Foshan’s First Dangerous Local Government Regulations

On October 1, Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations will be formally implemented. This is the first legislation of Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management. Hazardous Chemicals units engaged in the production, storage, use, operation, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals must comply with the requirements of the regulations and strengthen the risk. Hazardous chemicals management is of great significance.
This morning, Foshan held a press conference on “Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) to interpret the regulations in detail. It is reported that after the implementation of the Regulations on October 1, Foshan will organize members of the Security Council to carry out investigation and rectification of hazardous chemicals production, operation, use and transportation, strictly enforce the law, carry out law enforcement warning education, ensure the effective implementation of the law, and resolutely curb the occurrence of various dangerous chemical accidents. In addition, we will continue to refine relevant measures, formulate a list of prohibited hazardous chemicals in Foshan, and further refine the technical and operational requirements of hazardous chemicals.
Why should we legislate for dangerous management?
The Regulations on Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals in Foshan City is the first government regulation in the field of Safety Production Supervision issued after Foshan gained the local legislative power.
Foshan is a big manufacturing city. Chemical industry, as an important basic material, plays an important role in the development of Foshan’s industrial industry. According to statistics, 182 chemical production license units and 1542 business license units in Foshan are the second in the province.
However, Foshan chemical industry also faces such outstanding problems as unreasonable layout, weak safety foundation of enterprises and insufficient safety supervision. Especially, there are gaps in legal system and lack of management in the use and storage of dangerous chemicals, which is not conducive to standardizing safety behavior of enterprises, increasing the difficulty of government supervision and there is a greater security. There is an urgent need to further strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals through local legislation because of the hidden dangers of total production and public safety risks.
What are the provisions?
Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations consists of 67 regulations in six chapters, including general rules, planning and construction, safety guarantee norms, emergency response and supervision management, legal liability and supplementary rules, with more than 10,000 words.
Hazardous chemicals referred to in the regulations refer to those chemicals which are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, burning and combustion-supporting, which are harmful to human body, facilities and environment and are listed in the catalogue of dangerous chemicals.
At the same time, it is clearly pointed out that the safety management of civil explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, nuclear energy materials and dangerous chemicals used in national defense scientific research and production is not applicable to this regulation.
Linking Dangerous Chemicals Management with the Personal Interests of the Principal Persons in Charge of the Unit
It stipulates that 11 administrative departments shall exercise the power and responsibility of safety supervision and management over the production, storage, use, operation, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals.
It is noteworthy that the regulations are clear that the principal responsible persons of hazardous chemicals units are fully responsible for the safety management of hazardous chemicals in their units, and the responsibility for violating the law is linked to the personal interests of the managers and responsible persons of the units.
Penalty of 500,000-1,000,000 for illegal construction of hazardous chemicals production and storage projects
According to Article 24 of the Regulations, construction projects for the production and storage of hazardous chemicals and chemical construction projects accompanied by hazardous chemicals (including long-distance pipeline construction projects for hazardous chemicals) shall carry out safety pre-evaluation, safety facility design and completion and acceptance of safety facilities in accordance with relevant requirements. Safety facilities of construction projects must be designed, constructed and put into production and use at the same time as main projects.
Those who violate the above provisions shall be ordered by the emergency management department to stop construction or stop production and business for rectification and rectification within a time limit; those who fail to rectify within the time limit shall be fined not less than 500,000 yuan but not more than 1,000,000 yuan; and those who are directly responsible for them and other persons who are directly responsible for them shall be fined not less than 20,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
What are the highlights of the regulations?

  1. The main responsibility of enterprises is more prominent.
    Provisions further clarify the division of responsibilities among government functional departments; put the main responsibility of enterprises in a more prominent position; and add the local supervision responsibilities of the town people’s government, sub-district offices, development zone management agencies and other government agencies and village (residential) people’s committees.
  2. Implementing strict source control
    It stipulates that the list of prohibition, restriction and control of dangerous chemicals in Foshan has been formulated, source control has been strengthened, strict control has been exercised in investment approval, land transfer and construction project planning, and new, reformed and expanded projects in areas specially used for the production and storage of dangerous chemicals (including chemical industry parks) have been strictly prohibited.
  3. Establishment of hazardous chemicals concentration areas
    The Regulations require the unified planning of industrial parks, special places for unloading hazardous chemicals and special places for government disposal of hazardous chemicals, the establishment of concentrated areas for hazardous chemicals, and the strengthening of enterprise control over hazardous chemicals. Establish and make good use of early warning system in hazardous chemicals Park and centralized management area, and build integrated safety production management.
  4. Fill in the management loopholes of dangerous chemicals using link
    Regulating the safety management of hazardous chemicals is the key content of this legislation. The use of dangerous chemicals in Foshan involves a wide range of industries. At present, the existing national laws on the use of dangerous chemicals are not perfect, and need to be supplemented and refined through local legislation. It stipulates mandatory provisions on safety assessment, safe storage, storage standards and management system of enterprises using hazardous chemicals.

Spider-Man does not quit Manwei

Sony Pictures and Disney Studios announced that Manway Studio and its chairman, Kevin Fitch, will work together to create the third Spider-Man: Back-to-School Season series, still starring Tom Holland, which is scheduled to be officially released on July 16, 2021. Based on this agreement, Spider-Man will also appear in future Manway studio movies.
Kevin Fitch said: “I’m very excited that spiders can continue to appear in the Manway universe. I and everyone in our Manway studio are excited that we can continue to make this series of movies.”
“Spider-Man is a powerful symbol and hero. His story is loved by all ages and audiences around the world. He is also the only hero who has superpowers in all movie worlds. So Sony will continue to develop their Spider-Man universe series. You never know what will happen in the future. What a surprise.


Lu Weibing’s Return to Yu Chengdong

On September 26, Huawei held a conference on Huawei Mate30 series products in China, and released many products such as Mate30/30Pro and Huawei Smart Screen.
In a media interview after the meeting, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, was asked, “How do you think of the RMB1999 surround screen concept mobile phone MIX Alpha released by millet?” Yu Chengdong said that millet MIX Alpha is just a concept mobile phone, and has no practical value.
Today, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, responded by microblogging, “If the surround screen has no”practical value”, what is the”practical value”of putting a foreign license plate on a mobile phone for an extra 10,000 yuan?” At the same time, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also forwarded the microblog.
The product mentioned by Lu Weibing is self-evident. It refers to Huawei’s Mate30RS Porsche joint model, which was released yesterday, and the price is 12999 yuan. It implies that Huawei has raised its memory capacity to the highest level by cooperating with its Mate flagship and Porsche to build custom mobile phones at a steady price of 10,000 yuan, which is also of no “practical value”.
After the press conference held by various manufacturers, there is always a link between the big guys and the new products released by millet and Huawei. What do you think of the new products released by millet and Huawei?


Former French President Jacques Chirac died at the age of 86

French media said Jacques Chirac, the former French president, died on September 26. From the mayor of Paris to the president of France, his political career will make him one of the most outstanding people in the Fifth Republic of France.
According to Le Monde on September 26, former French President Chirac died on September 26 at the age of 86. In his political career, he held the highest position in the French Republic, and his political career lasted for more than 40 years.


Meng Wanzhou’s circle of friends

On the morning of September 23, Vancouver, Canada, the extradition case of Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Company, was heard again in the British Columbia High Court.
Meng evening boat in the circle of friends declared that thanks to the wind and rain colleagues, let a meter of sunshine shine into my heart…
Huawei confirmed that Meng’s voice in the circle of friends was true.
Unlike previous procedural trials, extradition cases have entered a substantive stage from today, that is to say, both the prosecution and the defense will debate the evidence and key issues in the case.
Huawei spokesman Benjamin Howes issued a statement to the media expressing his belief that Meng’s boat was innocent, but it is not convenient to disclose more information at present. The lawyers’group expressed confidence that the Canadian courts could decide the extradition case of Meng Wanzhou impartially and independently.
According to the CBC, Vancouver is unlikely to be the front line in the game between the two global superpowers. But last year, Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States and tried to extradite her to the United States for trial. Canada was placed in conflict between China and the United States. Reported that before the hearing began on 23, Meng’s lawyer team submitted a document to the court accusing “the United States tried to use these extradition procedures (between the United States and Canada) to serve its own economic and political interests” and hijacked Meng “as a bargaining chip in the Sino-US trade war”.
Meng was arrested at Vancouver Airport on December 1 last year when he was transferring. Trump, in an interview with Reuters on December 11, said publicly that he was willing to intervene in Meng’s case if it would help China and the United States reach a trade agreement.
In addition, Meng’s lawyer team said that the US and Canadian authorities used CBSA’s special detention right to conduct a “secret criminal investigation” on Meng’s late boat. A CBSA official inquired about Huawei’s business in Iran while searching Meng’s luggage. RCMP intended to arrest Meng’s late boat on the plane, but changed for some special reasons. The original intention. Lawyers point out that all of these factors constitute an “abuse of procedure” and are sufficient to nullify the entire case. “In this case, one can reasonably speculate that the FBI has been in contact with the Federal Justice Department of Canada, RCMP and CBSA in this incident, but the relevant materials have been concealed.” Our client believes that CBSA and RCMP are driven by the interests of the FBI and other U.S. government agencies and may be guided by them. She is in Vancouver. The International Airport was illegally detained.


Millet Surrounding Screen Mobile Phone

At the new launch of millet 5G just now, millet launched a 5G surround screen concept mobile phone MIX Alpha. Lei Jun introduced that this mobile phone has a complete screen around the fuselage, realizing 180.6% screen proportion. The price is 19999 yuan.
Lei Jun introduced at the launch that the surround screen is several times more complex than the fold screen.
He said that folding screen is a single folding flexible screen, while surrounding screen is a double folding flexible screen, which is several times more difficult than folding screen. And the folding screen mobile phones of two friends have not been mass produced up to now.
Lei Jun’s reference to friends, according to e-commerce online verification, should refer to the public release of folding screen mobile phones in February this year, Samsung and Huawei, of which Samsung folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold has been on sale in Korea.
Huawei’s fold-screen mobile phone, which was rumored to be sold in the middle of this year, has not yet been released for sale.
Despite previous reports that Huawei will launch folding-screen mobile phones in the middle of this year, Huawei did not mention the product until September 19, when it held a new product launch in Munich, Germany.
In addition to the screen, the phone will reach 100 million pixels on the camera for the first time.
Lei Jun revealed that the conceptual machine started two years ago, with more than 500 million yuan spent on research and development and more than 1,000 engineers involved.
It is reported that the product is trying to produce on a small scale and is expected to be on the market by the end of December.


Arsenal Reverse Villa

Arsenal (4231): 1-Leno/15-Metland-Nells, 23-David-Louis, 5-Papastasopoulos, 31-Kolashnaz/34-Zaka (72’11-Torrela), 29-Gondozi/19-Pepe, 8-Sevalios (72’28-Willock), 77-Saka (46’21-Chambers)/14-Obamayan
Aston Villa (433): 1-Hilton/24-Gilbert, 22-Engels, 40-Mins, 3-Neil-Taylor/7-McKin, 11-Nakamba (85’14-Horihann), 10-Grelish/17-Trezeguet (68’27-El Mohammadi), 9-Wesley, 21-Gazie (86’8-Lansbury)

Woman Porsche crying

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a woman wearing slippers ran out in a Porsche Palamera sedan and stopped her car and burst into tears. The pink body is particularly eye-catching, which naturally attracts traffic policemen…
On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 12, it was the lights of thousands of families. On the way to the front hill of Zhuhai, there were many people who were happy and worried. Some people hid in the car and began to cry.
At 9:30 p.m., Gongbei Traffic Police Officer Liang drove his motorcycle to the vicinity of Qianhe East Road Central Bus Station and saw a pink Porsche Palamera car parked by the roadside from a distance. The traffic policeman couldn’t help looking more because of the parking violation and the pink body.
This INS pink Porsche is really rare. Traffic police immediately went to check and found that the license plate was Zhejiang B2 * R2. Looking through the window, the driver was a woman driver in white clothes, wearing Princess Wind clothes, and matched Palamera in light pink.
Seeing the traffic police checking the car, the female driver was very impatient and asked the traffic police, “Can’t I cry here for a while?” I didn’t drink any more! “
Crying is okay, but it’s dangerous for women drivers to wear slippers on their feet and drive by the side of the road without double flashes.
Traffic police inquired the license plate into the system, which showed that the Palamera coupe body color was white, not light pink; moreover, the validity period of the annual vehicle inspection expired in July this year, and the expiration date was two months without last year’s inspection.
The woman driver was feeling sorry for herself. When she heard the traffic policeman say that Palamera had no annual check-up, she said angrily, “The annual check-up has expired, so it’s time to check-up!”


Apple Vice President Leaves

“Steve Dowling has worked for Apple for more than 16 years, participated in many of the most important moments and contributed to the company at all levels,” Apple said in a statement.
“From the first generation of the iPhone and App Store to Apple Watch and Irpods, he helped tell the story of Apple and shared our values with the world,” the statement added. After another successful launch, he decided to leave Apple to spend time with his family, which he deserved. After his departure, his great gift to us will continue to serve the company in the long future. We thank him for what he has done for Apple and wish him every success.
Schiller will temporarily manage the PR team from now on, but Dowling will not officially leave office until next month to facilitate the transition. Dowling said he would “take a break” after leaving Apple before trying a new career.
At the time of Dowling’s departure, Apple, like other technology giants, is facing increasing anti-trust scrutiny. Last week, the House Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress asked Apple to submit documents on how to promote and sell applications in the App Store. Facebook, Google and Amazon have also been involved in the survey and are required to provide relevant documents and internal communications.


Facebook Employee Headquarters Jumping

A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the employee was a full-time software engineer on Facebook and his name was unknown. Telegraph reported that there was no evidence that the employee’s death had anything to do with his job on Facebook. It’s important to note that, according to Forbes, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will travel to Washington, D.C. this week to discuss proposed Internet regulation with members of Congress. Reuters reported Sept. 19 that Zuckerberg had dinner with six U.S. senators on Wednesday and said the company was seeking to enhance its reputation in the government. This is Zuckerberg’s first visit to Washington in 10 hours since he testified in front of U.S. lawmakers last year about the privacy scandal.