Hong Kong Disneyland

In Hong Kong, Disneyland is the favorite place for children to play. On my third day in Hong Kong, I got up early because I was going to visit Disneyland today.
It’s a long way to go. Only then did our bus enter the parking lot of Disneyland. Even in the parking lot of Disneyland, you can feel the atmosphere of joy in the air. The surrounding greening is very good, the bushes are cut into Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other popular Disney cartoon images.
Against the big sun, we entered the door of Disneyland. The first thing I saw was American Town Street, surrounded by imitations of the Gold Rush buildings in the western United States, as well as antique cars and Chinese and Western cuisine. By train, we learned about Disneyland. Disneyland is composed of four theme parks: Tomorrow World, Fantasy World, Exploration World and American Town Street.
After getting off the train, we first came to Fantasy World. As soon as I came to the fantasy world, I found that there were all our favorite cartoon characters around me, and the main tone became purple, which symbolized the fantasy. The first thing we played was a fantastic adventure game called “The Adventures of Pooh Pooh”. Sitting in the honeypot that Pooh had been holding all day, we entered the scattered pages of storybooks. The first thing we saw was Pooh Pooh and his friends. Then we arrived at Mr. Owl’s house. The owl was still standing on the beams, and the pillars on both sides were swaying from side to side, as if they were about to fall down. Out of the owl’s house, we entered a hundred acres of forest in the night, probably because of the rough road, so our honeypot has been waving up and down. At this time, a tiger jumped out of the Bush and frightened us. Then jumped out of the surrounding bushes a lot of Tiggers, some hanging upside down on the tree, some from behind the tree funny waving to us, make us laugh!
Out of the happy cabin, it rained cats and dogs outside. The vivid scenes around me made me feel as if I was in the situation. We were driving along the river (probably because the road was flooded by rainwater), and the honeypot trucks were bumping up and down.
After driving the honeypot out of the 100 mu forest, we drove slowly out of the scattered pages. The fantastic adventure I had just experienced really made me feel endless aftertaste. I really want to play it again! _
Our next tour is Disney, which I personally think is the most interesting amusement facility. It’s called “Jungle Adventure”, because it’s exploring the world, so we have to rush from the fantasy world to explore the world. On the way to explore the world, we saw the famous landmark building of Disneyland, “Sleeping Princess Castle”, which is the import and export of fantasy world. It symbolizes the endless imagination of the fantasy world and the theme of the park.
On the way to explore the world, we watched the big tour of Disneyland held in Central Square. All the animated characters of Disney met with us, as if they had taken me to my childhood TV set again, and made my childlike innocence sprout again.
Little gossip, only about exploring the world, we lined up for a long time before we started our exploring journey in that kind of vintage old wooden boat. Our captain is also a standard retro captain’s uniform. The boat started and sailed slowly into the primitive jungle filled with strange atmosphere. The first thing we saw was some elephants playing in the water and hippos lying quietly in the water. The wreckage of the temple in front of the boat looks like the ruins of Angkor temple. We also came to the Indian savage tribe which can retract their heads. Fortunately, none of us had their heads cut off by these people. Our boat came next to a blackened rock. Suddenly, a flame burst out from the hole under the rock, and the hot waves poured on my face. I was very hot and felt a little pain. After that, we arrived at the dock and ended the thrilling game. Later, we played a poorer game like Spring Dog, which we just passed here, needless to say.
Instantly, Disneyland’s play came to an end. I reluctantly left Disneyland and this place full of joy and children’s fun.

hangchow itineraries

There is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. This summer vacation, I came to Hangzhou, which is full of trees and picturesque scenery. Needless to say, the first attraction you visited was of course the West Lake.
Approaching the West Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the mountains are wrapped in a gauze-like mist, and the mountains are hazy, which makes people suspect that there is a fairyland ahead, which is fascinating. I looked up at the tall willows on the shore of the lake. Her soft hair was covered with trees. The color was emerald and jasper. The breeze slowly came and the willows swayed lightly, just like a beautiful girl dancing in a gentle manner. I walk in the shade, listening to cicadas and warblers, really worthy of “Liu Lang Wen Ying”!
On the shore, our group traveled to the small island in the lake by Cruise boat, sat in the cruise boat and looked at the distance. The sun in the sky sifted the golden sunshine like a sieve on the lake. It was sparkling and glittering. It was like putting on golden clothes for the West Lake. No wonder that Su Shi praised “the water is bright and sunny”. Picture boats and leaf boats float on the lake in a leisurely way. They are really “boating on the blue waves”. Bridges are so relaxing that I feel like I’m in fairyland. As soon as the boat touched the shore, I rushed off the boat and ran along the lakeside path, Huaxinting Pavilion, Huagang Fish Watching, Santan Yinyue… These once familiar sceneries are presented in front of my eyes, and they are absolutely amazing.
Crossing the curved stone path and the primitive stone arch bridge, we came to the wind load of Quyuan. Lotus blossom a lot, lotus leaves are squeezed, like a large green disc. The red lotus rose out of the middle. Some just spread out two or three petals, it seems that there is a big secret inside; some petals are all unfolded, holding noble head, standing very high; some are still flower bones, but full, but soon to “pout” out laughter; some petals have withered, leaving only a small green lotus bulb… I sprinkled some water on the lotus leaves. The water droplets jumped on the lotus leaves like shining pearl diamonds, they kept rolling happily, even the lotus leaves could not help shaking their heads. The droplets of water rolled more and more fat, finally fat enough to roll, lying in the center of the lotus leaf rest. The scenery of the West Lake is so beautiful that it is no exaggeration to compare the West Lake to the West Lake. It is like a crystal ball. Every turn, new scenery and surprise can be found. It’s amazing. I like the beautiful West Lake.
The next day, I came to Zhouzhuang, a water town in the southwest of Suzhou, surrounded by water. Zhouzhuang, formerly known as Zhenfengli, has a history of more than 900 years. It is a typical ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River and has a unique and simple folkway. “Water” is of course a major feature here. Blue water surrounds the whole Zhouzhuang, and the “well” shaped river runs through the ancient town, dividing the town into “lattice flowers”. The River links the ancient town with the adjacent lake water, giving people a feeling of “lane in water, town in lake”. As the breeze blew, the stone bridges, houses, green trees and blue sky on the shore reflected in the flowing water one by one.
Bridge is another characteristic of Zhouzhuang. There are more than a dozen bridges built in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties alone. These stone arch bridges with different shapes, various shapes and crisscross the banks of the river.
Walking along the narrow lane, along all the ancient houses in the south of the Yangtze River with a pink wall and Daiwa, they are simple and elegant. Among these ancient houses, Zhouzhuang’s “hall” is well-known. There are Zhang Hall, Shen Hall… Some representative halls. There are many small rooms, a stream and a small pond in Zhang Hall. There is a boat parked on the stream. It calls the boat to pass through the house and the sedan chair to go forward through the door. This is the most distinctive view of Zhang Hall. It shows that their family is very rich and the place is very large. Shen Hall covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. There are more than 100 rooms and rooms. There are two big stones in it. One stone is weather stone. It can predict the weather. When it’s sunny, the stone is very dry. When it rains, it will be very wet. The other one is very like a ferret stone. It is said that touching it will bring you good luck. I have felt it very well. More time, hope to bring me good luck, haha.
The water and Bridge in Zhouzhuang constitute a beautiful picture of “small bridge, running water and other people”, which is really a fairyland on earth. No wonder the foreigners who have passed Zhouzhuang on the island all call Zhouzhuang “Venice of the East!” A painter once said, “Huangshan concentrates on the beauty of national famous mountains, Zhouzhuang concentrates on the beauty of national water towns.” Indeed, Zhouzhuang is a kind of simple and honest beauty. The beauty of Zhouzhuang is a kind of “returning to the original” beauty.

Unforgettable memories

Youth is like a graceful Waltz dancer, turning lightly in a delicate spiral; Youth, like an exciting heroic symphony, flies in a strong rhythm; Youth, like a new tender bud, spreads its leaves eagerly to the world; Youth, like a flourishing flower, blossoms in the bud when it blossoms. Fragrance…. Youth, it seems, represents all the good things God has bestowed on all things, represents the endless vitality of life. In the space-time interwoven with youth, it can let people gallop freely, fly freely, and live their own characteristics! In the corridor of youth, there is a place where I most attach to embrace, that is my mother’s bosom; In the most reassuring corner, it is my father’s arm bend; there is a fragrance that I can not forget most, it is the fragrance of the mountain forest, which is our family share joy and warmth of the forest fragrance…
That spring, our family went to Miaoxiang for seclusion. The car slid down the expressway, turned left, and we started the expressway; turned right, we forked into a winding mountain road. Chezi road turns round and round, winding mountain road, as graceful and long as Song Ci. I can’t help but roll down the window and let nature’s freshness – full of green eyes and pleasant wind come first to my eyes, my heart, the sky is so blue and blue, that’s not the blueprint I’ve already laid out in my heart? Like with a wandering heart, I think I’m wandering abroad in a twinkling of an eye! Once I get to the entrance of the ancient road, I could not wait to jump out of the car and look at a piece of tender green. My feeling of being infected with joy made me hum. There was a light moisture in the forest, mixed with flowers and herbs, and the green waved in the wind! The wind and the wet, light and gentle fragrance were scattered in the forest. Essential and unique odor, this is a strange and eager pursuit of urban children’s fragrance!
Unconsciously, the sky in our walk in the forest, greedy sucking the forest in the atmosphere gradually pulled down the night!
Our family live in a small wooden house made of red birch. On the noisy night of insects, we can still smell the rich flavor of red birch in the house and the exquisite breath blowing in through the window, so that I can eventually experience the situation of “one flower, one world, one sand paradise” in this lush forest. In the night, I soak in the warm spring pool. Looking out of the window at the hazy scenery in the faint sky, suddenly several flickering lights flashed before me, ah! It was a firefly! I pushed open the door and followed the faint light to find the shining fairy! It was a small lantern in the night, living on the edge of the mountains and cliffs, with green fluorescence at the tail, like a small star flying in the sky. Its graceful dancing is like countless prayer lanterns flying around us.
Pushing out the door, I was attacked by the fragrance of the forest at night. Unexpectedly, it was more intense at night. The night breeze was gentle, the leaves rubbed, the water molecules in the air slowly absorbed with negative ions. The whole forest is a delicate bathtub! I breathe, I touch, and I get air vitamins physically, mentally and spiritually. There are wild ginger blossoms in bud beside the cabin, cherry trees standing up, flickering fireflies, a little light shuttling through the green paradise, I am very excited, I occasionally meet Du Fu’s so-called fluorescent clothes in the woods of the heart, it slowly flies between my hair, let my hair like sparkling pink, a flash. Suddenly, there was the illusion of being an elf. It stopped on my shoulder, it stopped in my clothes, like stars falling on me. I seem to accompany Tao Yuanming, who is a foolish chrysanthemum, with the Wuling people to the world’s desperate situation: suddenly, peach blossom forest, sandwiched shore hundreds of steps, no miscellaneous trees, delicious grass, colorful fall of the English… The land is spacious and the houses look like houses. Isn’t this the paradise in Mr. Jingjie’s works? I greedily inhaled the unique fragrance of the mountain and tasted this rare tranquility and pleasure…
This memory is the greenest jigsaw puzzle in my life. It smells like the most unforgettable fragrance in my life.

Basketball training

Huipu Basketball Team is a well-known basketball team in China. This summer vacation, I was lucky to participate in Huipu Basketball Summer Training Camp.
As soon as I entered the stadium, I was rushed out by a large crowd of people. It was not easy to get into the stadium, but I could only see a crowd of bustling people. After a while, the crowd finally dispersed. I swam to a room like a fish in water. Looking carefully, it turned out to be in my serving shirt.
I rushed to find Dad and he gave me the invoice. Finally, I found Dad not far away and asked him for the invoice. I squeezed in front to get the jersey, and everyone was coming.
Suddenly, they flocked to another direction – the basketball court. The coach was already grouped. I hurried over and happened to meet three classmates. I was in a group with them. After the grouping, we also took a family photo.
Next is to appreciate the big brothers who will participate in the game to play the whole game, they cooperate with quite tacit understanding, passing, laying up, dunking, mid-range shooting, three points, blocking, stealing, assists, rebounds. You can win the championship. Parents of their children praise the athletes.
“That tall man is good.”
“A small man has a strong breakthrough ability, shoots well and has a bright future when he grows up.”
“Small forwards are fast, dunk and lay-up are good. Yes, it’s a piece of material.”
After watching the game, there was not much time left in the morning, so the coach announced that the opening ceremony was over and everyone went home one after another.
By the next day, it was officially practiced. The coach first teaches us some basic and simple movements, such as dribbling, passing and stealing. Then gradually it becomes difficult to teach, such as shooting, blocking, breaking through, laying up… Sometimes we need to cooperate with each other. Dong Fengyuan and I cooperate quite well. We are almost sympathetic.
In the following days, the more you practice, the more brave you are, the more skilled you are in basic movements and some difficult movements. The coach can play a 5v5 basketball match for us on the fifth day, playing 20 balls. I am in a group with two students in our class: Dong Fengyuan and Guihaokang. The other two are very strong. The other group, however, was poor.
The game is about to begin. First, we compete for the ball by jumping the ball. I jumped up and grabbed the ball easily. I passed the ball to the swing guard. He rushed forward. I rushed forward and inserted it. I got a “long drive straight in”, got a basket and scored. Then the other side’s pass was grabbed by the scoring guard. Break and lay up again. 4:0.
Gradually, the better we played, fifteen balls in a row, the other side had no power to fight back. In the last three balls, the ball fell back into my hands. First, I was shaking the first defender with a fake move, then a gorgeous turn broke through the second defender, and finally, I got a single-handed layup score, which was quite a process. Perfect.
The other side finally knew how hard it was. When Guihaokang scored the penultimate goal, Chen Gangjie led the team to a fast break, but it was only one goal. When Dong Fengyuan scored the last goal, the opposing team was extremely depressed.
In the end, we won by a wide margin of 40-2. After the game, the coach also commented on our game. He also told us that basketball needs unity, you have to pass the ball, unity is strength. If it’s just a dribble, it’s called a five-player basketball match. Let’s just call it a one-man basketball match. He said that one of the biggest reasons for the other side’s defeat is because they fight alone. In fact, the two teams have the same strength. The only difference between them is cooperation, unity and passing.
Ten days have passed since the basketball training camp. Today is the last day, that is, the tenth day. The tenth day is the performance match for all the students. Because it is the fastest and the best one to play, I was elected MVP (Most Valuable Player) and got a pair of Adidas’latest basketball shoes.
Finally, the coach announced that the summer basketball training camp in Huipu was over.


Winter night, very cold; a gust of wind blowing, reminded me of that vague memory…
Recall that an accident set you on another turning point in your life and set you on a barracks life… I didn’t know whether I was happy or depressed for you. Thought of this, unconsciously tears. What happened? Did you cry? A tear brought me back to the realm of remembering you once again…
Immature in Memory
“Give me the candy, or you’ll look good.” You scared me and said. At that time, naughty I was not willing to lose this delicious candy, so I made a face and said, “No, no!” You listened, and did not say a word to push me, pushed me almost fell to the ground, at this time I did not show weakness to push you one. Then you finally hit me hard again, and angrily said, “I’m your brother, I’m older than you, you try again.” After listening to this sentence, I thought about it for a while, and finally hit you back. At this time, it really angered you, you gave me a punch. At this time, I was really afraid, tears immediately fell down, became a flooding river, so immediately threw down the candy, went to complain to Grandma…
Growth in Memory
The sun shines on the earth and on us. I and you have fallen a few glittering beads of sweat. You seem to see me struggling with my stuff, and then you say, “Let me get it!” “No, it’s heavy. Take it together! “You listen, you hesitate for a moment, and finally you still have a big luggage alone. I can see that you are so persistent and hard-working from the fact that you are carrying a big luggage and walking so fast. And behind you, I saw your thin body carrying so much luggage that it looked so disproportionate. And your big clothes seem to have swallowed you up. Unconsciously, I watched the tears fall down again…
A Maturity in Memory
I can hardly believe the news that your mother said you were going to be a soldier. Because you are usually so lazy that you haven’t done any housework. At this time, I recalled what you said to me. You said you were not the material for reading, which made me believe it. Finally, I finally got the real answer. That’s true. Because you called me the night before you went to the army. “I’m going to be a soldier. I’m going to be in the army tomorrow morning.” Hearing this, my heart trembled for a while. My heart was not very tasty. My nose was sour and I wanted to cry. Tears were already rolling in my eyes. But I still said with a strong laugh, “Really? I hope you get used to it early in the army!” “Yes, you have to study hard and listen to your parents…” I seem to hear you sobbing for fear of really pushing your tears out. So I interrupted you. “I see. Why are you so wordy? Besides, you need to eat more food. It’s only ninety kilograms of people. They are all ashamed to death. Thin brother, I’ll see you strong in two years. I also seemed to sob a little. “I see. That’s it. Bye-bye,” you said and hung up. After hanging up the phone, my heart can no longer hold back the pain of my heart, and cry loudly.
It’s really sad to remember the little things between you and me, isn’t it? But even how sad things are, memories are the most unforgettable, aren’t they?
My dear brother, recall your good, recall your bad. The more I remember the little things we were together, the more I miss you in the distance. Brother, how are you doing in the distance? How are you?

Tour Wuyi Mountain

Every time I open the album, I will see my mom and I go to Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province as a souvenir photo. Looking at our brilliant smile, I will always bring my thoughts back to that day.
According to adults, Wuyi Mountain belongs to Danxia landform. It also has the reputation of “Qixiujia Southeast”. That day, my mother and I got off the train and followed the guide to our destination. I thought to myself: Where is the beauty of Wuyi Mountain? It’s really impatient! We just stepped into the gate, and we saw many magnificent and beautiful peaks, reflected in the clear stream, like a delicate and elegant ink painting. Looking up at the endless sky, against the backdrop of several white clouds, it looks particularly beautiful and relaxing.
We went on to reach the famous Tianyou Peak in Wuyi Mountain. I looked up and there were many people climbing the mountain, like countless black spots moving. My mother and I joined the team and walked slowly forward. When the sun was shining, we all shed beans of sweat and our clothes were soaked. Occasionally a few cool breezes passed, but they still made me feel stuffy. After a while, we succeeded in climbing the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, a gust of cool wind came, cool silk, very comfortable. As I look far as I can, there are many peaks standing on both sides of Jiuqu River, which is particularly solemn and beautiful against the backdrop of Jiuqu River. I bowed my head and had a bird’s eye view. There were many people walking up, and the team was still moving forward. We rested at the top of the mountain for a while and then went down the winding mountain road.
Wuyi Mountain is famous not only for its scenic spots, but also for Jiuquxi. The essence of the scenery in Wuyishan is in the nine bend stream. The stream is clear and clear, and it is folded around the mountain. We sat on the bamboo raft and saw the peaks of different shapes on both sides, some like friendly three sisters, from tall to short, from thin to fat; some like a giant hamburger, making us salivate three feet, really want to bite; some like a capital letter “M”; others like a turtle climbing out of the water. The water in Jiuquxi is green, like a beautiful emerald, and the water in Jiuquxi is quiet, like a big mirror. I also saw a lot of small fish jumping around in the stream, they sometimes swim freely in the clear stream, sometimes showing the surface of the water, breathing fresh air. We enjoyed the scenery around us, and time slipped away like water.
Wuyi Mountain is famous not only for its Jiuquxi River, but also for its first day. We came to the entrance of the cave in the first line of days. The line was long and dense, like a flowing stream. The darker she went into the cave, the darker she could not reach her five fingers; the more she went into the cave, the more frightened she was, and the timid children screamed, and the people beside her were shocked by her sudden action. The narrower I went into the cave, the easier I could walk. Slowly it narrowed. I put my hands on both sides of my body and walked slowly. At the narrowest point, I had to lean over, straighten my chest, close my belly, hold my breath and move slowly between the stone walls. Hundreds of white bats were hovering over the sky, and there was clear water flowing from top to bottom on the stone wall. It took me nine cattle and two tigers to get out of the cave. I sighed and thought: Fortunately, I am not a fat man, otherwise I would have been stuck in the cave.
Ah! Wuyi Mountain, you are so beautiful! You are the masterpiece of nature! After seeing the photos, I closed the album, and the scenes are still in my mind. I want to keep these pictures well, because this one can always remind me of my good memories.

The unforgettable佛山洗浴中心可过夜 first time

In our journey of life, we will continue to experience many first times. The first experience, may be happy, may be sad, may be proud, may be lost, but must be accompanied by a sense of astringency, is an experience of opening significance.佛山洗浴一般多少钱 Just like a child who has just toddled, it is difficult but meaningful! How can there be a solid footstep behind without the first instability?
In my memory, there is a precious gem. It always shines, inspiring and spurring me. This is the first time that I have stepped on a small platform to 佛山洗浴哪家好be a “composition lecturer” for you.
That afternoon, I was very excited, because I became a “Composition Lecturer” and was a teacher for all my classmates and the school’s selected writing enthusiasts. When my classmate Xuan finished his lecture, it was my turn. Always nervous about preparing for class, I put three small blue notes on my arms and body, and hardened my scalp onto the stage. As soon as I stepped on the platform and walked to the desk, I felt more than a hundred eyes staring at me, like more than a hundred beams of light focusing on me, and I was going to be melted away by evaporation. 佛山洗浴中心可过夜The top of my head was suddenly covered with a thin layer of sweat, and I realized what Zhu Ziqing called “the trickle of the head”.
I am a little confused, nervous, suddenly in this more than 100 pairs of eyes, I saw the encouragement and expectations from Teacher Qu and my classmates. I immediately gave myself a boost, straightened up and felt much more at ease. I was a little bit confident and resumed my nature of joking. I said half jokingly, “I am also from Class 54. My name is Li Sixuan. If we compare our speech to dinner, Xuan’s speech is a gluttonous dinner, then my speech is a Chinese fast food, how about the students for a change?”The students under the stage immediately came to their spirits, straightened up and opened their eyes. As soon as I saw how well everyone cooperated, the initial stage fright faded a lot, and my feeling slowly came up. I said, “Now we are officially on the topic of today – some experience of writing a good composition.” I talked about it with a banter: “Writing is a process of thick accumulation and thin hair. The deeper the accumulation, the more brilliant the release will be.” Then I pointed to the three pieces of paper that I had pasted on my body and said, “In fact, I have summed up these experiences here: First, read more books, what a good book. Second, observe more and practise more. Third, attach importance to revising articles. I began to elaborate on these three points of experience one by one. In explaining each point of experience, I added two small bright spots: one is to find examples familiar to my classmates. For example, Lu Xun used bees to collect more flowers to make good honey, to illustrate that reading more books to write good articles; Sima Qian traveled the country, examined historical sites, interviewed historical materials, and finally wrote the famous “Historical Records” to illustrate “reading ten thousand volumes of books, traveling ten thousand miles.” Reason. The second is about personal feelings. Because I have three points of experience, so when I say it, everyone is more easily accepted.
Although it was the first time to be a “composition lecturer” on the stage in the whole school, I was not well prepared, and I was a little strange, but the students were so hard to cooperate with my interaction, I was very touched. Soon, 佛山洗浴会所668,I decided to add a part of “answering puzzles in students’compositions” to my speech. It’s a risky move, and nobody will ask. Maybe I can’t answer it, or I’ve answered it, but my opinion is wrong. Whatever the result, it’s a disgrace to me. But I went out and I’m willing to take risks in order to let my classmates get something. I said, “My speech is almost over, do you have any questions to ask?” Unexpectedly, the small hands raised in the audience were like small woods, and I selected five of them to ask questions. Every time, the students who did not choose seemed a little disappointed. At this time, I felt that the students were willing to communicate with me, and the students recognized my first speech.
It’s almost school time. I have to finish my questions. I felt a strange feeling in my heart: like relief, like endless intentions, like turbulent waves, like calm water, like a thousand miles to win, like endless aftertaste. This is my experience as a “composition lecturer”.

Paternal love

“Hello, where are you going?” The bus conductor leaned out half of the body and greeted me and the other girl warmly. I looked through the window into the car as if the seats were full. The conductor seemed to see some signs, but he did not laugh. “There are still several vacancies in it.” Come on, come and have a look. I was very unwilling. I swept around, and there were several Hibiscus cars, and the car was very empty. I went to the opposite car. Behind him came the conductor’s cry.
“Excuse me, is this car leaving?” Several men in the car were talking and laughing, and without answering, I shut the door with a bang.
“Hey, little girl, I told you all about it. There’s still room here. Come on.” When the conductor saw me bumping into a wall over there, he could not help saying that he had pulled me into the car. There was no room in the back compartment, and there were barely two seats on the mat beside the driver. I hesitated whether to sit or not. “Come on, I’ll let you.” A 20-year-old man in the second row near the door got up and gave his seat to the girl next to me. He sat on the mat next to the driver. The girl was very polite. Let me sit down. I refused. I still took that car. In front of me is the young man just sitting. Hey? What is he doing? I can’t see his face. I can only see him feeding Hawthorn slices to the old people beside him, just like his mother feeding the newborn, careful, lest he choke and choke. Is that young man his son or his relatives? The old man is about four or fifty years old. His hair is obviously not as white as my grandfather’s, and my grandfather is in his early sixties. I don’t know if he’s laughing or not. I can only see from behind his left eye socket has become a line and the furrow-like wrinkles have become tight and loose. His face was pitifully thin. It was skin and bones. As for the mouth, I can’t see clearly. The old man was wearing a grey and grey-brown down jacket, but the quality of the down jacket was not very good. Every hair stretched out his small head. The car was so noisy that I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I scratched in one or two sentences. But I saw the young man pointing to the house beside the road and saying, “The old man nodded his head all the time.” It’s getting hotter and hotter in the carriage, the space is getting smaller and smaller, and the ticket sellers are still trying to attract the good guys. I’ve been sitting on four people on the cushion, so my feet are numb. I could not help but see the old man taking off his gloves. That hand is too thin to look at. Skin is like a thin sheet of paper. Bones can be pierced at any time. Black, rough like pine bark. The wrinkles in the corners of the old man’s eyes were tighter, like pulling off the gloves with a full body solution. The young man turned his head and saw that his throat was immediately blocked by something, and his voice changed markedly, with that elusive tone: “Dad, I’m coming.” Oh, the boy is really his son. His hands trembled toward the skinny hands and slowly pulled the gloves away from his father’s hands in fear. I saw the son’s eyes in the car mirror. His eyes seemed to be painted with rouge, red and dizzy, and the tide was raging in them. The son sobbed, “Dad, let’s get off first. I’ll take you to have a good meal. Let’s go back.” The father’s eyes were narrower than the line, and his head was in a strong position, as if he had completed the whole nod of his life. The young man hurried to call the driver to stop and helped the old man out with his most lovely smile.
I stared at the spotless piece of glass and thought: The father and son must have suffered a lot before, otherwise… Today, they must have tasted the sweetness of bitterness, but the father collapsed. But now the father must be happier, happier and happier than ever. He thinks it’s worth it, and it’s worth it. Because that young man is his son.
The young man is now trying to compensate his father. Perhaps, he knows, it’s an insolvent debt. However, he certainly wants his father to live a hundred times happier and a thousand times happier old age for any old man!
Father loves son more than sea! Son loves father more than mountain!

Remember a Birthday

Everyone has his own birthday. Everyone’s birthday is different. Now let me tell you my birthday.
Looking forward to 365 days before the annual celebration, this is enough to show that this day is extraordinary. When I was a child, I was still one month away from my birthday, but every day I read how many days I could eat delicious birthday cake and unwrap birthday gifts. When the colorful candles slowly lit up, my hands tightly grasped. After making a sweet and unknown wish, with one breath, all childlike innocence and happiness blossomed in an instant. What a beautiful day it was.
The most profound birthday I remember was the day when I was 6 years old. It was the moment when my parents, who had a good family, ordered a big birthday cake for me and specifically called the photographer to fix it for us. So, a cake, a happy family of three, a classic Happy Birthday, a wall of proud awards, a few warm wishes, became the most unforgettable scene in my heart. I remember that even the photographer couldn’t help exclaiming that your family was really happy.
However, happy times are always short. With the growth of age and the wrinkles of parents gradually climbing up their foreheads, birthdays seem to have become an indispensable extraordinary day. Every birthday since then, I have never enjoyed that warm memory again.
Still remember, that was when I was in junior high school. Because at that time, I was unrestrained, always provoking trouble, and always did not get along well with my classmates. On my birthday, I went to the classroom under the pressure of my excitement, hoping that a friend would jump out at some intersection and say to me, “Happy Birthday!” But how many of me who hardly even have friends can understand my mind? So, from morning to night, watching the people around me come and go, how I want to see them come and go from me. Tell someone, “Today is my birthday!” Ah, but I never said it, for the last bit of self-esteem to survive. When I finally walked out of the classroom, my heart turned upside down, my head shrugged, and I felt like a balloon running. I feel like crying when I think of my birthday and the scene when I was 6 years old.
Before I arrived at the dormitory door, suddenly a classmate gently told me, “Your father is here.” I was shocked. Murphy. I pulled out my legs and rushed in. I was greeted by 13 classmates’faces and a weather-beaten but familiar face. “Happy Birthday!” This sentence almost burst out from their mouth at the same time. I was stunned for a moment and did not know what to say. “Dad, I thought so.” “What do you think? Fool, I remember your birthday!” A warm wind blew, and I felt like crying again. “What are you doing?” the students asked with concern. “It’s all right. My eyes are in the sand.” “Why don’t you tell us about your birthday?” “It’s just how boring it is to celebrate your birthday alone!” Do you know, my classmates, how happy I am now?
That is, from that day on, I learned to get along with others and interact with others.
To be honest, from childhood to childhood, my parents were busy, but my birthday never fell. There is no red and green cake. There is no moving music, there is only a gentle blessing. Today, I found that it was so beautiful! When parents were young, because their families were poor, sometimes they couldn’t open the pot at all, no matter whether their birthday or not, until today they had a good living conditions, they had this wonderful festival. I also remember that I remember my parents’birthdays. On their birthdays, I also gave them gifts and blessings. I will never forget the joy and comfort on their faces. In this way, I seem to be back to the day of my birthday, back to our warm and happy family of three. He taught us to love each other better!
This is my unique birthday. Is it special?

Plant Nurture Record

I went to Xiaolei’s house on the weekend and found many plants planted in front of her house. There are rhododendron, rose, aloe, cockscomb, trumpet, pencil flower, fleshy, cactus, cactus, there are many plants I can not name. After looking at Xiaolei’s flowers and her house, it feels like a castle, and Xiaolei is the little princess with a private garden in the castle. What an envy!
At last, I agreed with Xiao Lei to exchange my two magnets for her two plants. A small, but green cactus, a fleshy, very cute and fleshy. I wrapped it carefully with a paper towel and took it home like a baby.
I found a small saucepan with one ear missing from the kitchen and a small plastic bucket with peas for my mother from the grocery store. Now that the plants have their homes, it’s time to find food for them. I dug two bags of soil from my mother’s vegetable garden and evenly poured them into a small saucepan and plastic bucket. With a little water, the vegetable nutrition meal was ready. I loosened the soil with a shovel and planted the plants in their respective homes.
Xiao Lei said that these two plants are the best, and they can live well without much care. In that case, I should take good care of them and make them live better than Xiaolei’s. Every day when I came back from school, I would loosen the soil, water them, and sometimes chat with them. Although every time I just said, they never ignored me, but such a day makes me feel very full, very happy, very successful.
One day, when I came home from school, I shared the fun of school with the plants after watering. When I watched the cactus behave like a cunning ball, I could not help touching its head. I thought its thorns would be very strong. As a result, I reached over and found that it was soft. And not only the thorns are soft, but the whole cactus is soft. It’s rotten. Look at the fleshy side, there is no growing trend, but haggard to keep alive. I’m in a hurry. I take good care of them every day. How could they do that?
When my mother saw that I was sad, she came over and patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s all right. There are many such cactus balls in my neighbor’s brother Xiaobo’s house. Let’s go to him and ask him to give you one and we will raise it together.”
My mother is like this, no matter what I do, she will support me.
Soon, my mother and I brought back a cactus ball and a cactus stick from Xiaobo’s brother’s house. Mother checked the home I found for the plants and the nutritious meals, and found the secret of the decay of the cactus. Originally, because there were no holes in the bottom of the pot I was looking for, the water could not penetrate, so the cactus was soaked alive by the water I poured. After finding out the reason, my mother found a nail and a hammer, nail nails, and soon nailed several small holes in the small stew pot and plastic bucket. Mother also changed the soil for the plants, and picked up some small warm stones by the river and laid them around the plants.
After Mom’s transformation, the plants grow up day by day. The cactus is greener than before and the flesh is fatter than before. They seem to be very satisfied with the nutritional meals that Mom has set up for them.
A year later, a number of small baby cactus grew around the cactus, fleshy leaves fell into the soil also grew into small fleshy. I believe that with my mother’s and me’s careful care, it won’t be long before a small garden can appear in front of my house. My home can also look like a castle, and I am the happiest little princess in this beautiful castle.