National football selection list released


This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association released a list of men’s football selection teams for the East Asia Cup in December. Among them, there are five players selected from Shanghai and Hong Kong. They will participate in the training in Wuhan from November 3 to 14. The head coach of the national football selection team is Wuhan drow coach Li Tie.
Lippi, head coach of the national football team, is not willing to play in the 2022 Qatar world cup Asian qualifier list. In December, he will play in the East Asia Cup, and he is not willing to be the head coach of the Chinese team in the East Asia Cup. The U23 National Olympic team will prepare for the U23 Asian Cup final in early next year, which is also the Asian preliminary competition of next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.
So the Chinese Football Association finally decided that Li Tie should form a national football selection team besides the above two teams. This team will take part in the 2019 East Asia Football Championship (East Asia Cup) held in South Korea from December 10 to 18.
At present, Shanghai, the second place in the Chinese Super League table, has been recruited 5 players. They are defender Shi Ke and Wang shanchao, midfielder Cai Huikang, striker LV Wenjun and Li Shenglong.
Shi Ke, Wang shenchao and Cai Huikang have all been selected in the national football team. Shi Ke participated in the Asian Cup at the beginning of this year, and Cai Huikang was the main force of the national football team to participate in the Asian Cup in 2015.
LV Wenjun was once selected in the national football training list this year, but he was withdrawn due to his broken arm in the Chinese Super League.
Li Shenglong, who has played well this season, was selected by the national team for the first time. This year, with Wu Lei staying abroad and many injury problems in the front line of the team, Li Shenglong has gradually played the main force, and scored seven goals in the Chinese Super League, creating a new high of goals in his career. In addition to the Asian Championship and the FA Cup, the team scored 9 goals in line 3 of the 14th competition.
According to the Football Association’s training notice, the five players of the team will report to Wuhan on November 3.
On the other hand, after a short break, the team will also regroup next week for the final three rounds of this season. The five main players of the Shanggang team and Yan Junling, the first goalkeeper of the national football team, will definitely be absent from training for some time.
Fortunately, the match between Shanggang team and Guangzhou Evergrande champion tianwangshan is on November 23, that is to say, after the training of the national football selection team ended on November 14, the five Shanggang players still have more than a week to practice with the team-mates of the club.

Boeing CEO admits mistakes


US Boeing CEO Dennis Millenberger testified in the US Senate on the 29th on the Boeing 737MAX plane crash. Under the stern conviction of the senator, he admitted that Boeing “made a mistake” but avoided talking about the deep-seated causes of the accident.

At the two-and-a-half-hour hearing, Millenberg’s testimony can be summarized into three sentences: “We made a mistake” “We are improving” “There is no problem in the future.” But when asked about Boeing when he learned that there were problems with the aircraft’s automatic anti-stall software and how to deal with such detailed issues, Milenberger was concerned about him.

On March 10 this year, a Boeing 737-8 passenger aircraft belonging to the Ethiopian Airlines (belonging to the 737MAX series) crashed. This is the second occurrence of the Boeing 737-8 passenger aircraft following the crash of the same type of passenger aircraft of Indonesian Lion Air on October 29 last year. An accident occurred. In his written testimony, Mirenberg acknowledged that both air crashes were related to the incorrect activation of the Maneuvering Feature Enhancement System (MCAS) automatic anti-stall software.

This is the first time Boeing management has appeared in the US Congress after the first anniversary of Lion Air. In June of this year, Milenberger refused to go to Congress to testify.

Although there is ample evidence that Boeing aircraft has institutional problems in the manufacturing and certification process, Boeing executives’ hearing strategy limits errors to individual technical levels. Senator Maria Canterwell questioned whether Boeing did not test the failure of the flight control system in the air crash. John Hamilton, vice president of Boeing Commercial Aircraft, who attended the hearing together, said “it seems to be the case afterwards”, but later argued that Boeing conducted extensive testing during the aircraft certification process.

The biggest focus of the hearing was that the US Federal Aviation Administration released a message on October 18 that Boeing did not report to the regulator in a timely manner a communication record of its two employees in 2016. This record indicates that the two have long known that the flight control system of the Boeing 737MAX series has serious problems but chose to hide.

When asked when to know the record, Millenberg said before the second air crash. This shows that after about two years of Boeing internal awareness, the management was informed. “(Previously) we don’t know,” Millenberg said. Senator Martha Blackburn said that the company’s top management’s explanation of the problem with “don’t know” is worrying.

To make matters worse, Boeing did not take any action after learning of the situation until it reported to the US Federal Aviation Administration a few months after the second crash, which led many senators to testify against Millenberg. The boastful Boeing “safety culture” expressed strong doubts.

Roger Wick, chairman of the US Senate Commerce Committee, said the record showed that Boeing’s “arbitrary and frivolous” was disturbing. Wick believes that two air crashes can be completely avoided. US Senator Richard Blumenthal even compared the 737MAX aircraft to “the flying coffin.”

Boeing and US regulators have been widely criticized for errors, including the US Federal Aviation Administration, which should have assumed regulatory responsibility, to “outsource” safety assessment missions to Boeing, while an international investigation team found that Boeing employees who partially took on this task faced “improper pressure”. Millenberg refused to answer Boeing’s large percentage of certification duties and denied the relationship with the US Federal Aviation Administration. When asked if the regulatory mechanism needed reform, he did not give a clear answer.

Many relatives who held photos of the victims also came to the hearing on the same day. Milenberger apologized to them, but US Senator Tami Duckworth said to Millenberg: “Your statement is half-truth False, you didn’t tell all the facts, which hurt the families of the victims.”

Although many questions about the accident have not yet been answered positively, Millenberg has vowed in his testimony that the 737MAX will be one of the safest aircraft in the world after the go-around. Boeing previously said it hopes to get a go-around approval early in the fourth quarter. But the latest statement from the US Federal Aviation Administration on October 18 is that there is no timetable for the series of passenger planes to go around.

A photo of the victim on the scene said: “Don’t let MAX fly, it will be dead.” On the 30th, Milenberg will also testify in the US House of Representatives Traffic and Infrastructure Committee and continue to receive questions.

ICBC clarification


On October 29, there were online rumors that ICBC was testing the digital currency wallet and also took a screenshot of the “ICBC Digital Money Wallet Service Agreement”. The Beijing News reporter told ICBC that ICBC did not introduce digital currency.

Chen Mancai, deputy general manager of ICBC’s Finance and Technology Department, told the Beijing News that ICBC has not launched digital currency at present. Any information about digital currency is subject to the information of the People’s Bank of China. At present, ICBC does not need to publish information.

Chen Mancai also said that ICBC has begun to apply blockchain to many fields, such as digital Xiong’an and poverty alleviation.

In 2018, ICBC released an enterprise-level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the platform has achieved more than 60 core technological breakthroughs and submitted 41 patents. The technology is applied to fund collection, fund clearing, fund disbursement, and silver. More than 60 scenarios such as enterprise interconnection.

For example, ICBC and the Guizhou Provincial Government jointly created a blockchain platform that serves the precise poverty alleviation. At present, the poverty alleviation fund allocates nearly 5,000 and the disbursement amount exceeds 7 billion yuan. ICBC also used the blockchain technology to launch the ICBC e-mail network financing financial service platform to realize the trust transfer and circulation of the core enterprise accounts receivable among the suppliers. The first month of the online registration has been registered, including more than 500 suppliers including China Railway and China Merchants. Chain enterprises have issued a total of 610 million bank loans, and the transaction turnover amounted to 500 million yuan, helping to solve the problem of SME loan risk control. In the construction of Wisdom Xiong’an, ICBC cooperated with the Xiong’an government to launch the Xi’an Relocation Fund Blockchain Platform, which was put into use in the “Millennium Xiulin” project and the Tanghe Sewage Reservoir Ecological Management.

Does Beijing heat up in advance?


Recently, the temperature in Beijing has continued to drop. The districts in this city are also undergoing pressure test before heating. However, whether the heating time can be advanced this winter depends on the weather conditions. The temperature is below 5 °C for 5 consecutive days. It is only possible to heat up in advance if the “double five” standard is adopted.

Before the start of heating every winter, the Beijing Municipal Management Committee will conduct meteorological meetings with relevant departments. It is understood that the first meteorological meeting before the start of the heating season this winter has been held last week. At the meeting, according to the forecasted weather conditions, it is judged whether heating is provided in advance this winter. According to the relevant regulations of Beijing, before the official heating day of November 15, the average temperature for 5 consecutive days is less than 5 °C, which is a necessary condition for early heating.

According to the “Administrative Measures for Heating and Heating in Beijing”, the legal heating period in Beijing is from November 15 to March 15. The municipal people’s government can adjust the heating period according to the actual situation such as meteorology. If there is an abnormal temperature in the temperature before heating, the heating authority will work with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Meteorological Bureau to conduct a meteorological meeting to study the weather situation. If the legal heating conditions are met, the heating can be done in advance.

According to the conventional practice, if there is no extreme weather, starting from November 7th, the heating units will start the ignition test run, preheat the equipment, check and solve the heating problem, and ensure the residents will be officially heated by November 15. The room temperature is up to standard.

Collapsing disaster of loess in Shaanxi


At about 7 o’clock on October 26, a sudden loess collapse occurred in gaolijiagou village, Muyu Town, Jiaxian County, Yulin city. After receiving the report, Jiaxian County immediately launched the geological disaster emergency rescue plan. The main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government led the leaders in charge and the heads of the county emergency management, natural resource planning, fire protection, health care, public security and other units to rush to the scene of the disaster for rescue at the first time. According to preliminary identification, the disaster event is a sudden loess collapse, with a volume of about 500 cubic meters. The collapse caused four houses to collapse and three people to be trapped. After using 2 forklifts, 1 excavator and dozens of people to rescue, 3 people under pressure were rescued in the first time and sent to the hospital in time. Unfortunately, three people were killed after being rescued.
By the time of press release, the on-site search and rescue work had been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work were in progress.

Dalian boys follow women


“We have a female customer who was followed by a thief. She is a divine reaction and snatched back her mobile phone in one second…”.
On May 11, Ma Jie, manager of the shop of pengpeng Xiujiao Maritime University, reported to the peninsula morning post that he hoped to raise awareness for women through this case.
Surveillance video
Strong man in black steals mobile phone in seconds, woman God reacts and snatches it back in seconds!
The store provided a one minute monitoring video to restore the scene at that time. It happened on the afternoon of May 11, and the monitoring time was 4:35:02 PM.
In the video, a woman opens the door to enter the store. At this time, a man follows her. Almost at the moment of sticking to her body, the man takes out the mobile phone from the woman’s right jacket pocket.
The woman is also a divine reaction! Immediately turn around, take two steps, drill under the man’s armpit, snatch the mobile phone from the man’s left hand.
The reporter observed and watched the replay and found that the man took out his pocket and stole the mobile phone for only one second, while the woman was stolen from the mobile phone to get the mobile phone back. The whole process was only eight seconds. In the middle, the man also tried to hide himself, pretended to point his right hand at the distance, and tried to mislead the woman. Unexpectedly, the woman believed that he stole his mobile phone, and said: “take mine Cell phones! “
“At that time, I thought they knew each other!” Ma Jie said. After entering the store, the female passenger was still a little flustered. “This elder sister’s response was really quick. She robbed the cell phone back. It’s so rampant to steal after the female in broad daylight!”
Stolen woman
I got under his arm and grabbed my cell phone.
On the morning of the 12th, Ms. Li, a female customer in the video, was interviewed by the reporter. She told the reporter about the shocking scene.
“I came by No.3 bus. When I was about to pull the handrail to enter the door, I felt that my pocket was suddenly light. I suddenly turned around and saw that the man was almost leaning on me. My cell phone was in red shell and was still in his hand. I grabbed it.”
“I went under his armpit and grabbed the cell phone!” said Ms. Li, who is only over 1.5 meters tall, while a man in black needs at least 1.8 meters. “Fortunately, there was no conflict. Otherwise, my physique could not be bullied to death by him!”
After thinking about it, Ms. Li felt scared. “I don’t know when he was following me, on the bus or on the road?”
Whether it’s day or night, pay attention when you walk.
Because of the lingering fear, after repairing her feet, Ms. Li hurriedly took a taxi back home, and even dared not take the bus.
Through this incident, she also reminded the majority of female friends, “no matter in the daytime or at night, when walking, you must always look around to prevent your own safety!”

Yishuai Qianxi kissing Opera

Yishuqian Xi talks about kissing: the mood is very complex, it’s very difficult for me! When it comes to “Dadong”, it’s shy.
Today, the movie “young man’s you” has occupied several hot searches, and several hot search related bodies, none of which is not Zhou Dongyu and yishuqianxi. Many people who have seen the movie praise their excellent acting skills. This movie was nominated by a certain award earlier, which is enough to show its quality. At present, the movie’s reputation in cat’s eye is 9.7 points, and 94.8% of people have played 9 to 1 for this movie. 0 points, the box office reached 91.507 million. It seems that breaking the hundred million mark is a matter of time. In today’s premiere, yishue Qianxi was also asked by reporters about the feeling of kissing.
To this question, yishuqianxi replied earnestly: “the whole play is more serious and heavy, so the mood is very complicated. I don’t know if I can show the gentle and cold things between the two people, which is very difficult for me.” In the last interview, yishuqianxi said that it was very difficult to make films in several places, such as learning motorcycles and smoking scenes, because smoking was not advocated, so they smoked tea smoke, which was very choking. Judging from the gags, the tears choked by yishuqianxi came out, which was really not easy. When referring to “bidong”, yishuqianxi was very shy under the guidance of the director, while Zhou Dongyu laughed aside. It’s estimated that there’s a little cute in my heart.
After being touched by the director’s leg, yishuqian Xi suddenly retracted his leg. When he knew that he was going to pass the whole line, his head would explode! These intimate plays are too difficult for him who has no emotional experience.
However, the emperor did not lose his heart and all his efforts were not in vain. Zhou Dongyu and Yi jianqianxi spent their time to shoot the movie, which finally won everyone’s attention on the premiere day, and the score was very high. They are looking forward to “young you” continuing to shine and heat up, and the box office breaking billion as soon as possible. Is that gentle and cruel kiss moving you?


The first case of electronic cigarette

Following the recent occurrence of lung disease or even death in consumers in the United States, there have been cases of suspected liquid e-cigarette causing lung disease. On the 23rd, the South Korean government said it would speed up research to decide whether to completely ban liquid electronic cigarettes, and suggested that people immediately stop using related products.


CBA new season Conference

On October 23, CBA League held a press conference in Beijing for the 2019-2020 China Men’s basketball professional league (hereinafter referred to as “CBA League”). At the press conference, CBA League announced the comprehensive upgrading measures in the four sectors of event operation, fan experience, business development and brand promotion, and the first season of CBA 2.0 officially kicked off.
The 2019-2020 season is the 25th season in CBA league history, and also the first season after CBA League promotes CBA 2.0 upgrade plan. Not long ago, CBA League held the seventh meeting of the club’s investors’ meeting and shareholders’ meeting, and issued the joint declaration of “dare to dream and dare to act” on Further Strengthening the professionalization and brand building of CBA League, building a strong basketball country and realizing the great rejuvenation dream of Chinese basketball.
In this press conference, Yao Ming, chairman of CBA and chairman of CBA League, said in his speech: “in a sense, the expectations of CBA League in the new season are unmatched in the past many seasons. In the new season, CBA League has to do a lot of things, but also to take a long view of every link. All of us should integrate ourselves into a state of transcending ourselves and history at any time. I firmly believe that CBA league can become the most favorite professional sports league of Chinese people with the joint efforts of all people. “
In 2019-2020 season, CBA League will focus on creating more exciting competition products, providing more intimate fan experience and services, shaping a younger brand image, creating a new business development system, gradually upgrading the overall operation level of CBA League, and building a new era of CBA league with many partners.
Wang Dawei, CEO of CBA League, mainly introduced the new measures to upgrade the four parts of CBA League in the new season, namely, competition operation, fan experience, business development and brand promotion. In terms of the schedule of the new season, the opening battle will start on November 1, the all star weekend will land in Guangzhou on January 11-12, 2020, the playoffs will start on March 15, and the finals will start on April 26, and the number of games is expected to reach about 500. In order to take care of the national fans and reduce the concurrent opening time, some matches will be postponed to 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. in advance; at the same time, the official suspension time is added for each game. In terms of referee training and management, full-time judges will be piloted, and the system of supervision, evaluation and training will be strengthened. The League honor system has been gradually improved, and the best sixth person award has been added; the home color of the home team’s jersey will be used in some regular season matches to further strengthen the home atmosphere and fans’ sense of belonging.
In order to let the fans experience more intimate services, CBA League will cooperate with barley sports in the new season and launch, the first official ticket platform in China professional sports league. Barley sports will also work closely with Youku sports, which is also in the cultural and entertainment sports sector of Ali, to create a new online, offline, home and away watching experience and realize a new CBA new ecology. In addition, CBA League will authorize the development of a variety of peripheral derivatives and officially authorized games, and China sports card industry will also launch a number of CBA star cards with collection properties.
In the new season, CBA League has made great achievements in business development. Many well-known enterprises have joined the CBA League family, including the League official partners, new fast hand short video, Chimelong tourist resort and 58 city residents, the official sponsors, new Panpan panther, new official suppliers, new Meikai flooring, tiger wrestle Sports, opening the League official fan community, and Ali auction has become Official auction platform.
National trend, youth development, public welfare and social marketing will be the main direction of CBA brand upgrading in the new season. The alliance will embody the national trend elements through vector printing of sports floor and field soft bag; interact on platforms such as fast hand, Weibo, Hupu and station B that are popular with young people, and cooperate with reality shows, music festivals and other cross-border cooperation to break the circle; build a CBA public welfare platform, pay attention to the growth of young people, care for special groups and environmental protection, through CBA, you and our TA, small CBA and young CBA and other items. Aim to practice the social responsibility of CBA League; launch CBA Basketball Park, and enhance the sense of community ceremony and fans’ loyalty through the year-round basketball grassroots events and sponsor brand activities.
On November 1, 2019-2020 CBA league matches will be held in Dongguan. Defending champion Guangdong Dongguan bank will play Liaoning Bengang at home.


Doctors in Lanzhou die

A female doctor in Gansu Provincial People’s hospital was killed in an attack. The suspect was a patient who had been treated at the hospital.
On October 22, surging news learned from Weiyuan Road police station of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province that a female doctor of Gansu people’s hospital was killed at about 10:00 on October 22. The suspect is under police control. The case is in process.
At 14:27, the official microblog of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province issued a police information bulletin on the criminal case. According to the report, the suspect Yang Mou (male, 54 years old, born in Lanzhou City) killed the doctor Feng Mou (female, 42 years old, born in Lanzhou City) in the anorectal Department of Gansu Provincial People’s hospital with a knife. Although he was rescued with all his strength, Feng died.
After the incident, the suspect Yang was controlled by the public security organ, the report said. According to the preliminary investigation, Yang had been treated in the provincial people’s Hospital for rectal cancer, and Feng was the doctor in charge. At present, the case is under further investigation.
At the same time, the circular said, “we deeply deplore the violent attack and unfortunate killing of a medical worker who saves lives and helps the wounded at work. The public security organ will resolutely crack down on criminal acts in accordance with the law, further strengthen safety measures together with the hospital, jointly maintain the public order of the hospital, and practically guarantee the safety of medical personnel. “
A staff member of the Publicity Office of Gansu Provincial Health and Health Commission told surging news that on the morning of the 22nd, the staff of Gansu Provincial Health and Health Commission had visited the scene of the incident and the specific situation was under investigation. Surging news has repeatedly called the relevant departments of Gansu people’s Hospital, but no effective response has been received.
According to the official website of the people’s Hospital of Gansu Province, the hospital is a comprehensive national class III first-class hospital affiliated to the people’s Government of Gansu Province, which integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and preventive health care, and is one of the top 100 demonstration hospitals for people to rest assured. In addition to the headquarters, there are three branches: Xiyuan District, Honggu branch and Xinqu branch.
Surging news noted that in 2018, a patient injury occurred in the first hospital area of Gansu Provincial People’s hospital.
According to the official microblog of Honggu branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau on September 15, 2018, an incident of stabbing a doctor with a knife occurred in Honggu branch of Gansu people’s Hospital on the afternoon of September 14. The head and face of the patient was injured by a knife and Zhang. After treatment, Zhang’s life was not in danger. The suspect pan has been detained.