After returning to Lck, it has also won the championship of Lck. This year, although the team’s performance is not very good, deft’s performance is really good. One person carries a team. If two people work together, the S10 next year is also very expected. However, now cvmax has been banned permanently by South Korean fist officials, and DRX has just signed cvmax, which is a bit awkward. At present, the DRX official hasn’t made a voice. What about the follow-up? We have to wait for the official notice.

Rainstorm caused by artificial rainfall

In order to alleviate the hot and dry conditions in Dubai, the National Meteorological Center of the United Arab Emirates continued to make artificial rainfall recently, but unexpectedly caused heavy rain, resulting in a large area of water accumulation, traffic congestion and road paralysis in Dubai
In Dubai’s shopping mall, rain poured down from the ceiling, staff struggled to save inventory, and customers walked on the shimmering floor. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2019, there have been about 181 artificial rainfall in the UAE.

Lakers win 4 in a row

NBA regular season continues. Today, Celtic team ended their losing streak. After the Lakers beat the eagles 122-101 at home, the record became 11-2, ranking the first place in the league. The Lakers’ four consecutive victories are not easy, especially when they met with stubborn resistance when playing King’s team. Today, the eagles are obviously in a very fast state, and the two players on the bench have become the most Big surprise. The Lakers won the victory of James, who contributed 33 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 block in 33 minutes. The 3-point goal of 6 out of 10 shots became the highlight, and the positive and negative value reached + 30, which was inconceivable. In addition to James, the performances of Caruso and Rondo on the bench were also very good, which became the biggest surprise of the Lakers.
James has been playing more and more easily recently. He doesn’t need to use all his strength to accept the game. His teammates are relaxed and happy, they are omnipotent! Davis has little strength in attack today, but he can block out the sun at the defensive end, especially under the basket! The Lakers use a variety of tactics with frequent changes in the lineup! Rondo played very well, shot accurately and was able to rebound under the basket and make up the basket. He also made great achievements in organizing the whole team! Kuzma, pop, Danny green, Caruso and so on all play their respective roles. Howard and McGee are still making great achievements in defense and basketball. The whole team is more and more confident!
Today, Caruso played 21 minutes to contribute 11 points, 1 rebounds and 1 assists, with a positive and negative value of + 6. This is a player whose data can not be reflected. The help data he gave to the Lakers on the defensive side can not be reflected. The second is Rondo. He played 23 minutes, 48 seconds to contribute 15 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steals, with a positive and negative value of + 12. The reason is that Rondo is on the bench More and Caruso are the biggest surprise, because Howard has become the regular operation of the Lakers, the data of 2 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assists and 3 blocks is still very good, such Howard has no need to praise, the plus and minus value of + 18 shows everything.
In the first game, Rondo was very efficient, and he was quick to play. In the second game, he did not play very well, which may be related to his scoring ability and the strength of the opposite defense. In this game, Rondo proved that he could not only organize a series team, but also score. I still think it’s necessary for Rondo to share the team organization and reduce James’ physical strength. Today’s big win over the eagles will promote the Lakers to the first record in the league, and we are looking forward to a better performance for the Lakers.