Rongwei RX5 MAX is listed at a surprise price of $1068-1778,000

On the evening of August 28, Rongwei RX5 MAX, a brand-new SUV model of SAIC, was officially launched in Wuzhen, an important Internet town in China. On this occasion, SAIC and Alibaba Group, the earliest partners to enter the field of intelligent travel, signed the Framework Agreement on Further Deepening Strategic Cooperation between SAIC and Alibaba, announcing that SAIC and Alibaba will face the 5G era and jointly help realize the transformation of the intelligent network of the entire automotive industry.
The new car is positioned between the Rongwei RX5 and RX8, providing 1.5T and 2.0T power. According to the configuration differences, nine models are introduced, with the price range of 1188-1898 million yuan. Detailed prices are shown in the table below.
Rongwei RX5 MAX Official Guidance Price
Price of car models (10,000 yuan)
300TGI Manual 4G Interconnection Elite Version 11.88
300TGI Manual 4G Interconnection Deluxe Version 12.88
300TGI Automatic 4G Interconnection Deluxe Edition 13.88
300TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Deluxe Edition 14.88
300TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Flagship Edition 15.88
400TGI Automatic 4G Interconnection Deluxe Version 14.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Deluxe Edition 15.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Flagship Edition 16.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Supreme Edition 18.98
Tabulation: Phoenix Net Automobile
Now you can enjoy a hard core cash gift of 12,000 yuan, hard core surprise price of 10.68-177,800 yuan. At the same time, SAIC Rongwei also sent out hard core benefits: lifelong free basic flow hard core flow gift; down payment of 13,000 yuan, 24 issues of zero interest rate hard core financial gift. The 6325 subscribers ordered during the pre-sale period can enjoy the benefits of free upgrade of BOSE immersion stereo, which is worth 20,000 yuan.
On the spot, Yang Xiaodong, Vice President of SAIC Group and General Manager of Passenger Vehicle Branch, also released Rongwei RX5 MAX plug-in hybrid model, and launched a global pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 21-240,000 yuan, which will be launched and delivered in the middle and late October.
The size of the new car is bigger than RX5, but the name RX6 or RX7 is not a continuation of the genealogical naming habit, because this “MAX” has a lot of content, besides having a big meaning, it is also the abbreviation of “Make Attitude Xtreme”, meaning “excellent quality, born to the extreme”. There is no doubt that the introduction of RX5 MAX should not only inherit the essence of RX5 Internet SUV, but also give new cars more people’s emotional appeal for “things”.
In terms of appearance, Rongwei RX5 MAX first introduced “toughness” aesthetics on the basis of Rongwei’s classical rhythm design. Together with “stretching, rhythm and washing”, Rongwei RX5 MAX formed a brand-new interpretation of family design language. The whole car design achieved a good balance between city sense and professional sense. Star-Sea battleship headlights with Star-Sea Flash LED interactive taillights have a strong sense of technology and recognition.
The length, width and height of Rongwei RX5 MAX are 4647 *1891 *1725 mm and the wheelbase is 2760 mm respectively. Compared with RX5, the data are improved comprehensively, reaching the level of intermediate SUV.
Coming into the car, Rongwei RX5 MAX wing-expanding dashboard is flexible and stretching, 12.3 inch digital full virtual instrument and 14.3 inch 2.5D quadruplex screen, cooperating with the new Internet vehicle intelligence system 3.0, to achieve the perfect integration of rhythmic aesthetics and digital technology. The air-handling electronic gearshift adopts horizontal design, which makes it comfortable and easy to operate, and shows high-end texture. In addition, BOSE immersion stereo system with 256 color interactive atmosphere lamp, more users to create an i-MAX theater-level audio-visual enjoyment.


In the first half of the year, the second-hand car trade volume in Guangdong increased by nearly 20% compared with the same period last year.

“More than 600,000 Lexus can only sell 70,000 yuan, and more than 400,000 Audi A6 can only sell 50,000…” Restricted by the “limited relocation” policy of used cars, the problem of rapid depreciation of used cars, which has long plagued the owners, will soon be solved.
On August 27, the General Office of the State Council issued opinions on accelerating the development of circulation and promoting commercial consumption. The opinions pointed out that the policy of abolishing the restriction on second-hand vehicles should be further implemented, and that the key areas of air pollution prevention and control should allow second-hand vehicles meeting the emission standards of in-use vehicles to be traded and circulated in the province (city). In this regard, industry insiders said that this policy is expected to make used car transactions, especially in Guangdong Province, usher in explosive growth.
In fact, in some developed countries, the purchasing group of used cars is far more than that of new cars, while our country is still in the stage of car popularization, and the trading volume of used cars is far lower than that of new cars. Additionally, there were many restrictions on second-hand cars with different standards before, which limited the growth of second-hand car trading volume.
In recent years, many places in China have liberalized the restrictions on second-hand car relocation. In mid-2016, Guangdong Province also issued the Notice on Promoting the Implementation Scheme of Second-hand Car Facilitation Trading, canceling the policy of restricting second-hand car relocation in 12 cities in eastern, western and Northern Guangdong. However, nine cities in the Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Zhaoqing, etc.) Huizhou, Dongguan and Zhongshan, as relevant vehicles encouraged and required to be eliminated by the state and key areas for air pollution prevention and control specified by the state, continue to implement the policy of restricting the immigration of used vehicles.
Nevertheless, in the first half of this year, the volume of used car trade in Guangdong Province increased significantly. According to the cumulative statistics of more than 200 used vehicle circulation enterprises reported by Guangdong Automobile Circulation Association, combined with the comprehensive data of the retail sales volume of motor vehicles and the number of second-hand vehicle transfers in key areas of the province, the second-hand vehicle trading volume in Guangdong Province in the first half of 2019 was 1088,000, up 17.2% from the same period last year. The amount was 65.87 billion yuan, an increase of 26% over the same period last year, ranking first in the country.
Sun Jie, Special Assistant to COO and Vice President of Used Vehicle Business Department of Dasoche, said at the Guangdong Media Communication Meeting held on the 28th of Dasoche’s Choice, that Guangdong consumers’acceptance of used vehicle consumption is the highest in the whole country, which also shows that Guangdong consumers are more open and inclusive.
“The whole Pearl River Delta used-car trade accounts for 80% of the total in the province. If the Pearl River Delta can really lift the restriction on relocation, the annual turnover of Guangdong will double.” The person in charge of Guangzhou used car market disclosed that in the past two months, the sales of Guowu used cars in the Pearl River Delta have increased by more than 20% since they could be relocated to each other. It is understood that with the implementation of the Sixth National Emission Policy in Guangdong in advance in 2019, the relevant government departments have given a four-year buffer period for 252 hand-held vehicles, that is, June 30, 2023. The five emission standard light vehicles in the Pearl River Delta region can be relocated to each other.
However, it should be noted that although consumers’perception of used cars has improved in recent years, the fundamental problems of the industry have not been solved, the lack of trust between consumers and car dealers, and the opacity of information are still the pain points of the industry. Sun Jie said that in order to reassure consumers to buy cars, family selection has strict control over the quality of vehicles, no fire, no blister, no accident vehicles, in accordance with national standards for vehicle quality certification. In terms of after-sales, Home Selection launched a 100-day no-worry, one year or 30,000 kilometers of quality assurance services.


Innovation Leads Domestic Robots to Improve Quality and Efficiency

The just concluded World Robot Congress in 2019 shows us all kinds of robots that are penetrating deeply into all fields of production and life.
From the traditional “porter” and “assembler” to the dexterous “surgeon” and clever “experimental operator”, robots are rapidly extending from the traditional application fields such as handling and assembly to more intelligent and refined advanced manufacturing, medical health, life services and other fields.
On the world stage, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reconstructing the global innovation landscape and economic structure, and robots have been standing behind the scenes in the spotlight.
Opportunities and challenges coexist
According to market data, these years are the golden period of robotic development.
According to the China Robot Industry Development Report (2019) issued by the China Electronics Society, the global robot market is expected to reach 29.41 billion US dollars in 2019, with an average growth rate of 12.3% from 2014 to 2019. Among them, $15.92 billion for industrial robots, $9.46 billion for service robots and $4.03 billion for special robots.
The largest piece of this growing cake is in China. Since 2013, China has become the world’s largest industrial robot market, which has lasted for six years.
“With the rapid development of global robots, China’s robotics industry has also made considerable progress. In 2018, the output of industrial robots in China reached 148,000 sets, accounting for more than 38% of global output. Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said.
According to the latest data in the first half of this year, China is still the first country. According to statistics, the global robot market reached 14.4 billion US dollars in the first half of 2019, while the Chinese robot market was 4.25 billion US dollars. Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, revealed at the World Robot Conference.
Does this mean that China can rest easy? Not at all.
In 2018, the global robotics industry was in turmoil, with market growth of only 1%. The growth rate in previous years has been double-digit. This year, although China’s robot market is still the first in the world, its overall share has dropped by 3.7 percentage points.
“Since the second half of 2018, China’s industrial robot production has slowed down year-on-year, due to various reasons. For example, the deterioration of the international trade environment, the increasing downward pressure of the global economy, and the slump in the development of major application industries such as automobiles and electronics. However, from a deep-seated point of view, the robot industry has entered a deep adjustment stage, expanding new application areas, improving quality and efficiency has become an urgent need for the healthy development of the industry. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said.
Challenges always coexist with opportunities.
Qu Daokui, founder and President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., believes that turning point appears for the first time after years of growth, which may be the “cold spring” of the robot market, but “cold spring” may also bring opportunities for later generations to overtake in the curve.
This judgment is also supported by data.
In 2018, China’s industrial robots market sold 135,000 units, down 3.75% year-on-year. For the first time, the market sales fell year-on-year. But among them, self-brand robots sold 436,000 units, up 16.2% year-on-year, accounting for 32.2% of total market sales, an increase of 5.5 percentage points over the previous year.
Rapid Development in Blending
In the research frontier of robotics technology, a large number of disciplines are intermingled to promote and develop rapidly. Various technological innovations have been launched around human-computer cooperation, artificial intelligence and bionic structure.
“Significant changes are taking place in the scope and dimensions of robotics. Robot technology is rapidly expanding to all aspects of human life and actively responding to new challenges. Osama Kadi, chairman of the International Robotics Research Foundation, believes that robotics knowledge system involves different research fields and applied disciplines, and also shows us a broader range of applications.
How did China perform in this innovative feast?
In the field of industrial robots, the process of localization of core components is accelerating again, and the application field is expanding rapidly to more sub-industries.
Domestic manufacturers have overcome some of the difficulties in the field of reducer, servo control, servo motor and other key core components. The trend of localization of core components is gradually emerging: Qinchuan robot joint reducer realizes mass production and sales, and the products are successfully sold to nearly 200 domestic and foreign robot manufacturers; Shenzhen Dazu Laser Co., Ltd. The developed harmonic reducer can realize customized production with the same precision as the international brands.
The application of domestic robots is rapidly expanding to plastic, rubber, food, environmental protection and other sub-industries. Based on the prototype of a space manipulator capable of automatically removing space garbage, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology launched the first domestic robot in the field of environmental sanitation garbage sorting, with a sorting rate of 93% and an efficiency eight times that of traditional manual sorting.
In the field of service robots, China has performed even better and has been running alongside the first international echelon.
China’s technological innovation in the field of artificial intelligence is accelerating, and the number of patent applications is in the same order of magnitude as that in the United States. Especially, the number of patents in the application layer such as computer vision and intelligent voice is growing rapidly, resulting in a number of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. For example, Wukong Robot released by Youbi Xuan integrates artificial intelligence technology, which can achieve age estimation and object recognition. After human posture monitoring, it can also reconstruct posture in 3D and imitate human action.
Our country has also carried out extensive research in the application fields of robots such as medical treatment, cooking, logistics and so on. Beijing Jishuitan Hospital uses 5G technology and remotely operates two sets at the same time.“

Did robots really come to grab jobs?

At the Robot Conference, a child experiences flying bionic birds. Zhang Qian, a journalist from China Youth Daily and China Youth Network
If you still think that many human careers can not be replaced by robots in a short time, you can visit the World Robotics Congress in 2019. Perhaps the original idea will soon be dispelled.
Entering this conference, which is called “Davos” and “Olympic Games” in the robotics world, is like sitting in a fairy-tale robot kingdom: bionic birds “fly freely” over the exhibition hall, intelligent cooperative robots “shake their heads” waving “three claws and six arms”, while surgical robots quietly “pierce needles” beside it. Lead operation with main knife. In this world of about 52,000 square meters, more than 700 robots are performing various human actions in turn: helping the disabled and providing for the aged, cleaning the floor, writing Spring Festival couplets, delivering couriers, translating, playing the piano, swimming, boxing and so on. It seems that there is no “rice bowl” that they can’t take away.
Two years ago, Qu Daokui, chairman of China Robot Industry Alliance and President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that it was “beyond doubt” that a large number of workers could be replaced by new technological means and robots. Today, he gives a clearer set of figures: robots have replaced less than 1% of the human workforce in the past 40 years, and that proportion will increase to 30% in the next five to 10 years. He said the time has come for a real explosion of the robotic market.
“Grab the rice bowl”. Is the robot real this time?
Those “rice bowls” that have been or are about to be stolen
“Before I give my formal speech, please give the microphone to the robot first.”
As a guest speaker at the main forum of the conference, McKinsey Global Senior Director Partner, Asia Operations Consulting Business and Internet of Things Director Akari finished this remark and broadcast a video to the conference that the robot UMI is acting as orchestra conductor in an Italian opera house, and the whole performance is lifelike. As he explains, robotics technology and industry are becoming more sophisticated.
Although data from all sides show that the growth rate of the robotics industry has slowed down in the past year, when we really enter the robotics world, we will find that robotics technology is still improving and members of the robotics family are also “multiplying”, some of which are already there, but they are becoming more mature today, Ai Jiarui said. Member.
Robot conductors, Robot bands, for example.
In the industrial robot exhibition area, people can enjoy wonderful music while drinking coffee, which is played by the robot band.
This is the “Net Red” band that joined CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2019 and played with pianist Lang Lang. The Orchestra consists of 13 Grey industrial robots, including pianists, guitarists, bassists, drummers and other “musicians”. It can play 6 pieces of folk and popular music live. According to the person in charge of the band, these robots play musical instruments with the help of fixtures and with the characteristics of high speed and high stability.
Ordinary security work may also be “contracted” by the robotic part. On the scene of the Robot Congress, there are not only intelligent security robots from 12 Institutes of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, but also intelligent inspection robot patrolmen from Youbi Company.
Among them, intelligent security robots have been “installed” in Xiongan Citizen Service Center, Chongqing Qianwei Group Demonstration Zone and other community and industrial parks. Intelligent inspection robot security patrolmen will also provide security support in Zhongguancun (Shougang) Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Industrial Park.
According to the person in charge of the intelligent inspection robot site, the robot has many advantages over human performance, such as “tireless” and can provide standardized services 24 hours, “it will not completely replace people, but it can make people more relaxed.”
The person in charge said that in the scenario of man-machine cooperation, open-air patrols can be handed over to robots, while people mainly carry out background monitoring and remote disposal.
Although the progress of science and technology is very gratifying, the person in charge admits that this kind of man-machine cooperation scenario still belongs to the category of “weak artificial intelligence”.
He told reporters that the function of robots is “focused and professional”, but “universal” is not as good as human. For example, human security can do some random things such as “helping people guide”, but “robots that have not entered this instruction” can not do this. He believed that the progress of science and technology needed a process, and this “weak AI” collaboration would continue for some time.
Human security and convenience may be even more important
In fact, not only the “rice bowl” of human beings, but also the “jobs” of birds, fish, dogs and other animals are facing the risk of being replaced by bionic robots.
For example, a white bionic bird, with a wingspan of about two meters and a weight of only 450 grams, triggered many onlookers at the scene. By flapping its wings, it can take off and land independently, and fly or glide in the air with flexible turning.
“It consumes only 25 watts of power and is a high-performance, ultra-light flight model.” Bai Yang, a key account manager in the automotive industry of Fisto (China) Co., Ltd., introduced that the bionic bird successfully combines energy-efficient technology with natural models. Its practical value lies in the fact that the intelligent bird can be used in the coupling driving technology of linear and rotational movements, and can be used in the new type of drivers in hydroelectric generators and process automation.
A bionic dog, called an intelligent quadruped robot, came to the scene. Humanized with what people often see

Information Security Needs to be Prioritized in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

How to guarantee information security in the era of artificial intelligence? From August 24 to 25, the Chongqing Global Scientists Summit was held in Chongqing in 2019. Nineteen Nobel, Turing and Fields Prize winners and seven academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Academy of Eurasian Sciences gathered in the mountain city to launch a top-level intellectual collision. As one of the important activities of the 2nd China International Intelligent Industry Expo, these “strongest brains” put forward their own suggestions on the current development of AI and digital industry.
Information security has always been the focus of attention, and the technology to ensure security has been in the process of challenge and development.
“At present, with the development of Internet of Things and other technologies, cryptography has been challenged greatly.” Whitfield Diffey, the father of public key cryptography and the winner of the Turing Prize in 2015, gave a speech on Future Cryptography at the conference, saying that because the Internet of Things connects billions of devices, encryption becomes more difficult and energy consumption increases; secondly, how to prove that encryption is 100% reliable and difficult to use mathematics? Algorithms prove that, in addition, there is a threat of quantum computing, because if billions of devices are micro-energy-consuming or nanotechnology used, encryption will be more difficult. “There is no problem in solving the problems of the 1950s with some 21st century technologies that we are using now, but it is difficult to solve the problems faced by the Internet of Things.”
In Duffy’s view, there will be three opportunities for cryptography in the future: one is homomorphic encryption, i.e., encryption in the cloud, for example, people now store a lot of private information on smart terminals such as mobile phones, while private information will be stored in the cloud through encryption technology, which will be safer than storage in the terminal; the other is block chains, such as block chains. Bitcoin; third, new public key technology. He said that with the advent of 5G era and the development of big data and artificial intelligence, cryptography will be more widely used in the future.
Martin Herman, founder of block chain cryptography and winner of Turing Prize in 2015, introduced that asymmetric encryption has two keys: public key and private key. Private keys are known only by themselves and can never be disclosed. Public keys are public. By means of “public key encryption, private key decryption” or “private key encryption, public key decryption”, asymmetric encryption has helped US $5 trillion transactions and ensured the security of data transmission.
“With the world becoming more and more interconnected, information security has become a public issue, the top priority.” Martin Herman said that the Internet security problem was rooted in the absence of security considerations when it was created. Now the consideration of information security can no longer be made up. To bring security into the design of artificial intelligence, the information security problem of intelligent city must be put in the first place, and the security problem must be planned from the beginning.
For quantum computing encryption technology, Herman said that quantum encryption is absolutely safe in theory, but in practice it may not achieve absolute quantum security in theory, and it is unlikely to become a threat to current cryptography in at least 50 years.
Alessio Figari, the winner of the Fields Prize in 2018, is engaged in basic mathematics research. His research on optimal transportation theory has been increasingly used in artificial intelligence. He said that in recent years, artificial intelligence technology has attracted much attention, but artificial intelligence is far from perfect. Mathematics, as a basic subject, can find deep-seated rules for the development of artificial intelligence, and further improve it. He suggested that researchers and workers in the field of artificial intelligence should attach importance to mathematics, strengthen interdisciplinary integration, and let mathematics play a more far-reaching role in the development of artificial intelligence.
The Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau and the Chongqing Liangjiang New District Management Committee signed a cooperation framework agreement with Professor Duffy’s team and the American Encryption Laboratory team on May 25. The three parties will form the Chongqing Institute of Cryptographic Block Chain Technology in 2019. In the next five years, top scientists and research teams at home and abroad will carry out research work in many key fields, such as cryptography, block chain technology, network security, artificial intelligence, cloud security, and strive to build Chongqing into a national and even global research highland in the field of cryptography.
The responsible person of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau said: “Chongqing is speeding up the implementation of innovation-driven development strategic action plan led by intellectualization of big data, and the landing of encryption laboratory team is an important layout in the field of digital economy for Chongqing.”

Demonstrators demolished the wisdom lamp post in Kowloon Bay

On August 24, a demonstration took place in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. One of the themes of the parade was concerns about the possible privacy violations of the intelligent lampposts in the area. In the afternoon, a group of demonstrators gathered outside the Kowloon Bay Business Square, dismantled one of the smart lamp posts with electric saws and other tools, pushed it to the ground and destroyed parts with guns. In Changyue Road, a large number of demonstrators surrounded other smart lamp posts. They opened umbrellas to hide the police’s sight, destroyed lamp posts with tools and dismantled parts.
On 23 August, in response to doubts that the smart lamp post installed in Kwun Tong would become a monitoring tool, the Hong Kong police had stressed at a press conference that the smart lamp post had no face recognition function and could not read or detect identity card data. Destroying or damaging property and arson can be punished by life imprisonment. If there are acts of destroying lamp posts, the police will investigate them thoroughly and investigate them to the end. Yang Weixiong, Director of the Bureau of Innovation and Science and Technology of the SAR Government, also said at an inter-departmental press conference on the 23rd that over the past month, there have been many false rumors about the lamppost of wisdom. Intelligent lamp post has no facial recognition function, can not read identity card information, will not infringe personal privacy.
Since this year, the HKSAR Government has launched a pilot project of “Multi-functional Smart Lamp Post”, with 52 Smart Lamp Post installed in Kwun Tong, Kowloon Bay and Kai Tak. There is a “doughnut” like component in the middle of the smart lamp post, which can be used to install sensors of the Transport Department, the Environmental Protection Department and so on. At the lower level of the lamp post, there is also a space for computers, which integrates the functions of positioning, collecting urban data, Wi-Fi and 5G base stations to help the government strengthen urban management and provide public services. The expenditure budget of the pilot project is 272 million yuan. The goal is to set up 400 intelligent lamp posts. However, some Hong Kong residents questioned the move, believing that the lamppost might violate privacy.

My teacher is very avant-garde.

A black, dense hair like a black waterfall, a pair of shining, clear eyes like transparent pearls, a pair of small and exquisite, symbolizing wisdom of the glasses, a round face, every day with a brilliant smile, scholar’s style also exudes the elegant and dignified temperament of sunshine. This is our Chinese teacher, 广州桑拿 Mr. Zhao.
Although Mr. Zhao is over 30 years old, her love for beauty is universal. Her love for beauty is increasing and changing every day. Sometimes she wears a broken flower dress with a white coat and a fresh pink bag on her shoulders. Sometimes she wears a white T-shirt with a pink shawl and a blue flowing skirt on her lower body with shining feet. Bright and high-heeled shoes make people one of the brighter, with a faint fragrance of perfume on the body, which makes people intoxicated. Mr. Zhao is a fashion hot mom.
Likewise, as a “hot fashion mom”, Mr. Zhao also has a set of skills in teaching and educating people. In order to make our troublemakers more interested in learning, as soon as the first day of junior middle school, the teacher implemented the system of “clear rewards and penalties”. Make a list and add or subtract points according to each student’s performance, such as classroom activists, homework completers and other rewards. On the contrary, more mistakes will be made, the more serious mistakes will be deducted. The bigger the number of points, the more 10 points a book will be rewarded. If you accidentally become a negative point,深圳桑拿网 you will be punished. As for the content of the penalty, it is not serious, that is, to let you copy the text several times, stand for a few lessons and so on. Because Mr. Zhao usually treats us kindly, we also know how to lift, so in most cases there will be no phenomenon of punishment and copying, but we try our best to grab the point, let the teacher laugh. In addition, teachers often play games with us in class. That time, the teacher typed out a few words on the screen and played a game of “you say I guess” with us: in groups, each group was represented by two people, one person said, one person guessed, after four groups of words, which group used the shortest time which group won. We scrambled and shouted more and more fiercely. Finally, our group sent 桑拿广州 me to fight with Cheng Jiaqi. In the process of guessing, Cheng Jiaqi described to me: “A kind of fruit…” I listened for a long time and my mind was blank. What is it? Oh, “Grapes!” I shouted. Then came the cheers of our group… Because we passed the customs. The teacher looked at us and laughed.
Teacher Zhao not only uses some special methods in class, but also is avant-garde after class. Generally speaking, teachers pay special attention to their academic achievements. They wish that students are reading books all the time, but not Mr. Zhao. On Saturdays and Sundays, Mr. Zhao took great risks in organizing our afternoon reading and reading some literary classics, which helped us to experience life better, and also helped us learn the fundamentals of human beings, the importance of morality, meditation and self-cultivation. At the same time, we also learned the broad and profound Chinese culture. Another time, Ms. Zhao said in class that she would take us to the orphanage. I was wondering how a teacher could support us to do activities unrelated to learning. Mr. Zhao must have said on the spur of the moment that it was impossible. However, the teacher not only took us, but also organized several small programs, which really impressed me. That activity, I participated in, not only exercised my organizational ability, but also let me realize how happy I am, I should be satisfied, I should learn to be grateful.
I have to admit that Miss Zhao is an avant-garde teacher. Everything she does is so different. She does something that other teachers don’t want to do. Other teachers only care about the results, while she pays more attention to the education of our personality and the experience of life. She will not easily give us pressure. She hopes more. We grow up healthily and happily!
Teacher Zhao’s avant-garde deeds are many. They are as warm as spring breeze, as bright as sunshine, and as sweet as fruit juice. Teacher Zhao uses his own unique method to let us learn in activities, harvest in joy, and appreciate in moving, so that our life is more colorful.

Tears in Laughter Recalling Teachers

It’s Teacher’s Day again. Every year, his name will be written on the greeting card. This year is no exception. Whenever I write my congratulations, his kind smiling face will always appear in my mind, and his caring eyes will always be remembered. Everything is so real.
His surname is Zhou, a lovely old man, with 广州桑拿 a kind face and always very humorous, but he has a bad habit and likes smoking very much. He smokes several packs a day, which is just a smoker. That was the third year of junior high school, and the teacher changed. He taught us.
Mathematics, before he taught me, I was a naughty, troublemaker, but I like math very much, and math scores are very good, but very arrogant, often sleeping in math class, because I think the teacher taught nothing useful, not as good as self-study.
I remember the first lesson when he just entered our classroom, the students were whispering in private: Why did an old man come? And I am still that lazy expression, I think the teacher is not the same, will only follow the text, no new ideas.
However, I was wrong. He asked many questions in class, and no matter how difficult they were, he always made us understand. Because he liked to tell math as a story. Mr. Zhou’s lecture had a special feature. He always pulled up his sleeve when he was very excited and said, “Did I solve this problem correctly?” Knowing that there was cheating, he collectively shouted, “No!” He then asked 深圳桑拿网 , “No?” Then everyone was a little panicked and answered in a weak voice, “Yes.” At this time, he always stares at his eyes and roars out his original exclamation: “Right ass!” The students shouted, and the classroom poured over.
At that time, I was good at mathematics, so of course I was a math class representative. Every time I handed my book to the teacher’s office after school, I always saw him smoking cigarettes, preparing lessons, correcting homework, and looking so attentive that no one came in without noticing it. Once the school had to select the best mathematicians to compete in the provincial contest. At that time, there was only one place. I was honored to be selected, and the teacher who trained me was him. He asked me to 桑拿广州 go to his home to train me on weekends. But I think if I don’t compete, what’s great? Training or not is the same, so he ran straight away. I am very sorry to come to my home to train me. I will go to his home to train later. My teacher and mother are very good people. They always like to make snacks for me to eat. Teachers always tire of explaining topics to me, and often educate me, proud, conceited people will fail sooner or later, he will give me a lot of truth in life.
However, one day, the teacher fell ill, but soon stood on the platform to continue lecturing to us. We thought the teacher had a minor illness. Later, we learned that when he was sent to the hospital for examination, he was found to have cancer, but he asked his family to keep it secret and insisted on discharging from hospital to lecture us. It was ridiculous. I didn’t even know that he was giving me a lecture and explaining the topic. Just a few days before the competition, he fell down and explained the topic to me. He never came back after he was sent to the hospital. Later, I learned that he died of fatigue, which led to worsening illness and ineffective rescue. When I heard the news, my pen fell and my tears fell unconsciously.
The day he was buried was when I took part in the competition. I couldn’t attend the teacher’s funeral, but I paid him back with my grades. I won the first prize in the competition. But I burned the certificate – I want to send it to my teacher in heaven in this way. I want the teacher to see: his students did not let him down!
What really affected me was not his words, but his personality charm. He gave me the most vivid life lesson with his actions. He always wanted to write an article to commemorate him. Today, I finally got this opportunity, not for any awards, but for the memory of my respected teacher.

Tests in the Wind and Rain

How can you see a rainbow without experiencing storms? – Notes
On Saturday, it finally arrived.
I don’t know how long I’ve been looking forward to this day. Today is the performance of the military training 广州桑拿 report. However, the rain in the sky is still falling, it seems that it is still a little heavy; the wind on the ground is still blowing, it seems that it is still a little cold. And the military training report performance did not leave because of the arrival of the storm.
The loud music sounded, and we stood on the playground, ready to go. “Stand at attention!” The officer roared — the performance began.
The headmaster came over and cried out affectionately: “Hello, schoolmates!” “Hello, schoolmates!” “Work hard!” “Win glory for the school!” We answered in chorus, clangorous and forceful. But I don’t know why, the louder the voice, the greater the rain and wind! Beads are sprinkled on my hair and shoulders. I can’t help shivering.
The parade finally began. With the slogan of the pacesetter, we followed the pacesetter to the runway. “Walk on foot!” I looked at the pacemaker’s steps and put the stress on my left foot. “Step by step!” “Left and right, left and right.” I kept silent in my 深圳桑拿网 mind and stared at the pacemaker’s footsteps for fear that I might go wrong and affect the whole class. “Step on!” I looked at the students on the right with my spare time and aligned with them. “Step by step!” I thought again. “Class One, Class One, Class One, Class Two!” We shouted slogans: “Class One, Class One, Unity Like Mountain, Singing Forward, Go Forward Bravely, One, Two, Three, Four!” A few seconds after the shout, the pacesetter said, “Look to the right!” “One, two!” I raised my thighs and pushed forward, although not very standard, but I did my best every time. Do a good job, not to drag the class behind. “Look ahead!” “One, two!” We murmured a refuel in our hearts, and quickly changed the positive step into the step. We walked all the way around the playground. I was nervous. I could feel the fiery look behind me. When we reached our designated place, we stopped to rest. I looked up at the blue sky. The pearls did not diminish at all, but grew bigger and bigger.
The wind blows mercilessly; the rain falls mercilessly. Every time the wind blows, my body gets cold; every time the rain falls on me, my clothes and hair get wet. In less than half an hour, I became a “Big Iceman” and there was no dripping water all over my body. My hair is dripping everywhere, but I dare not squeeze it out. I wonder if it’s all wet if it’s squeezed. As a matter of fact, I was already wet out.
Finally, the parade was over, and I took a long breath. The following is a square formation composed of several students in each class. Their fists are standard, but I don’t appreciate them because of the storm.
It’s cold and rainy. My hair is running straight, squeezing, like turning on the tap, and the water keeps flowing out. It’s nothing after a bath. I stood there shivering all over. It’s cold! I huddled with my classmates behind me. After a long time, there was no warmth. I just rubbed her back to back and it was a long time before it got a little hot. Later, more than a dozen of our classmates huddled together, gasping (maybe the only way to warm up) and parents 桑拿广州 who stood aside couldn’t see them any more, rushed to take umbrellas for their children, and took off their clothes and coats and put them on. But what about the children whose parents didn’t come? More than a dozen people turned into several people in an instant. There’s no way to squeeze them.
I believe that after this storm, the sky will have the most brilliant rainbow! Because, after the storm, there will be rainbow, which is the rainbow test for us!

Do Aliens Really Exist?

I remember when I was in primary school, my friend borrowed a book about alien creatures in the library. She was so addicted to this book that she refused to put it down 广州桑拿 even on her way home, but she still had to walk along. I said to her, “Is this book so good?” “It looks good 3. It records some stories of people communicating with aliens. As she looked at it, she answered, I shook my head helplessly, and then she said solemnly, “If we meet aliens on the road, we will not be afraid, we can communicate with them. “I said in surprise,” Can aliens speak Chinese? “No, the story recorded in this book says that aliens are telepathic to humans. Suddenly I couldn’t help laughing and crying. I threw myself into the ground with admiration for her.
Do aliens really exist? When we were young, we often heard about flying saucers and aliens. They were frightened by the strange aliens described. They had hard skin like monsters, big heads and big red eyes. When we grow up, we are no longer interested in stories like aliens. But I believe that many people still have a slight interest in aliens.
First of all, our planet is full of life, not only high intelligence creatures like human beings, but also all kinds of animals and plants. Because of the existence of these creatures, our planet becomes more beautiful and special in the universe. Because so 深圳桑拿网 far, humans have not found any other life on some other planet. We can’t find any life on our neighbor planet, but the universe is far away. Maybe the aliens are in some corner of the universe. After all, we are only investigating the solar system in the Milky Way. Are there any living things outside the solar system and the Milky Way? Maybe scientists will be able to solve this problem when technology is more advanced.
We all know that water is indispensable to life, so scientists are trying to find out whether there is water on other planets, because the existence of water is very likely to exist life. Scientists haven’t found liquid water on other planets. Turning over Jupiter’s satellite, they have found ice like when the Earth’s oceans freeze. They speculate that there may be liquid water under the ice, but scientists haven’t studied it yet. In Wu Yanzu’s film “Europa Report”, six astronauts went to Europa on a secret mission, and were attacked by unknown objects on the way to the mission. It was horrifying to think about it.
But do aliens really need water? Perhaps on planets without water or oxygen, aliens have long been accustomed to the environment of their planet, unlike creatures on Earth, 桑拿广州 they need water and oxygen to survive. Perhaps poisonous substances in our eyes are indispensable to them.
Is there any nickel in the existence of aliens? If so, in what form do they exist? Is it a single cell, animal, plant or a higher biological nickel like human beings? If they were more civilized than us, would they invade the earth or try to communicate with it? These problems may be solved one by one in the future.