Unforgettable nostalgia

My hometown always comes to my mind with its full beauty and my faint thoughts.

What is the nostalgia? I think that it is a beautiful love for every white skin of my mother’s mother, and the hot blood of each side.

When I was young, there was a green vegetable garden in front of my house. At that time, I would use the fallen dead branches and grind the soil on the soil until I got a small pit. At this time, I am always excited to go to the grandmother who is picking vegetables. I want to say: “Grandma! I want to start cooking!” The child is tender and tender.

Grandma also smiled, and the crow’s feet appeared in the corner of his eyes. “Girl, come here, grandma teaches you.”

I ran to my fart.

It’s hard to pick up the gimmick that looks cumbersome for me, squatting on the thin shoulders, “outside, grandmother…”

Grandma rushed over, “Girl, beware.”

I should, my grandmother grabbed a few beans and put them in the pit. I flipped the soil with little hoes and covered them on the little seeds.

At that time, I was innocent, full of seeds, a few seeds grew into a string of beans, laughing silly.

In fact, I realized that when I grew up, my grandmother only did this “stupid thing” to satisfy me. But this kind of “stupid thing” did not have the opportunity to grow up. It is also because of my grandmother’s love for me that I have a wonderful childhood.

The bees are surrounded by small flowers of yellow or pink, collecting honey and dancing in the bushes. I gently pick up the petals or the pink flowers, and go to the nose: the flowers are faint. Plant it with the bean seeds, “Let’s grow up…” The little girl’s eyes are looking forward to.

Now I think of the time I spent staying with my grandmother, as if I smelled the smell of flowers and flowers.

Now, I have rarely gone back. My grandmother is old and her legs and feet are not so good, so we rarely meet. The only thing I remember is probably the childish thing I did at the time.

Learning pressure, plus insomnia, I feel very numb and turbid, as the degree of myopia deepens, the eyes are not as bright as before.

When I set foot on the kind land again, it can be said that things are things that people are not doing.

I remember that there was always a shallow stream, like a strip of stalks, and the children would always have bare feet and water in the hot summer. Nowadays, the stream of the creek has long dried up, but the ears are still echoing the string of silver bells that the children screamed when they hit the water. Autumn is the season of harvest. Now I am standing between the wheat waves, closing my eyes and occasionally blowing the wind. I remembered that I always loved to stick to my grandmother. She cut the rice and I caught it. Memories are in the golden rice fields, on the grandmother’s old clothes, and gradually clear in the scent of the rice scent and the old car. Blinking, the old car is already overwhelmed, the rice incense is not as strong as before, but the humming sound is as always.

I went to visit my grandmother. The years are not merciless, and the wrinkles are engraved on her face like a knife. It’s just that laugh, so it’s so kind. Although the grandmother was not so convenient to walk, she insisted on managing the vegetable garden with her grandfather.

I ate the soil eggs of my hometown and looked at the bright green of the bowl. My heart was mixed.

People are changing, things are changing, what can I keep?

Hometown, where I am dreaming! I love you!

The hands

From the beginning of my birth, I have a big hand behind me and I am holding it. When I fall, it is the big hands that lift me up. When I am injured, it is the big hands that wipe the medicine for me. When I am sad, it is The big hands wiped the tears for me. When I was happy, the big hands applauded me.

The big hands are so generous, so warm, and so rough, the hands cook a fragrant, hot, delicious meal, the hands are a warm sweater for my residence in the winter, when I put on, the sweater The body temperature of the hands is still flowing in it. Every morning, the hands will bring a delicious breakfast. When I was young, I was holding my hands and I was happy! Know that I am asleep, that hands…

The hands are the hands of my mother. Today I took out my mother’s previous photos. On the photos of my mother when I was in college, my mother’s hands were white and tender, my hands were thin and long, and there were no wrinkles. Let’s take a look. This is My mother’s photo at work, my mother’s hand is obviously black, and there are a lot of wrinkles. Look at this one. This is what my mother took a few days ago. The photo of my mother’s hand is already black and autumn. Here, here, There are scars here. This scar is when I play or accidentally ignite the sofa. My mother burns for the fire. This is when I play with scissors. My mother is afraid that I will be in danger when I grab it. I accidentally stabbed it. This is My mother took me on a bicycle. I was moved to the back and couldn’t live, so my mother couldn’t grasp the balance. The car fell. My mother didn’t let me fall, but my mother’s hand was worn out.

“Baby! Come and eat strawberries! Come on!” Mom was calling me again. Mom used his black and rough end to bring a plate of water, red strawberry, holding the strawberry and looking at the mother’s hand, the strawberry is very Sweet, but I saw my mother’s hand like a five-flavored bottle, there is a taste that can’t be said.

On Sunday, my mother took my hand and walked in the garden. My delicate and tender hand held my mother’s rough and rough hands, and I felt a little uncomfortable in my hand, but I still clasped my mother’s hand, my more than before. More tightly, I picked up the small flowers and inserted them on my mother’s head. My mother added a little more than before. From the mother’s dress to the appearance, to the figure, it is one-of-a-kind, all perfect. Just the hands. The hands are recorded, I have to hurt my mother again and again, and let my mother worry about the crimes again and again, I don’t want to see the hands, because the hands are revealing my scars again and again, like a steel fork My heart makes me sad again and again…

I started to collect the lucky money together, let them count one by one, a total of 2,520 yuan! You can buy a lot of skin care products for your mother, and make his hands become whiter and more tender. But I was wrong. I only wanted to cover up the wounds on my mother’s hands. I thought that my eyes would not be seen as clean. But after my mother wiped the cosmetics, not only did the wounds and skin color of my hands not improve, but I was also allergic to some cosmetics. The whole piece of skin is smashed, I cried, hiding in the room, crying alone, I am really sorry for my mother, I have no return in my life…

Seeing that the mother’s day is getting closer and closer, just on the day before Mother’s Day, the first class in the English class is 100 points! I want to give this perfect test paper to my mother for a gift, but is it too little to send a test paper? My eyes were locked on the pile of discarded bamboo strips.

The pair of bamboo strips, the thickness is different, at night, I went to the friend’s house to play, hiding in the garden to make the bamboo strips into the thickness of the thickness, almost the length of the bamboo, ready to surprise my mother tomorrow night!

Early the next morning, I found the aunt who made the bamboo basket at the door, and took a lot of wrapped bamboo sticks there. All of my hands were scratched. Auntie said that this is both an individual and alive. It’s a meticulous work, I’m afraid you can’t edit it with your little hand! Aunt looked very distressed, but I replied cheerfully: “I can believe!”.

It may have been touched by me. Auntie decided to send me an already-made bamboo wallet, but I didn’t accept it. I said, “I want to make one for my mother, that makes it more meaningful!” I said with pride.

Make a bamboo wallet! It’s just strenuous, left around, right around, trouble dead, I only edited it for a while, there is no patience, but when I think of my mother’s hands for my day and night, I have a compilation. The determination to go on, I seem to have seen my mother’s joy and my satisfaction when I made my bamboo wallet for my mother.

“Call! I finally got it!” I breathed a sigh of relief and stroked my hands that were covered with scars. The feeling of my mother’s feelings finally disappeared a little bit, at least now. The hand is the same as my mother.

I hid my wallet behind me. When I showed out that the bamboo wallet was not very good, my mother cried, hugged me, I cried, tears soaked our clothes. “Mom, sorry, I changed. It’s not too good, or will I write one for you?” I asked shyly, “No! No! Mom wants this, Mom wants this!” Mom choked, her face turned into tears. Drop on the ground and share it with the landlord.

Mom has been holding me for a long time, for a long time…

Mother’s love for us is not a “thank you” can express, my mother’s love is for us to return in one lifetime, mother gave birth to us, in order to let us study hard, grow up every day, grow up and become a family. And what about us? No matter where we go in the future, don’t forget that there is a living person here, looking forward to the children here, and returning to school as soon as possible…

The most loved person in this life

My home is in a remote mountain village, and my parents are farmers facing the loess. I have a younger brother who is 3 years old. Once I bought a girl’s handcuffs and secretly took 5 cents in my father’s drawer. When my father found out that there was less money on the same day, let us kneel by the wall and hold a bamboo pole to let us know who stole it. I was scared by the situation at the time, and I dared not speak with my head down. Father did not recognize us, saying that the two were beaten together. When I finished speaking, I raised my bamboo poles. Suddenly my brother grabbed his father’s hand and said loudly, “Dad, I stole it, not a sister, you beat me!” The father’s bamboo ruthlessly fell on his brother’s On the back and shoulders, my father was too angry to breathe. After sitting on the squat, he said, “You are stealing your home now. Will you grow up in the future? I will kill you, this is not contending.” In the evening, my mother and I were carrying a scarred younger brother, and my brother didn’t drop a tear. In the middle of the night, I suddenly burst into tears. My brother used a small hand to cover my mouth and said, sister, don’t cry, anyway, I also finished playing.

I have always hated myself for not having the courage to admit it. For many years, my brother still remembers me for the way I am blocked. That year, my brother was 8 years old and I was 11 years old. When my younger brother graduated from high school, he was admitted to the key high school in the county. At the same time, I also received an acceptance letter from the provincial capital university. That night, my father squatted in the yard with a bag of smoke, and his mouth was still squatting. Both of them were so eager to compete. My mother secretly wiped her tears and said that there is a use of enthusiasm. The younger brother went to the father and said, Dad, I don’t want to read it. Anyway, I have enough. The father slaps on the face of his brother and says, “You are so unsuccessful?” I just sell the iron in the shabu-shabu and also supply your sisters. After turning around, I went out to borrow money. I stroked my brother’s red and swollen face and said, “You have to read it. If you don’t study, you can’t walk out of this poor mountain.” The younger brother looked at me and nodded. At that time I had decided to give up the opportunity to go to school.

I didn’t expect the next day to be bright. My brother sneaked away with a few clothes and a few dry hoes. I left a note on my pillow: Sister, don’t worry, it is not easy to get into college. I Go out to work for you to study. I held the note and squatted on it, crying. That year, my brother was 17 years old and I was 20 years old. I finally read the junior year with the money borrowed by my father’s village and the money my brother had made to move cement on the construction site. One day I was reading in the bedroom, and the classmates ran in and called me, plum, and a fellow was looking for you. How can a fellow find me? I went out and saw my brother far away, waiting for me in overalls covered in cement and sand. I said, you and my classmates said that you are my fellow countryman? He smiled and said, look at my window, say that is your brother, your classmates still do not laugh at you? My nose is sour and my tears fall. I smacked the dust on my body and choked that you were my brother. I don’t care if others wear jokes in this life. He carefully took out a butterfly hairpin wrapped in his hand from his pocket and compared it on my head. He said that I saw the girls in the city wear this and I bought one for you. I never resisted, and I cried on the street with my brother. That year, my brother was 20 years old and I was 23 years old.

I took my boyfriend home for the first time and saw how many years of glass had fallen in the house, and the house was clean and spotless. After the boyfriend left, I spoke to my mother. I said, Mom, how can I clean up my house so clean? My mother is old, laughing like a chrysanthemum on my face, saying that this is your brother coming back early to clean up, do you see the mouth in his hand? It is the time of the glass. I walked into my brother’s hut and saw my brother’s thin face, which was very sad. He still said with a smile, the first time you bring a friend home, or a college student in the city, can not make people laugh at home. I applied medicine to his wound and asked him if he hurts? He said, no pain. I am on the construction site, the stone is so swollen that I can’t wear my shoes, and I still work. When I say half of it, I close my mouth and say nothing. I turned my face and cried. That year, my brother was 23 years old and I was 26 years old. After I got married, I lived in the city. I had to take my parents to live with my husband several times. They refused to say that they would not know what to do when they left the village. The younger brother does not agree. Sister, you will take care of your brother-in-law’s parents. Hey, my parents have me. Husband was promoted to the factory manager, and I discussed with him to transfer the younger brother to manage the maintenance department. I did not expect the younger brother to refuse to do a repairman. A younger brother climbed the ladder to repair the wires and let him click into the hospital. My husband and I went to see him. I caressed him to blame him on the legs of the plaster. You will be a cadre, you will not do it. Now, if you don’t work, can you let the workers do the work?

He said with a serious look, don’t you think about my brother-in-law? He just took office, I have no culture, I will be an official directly, and it will have an impact on him! The husband was moved to tears. I also cried and said, brother, you have no culture, and the sister has delayed you. He pulled my hand and said, it’s all gone, and it’s doing it! That year, my brother was 26 years old and I was 29 years old.

When the younger brother was 30 years old, he was married to a rural girl who was a duty. At the wedding, the host asked him, who is your most dear person, and he did not want to answer, my sister. My brother will have a story that I can’t remember: When I was in elementary school, the school was in a neighboring village. Every day, my sister and I had to walk for an hour before arriving home. One day, one of my gloves was lost, and my sister gave her one, and she walked so far with a glove. After returning home, my sister’s hand couldn’t afford to eat chopsticks. Since then, I have vowed that I must be good to my sister in my life. There was a round of applause from the audience, and the guests turned their attention to me. I said that the person I am most grateful for in my life is my brother. At the moment when I should be happy, I couldn’t stop crying.

Remember to line up once

A complicated day has begun, and although we are facing a great crisis – standing in the crowds of people and people into the Expo, I am very excited and excited. However, I found that in the process of waiting, it is not monotonous, but as fascinating, colorful, colorful as watching cartoons…

The first act: steady as the old lady Taishan

Despite the drizzle, we are still sweating. Suddenly, a scene of fun was caught in my eyes – a gray-haired old lady took the stool without hesitation, and sat on the stool without hesitation, then closed her eyes with gusto, both hands Close together, put on the chest, and kept muttering something in my mouth, it’s almost endless, I don’t know the situation ahead: the team is moving forward quickly, and the “outdated” old lady is still thinking about her. The warrior does not move. When the people in front had moved five or six meters, she was still as stable as the mountains, and the people behind were embarrassed to bother her. Finally, a young man took the courage to step forward and gently patted the old lady’s shoulder and said softly: “Auntie, gone! You have already fallen a lot!” Remind, the old lady Only after returning to God, I reluctantly moved the stool like a snail, and then I remembered the endless experience! ……

Act II: Slowly swallowing the rain

The cry of God is getting bigger and bigger, as if I have encountered any troubles, endless.

The people who had prepared the umbrellas hurriedly opened up the straw to save lives, and fortunately for their choices; and those who did not bring umbrellas, oh, don’t mention them, they have already been drowned as “falling soup”, and they are embarrassed. On the clothes, on the clothes, and on the hands are all dripping. Fortunately, every few steps there will be a large umbrella that can be used to cover the rain. Those smart people hurriedly stood under the umbrella and wanted to use them to temporarily resist the wind and rain…

I also secretly rejoice in my heart: Thanks to our umbrella, otherwise, the consequences are really unimaginable, terrible!

Those who are hiding under the umbrella are all frowning, worrying that they will be drenched into “falling soup” by the rain. They are all grinded and want to spend more time under the umbrella. Therefore, when the people in the present have already gone through the old long road, they still do not see it, they still hide under the umbrella, and some still have leisurely songs in their mouths. However, these people only ran forward a few steps in the eyes of our blame, hiding under another umbrella to shelter from the rain.

Suddenly heard a noise from there, I turned my head and looked at it: It turned out that an uncle quickly flew to the big umbrella in front of the team to avoid the rain because he did not bring an umbrella. But people thought he was intentional, bomb The lead is thus ignited. Several aunts shouted loudly: “How do you just jump in the queue!” “I don’t have an umbrella! Do you have any sympathy!” “Do you have a public morality!” “Then I can’t avoid the rain?” “Really!”… They have been quarreling in this way, the tone is heavier than one, and the expression is more ugly than an ugly one, which has attracted a lot of crowds.

Act III: Carefree children

It’s boring, time is like a white-haired grandfather, moving slowly in the footsteps.

Hey, the few children who are on the railing are still free and carefree. They talk and laugh, look around, and have no waiting troubles. Some daring people simply sit on the railing and look to the distant sea.

I saw one of the little boys standing on the fence next to me and looking into the distance: I put my hand on my forehead and looked at it like Sun Wukong. Then I put out my finger and carefully counted: “One bend, two bends Child, three bends… Mom, there are five bends to get to the head!” Every time we make a bend, he will yell: “Wow!” The excitement is really unparalleled. !

Seeing this wonderful scene, I easily picked up the song and smiled on my face. I also learned how they climbed up the railing and looked at it. Yeah! It’s coming soon! Great! We can enter the park right away! Dear Hyperther, I am coming!

Closing ceremony:

It took a lot of hard work to see the Expo, but this wait is also worthwhile. For that lovely Haibao, rush!

Day with guitar

Yesterday, a few people came to my house to install air conditioners. I also packed up my house.

Originally, my mood was very calm, but when I accidentally picked up my fiery guitar, my heart suddenly slammed again – because it reminded me of many things before –

I am a guitar in the sixth grade. At that time, although it was nominally learning to “play” and cultivate his own sentiment, but holding the guitar for the first time, I still couldn’t help but imagine myself: holding the guitar, standing on the stage coolly, playing the rock and roll, Taiwan The next generation is crowded with people, and the applause is like thunder…

So, with the boy’s dream, I entered the guitar class.

At the beginning, I was very disappointed with the guitar: the reason is no, too boring. But at that time, my dreams were still supporting me, and I always had the upper hand, so I never thought about “exiting.” I have been practicing twice, except for eating and sleeping, learning to write blogs, and playing guitar all the time. Our family is always filled with a guitar sound, from no rhythm to rhythm, from simple to complex, from raw to pure…

Later, my guitar level was gradually getting on the right track, and some simple songs could be popped up – although simple, but in my opinion, it was a great improvement! I am further from success! During that time, I was very excited. After bounced back to the first song “Little Star”, I played in my parents’ ears every day; but they didn’t bother. When the whole family got together to watch TV, when I met someone who sang, I would smile and pick up the guitar. I slammed it up and screamed, “I accompanies the singer, I am obliged.” When I met the advertisement, I I will pick up the guitar and chaos. So, at that time, I felt that the advertisement for Happy Camp was much better. I blinked in a blink of an eye…

Later, I learned to sweep the strings. The sweeping string is very cool, the picks are swept away, the sound of the piano is screaming, very rhythmic and very charming. I remember when I first started practicing, I saw that a “teacher” was sweeping the strings in a big way, and the worship of the heart was broken. He also felt that he was very senior and very accomplished. But when I killed this in just two months, I realized that sweeping the strings was not as difficult as I thought, or even very simple – but in any case, the sweeping string sounds cool! So, I practiced with great enthusiasm and quickly learned. When I played the guitar at home, the music in the house was much better. I also boasted that “there are a lot of stars.”

When my guitar was at its peak, we had a graduation party in our class. I measured my strength and knew that I was “very tender,” but I also reported that everyone was playing the guitar. So, before the party, my enthusiasm for practicing guitar reached an unprecedented high, in order to be able to perform better at the party, I was praised by the students – after all, this is my first “stage performance”, cross With this step, I will be able to “go to the next level.”

Before I came to power, I was very embarrassed. The little angel in my heart kept imagining how beautifully I played, and how the audience reflected it was warm; but the little devil kept thinking about how badly he played, and there was a mockery around me… I thought of retreating, I plan to practice better before I step on the stage. But this is a graduation party. All of our classmates have been together for three years. If you don’t perform for everyone, I’m afraid there is no chance…

I finally got on the stage. I forgot the scene I played at the time. I only remembered that there were some applause around after the play. After I went down, there were many students who were very interested in asking me to teach the guitar – it’s hard to learn, but also to praise me playing well. It!

After the party, my enthusiasm for playing the guitar was significantly reduced. When I entered junior high school, I was no longer going to play the guitar because of “study too busy.” After this, when I was in a whim, I couldn’t help but pick up the guitar, caressed and played a song, but I never insisted on it…

I saw this guitar again, this guitar that was almost forgotten by me. Although I have listed the “playing the guitar” item in my summer vacation plan, I have not implemented it.

I moved the guitar a little stiffly and put my hand on the strings…

Looking at my dreams now, I feel a little ridiculous, and I have no intention of trying to achieve it. Yes, some dreams will never be realized. Especially the dreams of teenagers are always determined by the whim. However, they can nourish the heart of the young and let the young people take the initiative to fight for the young. Be full and meaningful. After a few years, the teenager will revisit them and bring them into their arms…

Egg protection action

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. In the morning class, the teacher suddenly announced an important news to us: to hold a large egg protection activity, all the classmates have to join, and everyone will take a raw egg from home in the afternoon, no matter where they are. Take it with you, don’t break it, and by the end of next Monday’s event, the egg will be rated as “the egg ambassador” when it is intact. We all shouted loudly when we heard this interesting event.

When I got home in the morning, we all picked up their eggs. As a baby, take the eggs to school in the afternoon and carefully care for them, just like protecting their children. We looked at this cute egg child and laughed happily. Some students also put the egg on the pattern, painted the human eye, nose, mouth and ears, and the egg became a living face, which looks more beautiful than ordinary eggs. I wrapped the egg in a towel, put it in a plastic bag, and put it in the bucket. Some of the classmates put them in the iron cans, and some of them put them in their clothes. This is good, each one of the eggs has become a fully armed “weird egg”. After class, almost no one is willing to go to the toilet, quietly staying in the classroom, watching their “children.”

When the next day came at noon, there was a sudden “ah” in the classroom, and then a shout came. I went in and saw that the “baby” of Yang Lan was broken. Several of us laughed and we all smiled. After a while, the whole class came together and the teacher came. At this time, Li Xiang shouted and his egg broke. The whole class whispered. Finally, this day passed in our fears and screams.

When the third day arrived, I was exhausted. Because it was Saturday, I didn’t go to school, I couldn’t find a safe place everywhere. Put it on the coffee table? No, it was knocked out when drinking water. Put it on the table, no, the table slides, it may slip to the ground and break. Because I have to write homework, I am afraid to put the egg in the jar. As soon as there was a rush of wind, I quickly took my “Little Prince” in my hand. After feeling that it was not dangerous, put the egg back into the jar. After putting it back, my heart was like a little rabbit, jumping. It took a long time to finish the homework. In the evening, I was afraid that the tank was not safe. I quickly put the baby on the sofa and read it while holding it at hand. But I am still very scared, for fear of accidents falling on the ground, or Dad came back to throw me eggs, or come to a monster to take the eggs away. I kept staring at it until half past ten. If it weren’t for my mother’s stop, I’m afraid I’ll see that I will sleep tomorrow morning. However, in the middle of the night, I was still awake, and I couldn’t sleep for a long time. It was really scared in my mouth, and I was afraid of it in my hand.

I arrived in the class on Monday. I asked about it. There are already several students whose eggs have been broken. My heart is secretly happy, because several competitors have disappeared. I thought I could end this game in the morning, but I was wrong, because the teacher suddenly said that this action will end in the afternoon, my heart suddenly cooled a half, because the egg child has already tortured me to death. I finally understood how hard it was when I was a mother. In the morning, several students broke the egg again. I also have a bit of sorrow, but I think I should be responsible for my own eggs, I can’t break it, or I will give up all my efforts, and I will be laughed at by my classmates. I must stick to it. In the third class, the English teacher was very excited about the egg and seemed to congratulate us.

However, at the last minute of the afternoon, my egg was actually broken. On the way to school, when I was sitting on a bicycle, I accidentally slipped my hand and the egg fell to the ground. Just listening to the “啪”, my baby broke like this. I was so sad that the baby that had been raised for several days was actually broken! My egg is broken, looking at someone else’s egg, I cried sadly. I really want to come back to this kind of egg protection activity again. I will pay more attention to it and never break my “little baby” again!

Bathe the little turtle

As soon as I saw the tortoise, I remembered a childhood anecdote that impressed me. In the scene, I couldn’t help but see the picture of the most innocent.

That was when I was five years old, my father bought me a cute little turtle. This little turtle is lively and moving, with a green and green shell on his back. The round head is inlaid with black pearls. Eyes, often slicking me. I am ecstatic, if I get the treasure, I will treat the little turtle as a darling, and I won’t touch it.

On this day, Mom and Dad are not at home. I hold the turtle to the kitchen and take some minced meat with a small hand to feed it. The little turtle eats happily. After I have fed it, I go to wash my hands. Suddenly, I smelled a stink, eh? I have already washed my hands, how can I smell? I couldn’t help but smell the smell of the nose with the nose. It turned out to be from the little turtle that had just had a meal. Why is the little turtle stinking, is it because it didn’t bathe? Correct! I should take a shower for the little turtle. The little turtle seemed to feel something pre-feeling, waving his limbs uneasily. I picked up the little turtle and whispered it and said, “Hey, I will bathe you, wash the fragrance!” While walking to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom, I picked up a mug, unscrewed the faucet, and slammed into a cup of cold water. Then I put the struggling little turtle into the water and grabbed my father’s toothbrush and went to the back of the turtle. Brushing, I still sing songs happily in my mouth: “Washing brush, washing brush!” Brush for a while, I thought, the little turtle should be as fragrant as the clothes that my mother took out from the washing machine? So I picked up the little turtle and sniffed the nose and smelled it, huh? How is the little turtle not fragrant? I was puzzled. Suddenly my eyes fell on the washing powder. Yes, my mother used the washing powder to wash the clothes. I should use the “wash turtle powder” to wash the turtles, and I took a bath. With hot water, the small turtle should also be washed with hot water. I quickly went around to find “washing turtle powder”, but I couldn’t find it for a long time, so I had to use shower gel. I poured a cup of hot water first, learned the mother’s appearance and tried the water temperature. I added a little cold water to pick up the little turtle that I wanted to escape. I squeezed a lot of shower gel and put it on the back. The little turtle screamed at once, like a toy that had been clocked, struggling desperately, trying to escape my “claw”. I don’t care. It’s just that the little turtle is too naughty. I don’t want to take a bath like me. I gently brush the shell and head of the turtle with my toothbrush. The little turtle closes her eyes, but it still moves. After a while, the little turtle finally became fragrant. I put the little turtle in the hot water. The little turtle suddenly opened his eyes and swung his limbs like crazy. He tried to run out and struggled. After five or six minutes, the little turtle gradually became weak, and the head and tail limbs were retracted into the shell. Innocently, I thought the little turtle was too comfortable. I ran to play happily and let it “enjoy” alone.

“Oh,” with the door open, two familiar faces appeared in front of me, I said to my mom and dad happily: “Mother and Dad! I just helped the turtle to take a hot bath, it is comfortable. “Ah?!” Mom and Dad screamed at the same time, surprised that the chin was falling to the floor, and then laughed and leaned forward, closed mouth, like two big bananas, mother took a smile and picked up The little tortoise, who almost died, said to me: “Xiaoyi, the turtle can’t take a bath, hot water will burn it.” I listened, “wow” and cried.

Although this childhood fun has been going on for a long time, every time I think about it, I will be laughed at by that time.

The courage of the bus

As the sun sets, the sky is getting late, just after school.

This is the moment when people get off work, and it is also the peak period of the crowd. In front of the bus stop, I carried a bulky schoolbag, and my skinny body was crowded into a crowd like a hive. People’s crazy crowded figure had already lost the previous order, and the smell of smell of sweat came to me. The resentment of living, I tried to get into the gap of the crowd, so as to further board the bus. When the door was closed, I was fortunate that I was flaunting and waved with people outside the car.

There are a lot of people in the car, and people of all kinds are dazzling. Squeezing beside me is a prostitute who looks like a twenties. Her dress is very simple. The short-sleeved white shirt will show her exquisite figure. The snow-like clavicle is exposed to the air and then matched. A denim shorts adds a touch of vigour to her. Her hair like ink is carefully arranged. She counts down on her chest, her delicate eyebrows are drawn, and her head is added to her. Introverted, a small golden bag in his hand. I have to say that this is indeed a very attractive and tasteful woman.

Squeezing between us is a man with a black leather cap. He is wearing a black leather coat. The shoes under his feet are slightly damaged. The angle of his standing is just facing me, so that I can’t tell. His looks, but I can glimpse that he is wearing a black mask.

In an instant, a man’s hand reached the armrest, his arm just happened to be behind the woman, and he slowly turned his head, facing the woman’s back, and the woman might fall into him if she didn’t pay attention. In the arms.

After a minute and a second, the situation on the car was as crowded as before, and the passengers were doing everything.

I just turned my head. Maybe the driver was not properly braked. The car suddenly stopped. Everyone was stunned. Even I almost stood still. Unfortunately, my Yu Guang’s eyes were behind and the woman fell. In the man’s arms, there was a bit of ruddyness in his face, but he did not leave his arms. I suddenly had a little excitement. Is it a couple after a hard time?

I slowly turned around, and there was a bit of joke in my heart, but the result was unexpected. My pupil gradually enlarged and watched quietly. The man’s hand climbed the woman’s waist like a snake. There was a bit of jealousy and jealousy between the eyebrows. The woman did not say a word. The bottom of the high heels at the foot had already stepped on the man’s feet. She seemed to be patient, and the face suddenly became difficult to look at. Up…

Actually… I am not sure, this is the first time I have encountered such a thing. The word “猥亵” has gradually formed in my mind. I and the woman looked at each other in the blink of an eye. Fear made me judge for a moment, facing the man behind her, the seeds of fear gradually sprouted in my heart, and the man’s hand seemed to stretch out…

The woman choked, her fists gradually tightened, and I finally couldn’t help but yell. At the same time, another voice was issued together, and the two “rolling” words resounded throughout the bus…

The eyes of the people in the car gathered here. The man’s face was a little bit awkward, and the woman’s arm was loosened a little. I couldn’t help but kick it, and the woman’s bag instantly hit the man’s face. The mouth finally shouted: “Rogue!”

Everyone seems to understand everything in an instant. The people who saw the situation also kicked in and kicked up in an instant. The road people were very sense of justice, and there were alarms… I wanted to get back for the woman. justice.

The woman’s head turned to me, and the two looked at each other with a glance.

In an instant, I understand that a flower called courage has opened…

no more

Life is slowly in the opening and ending of countless times. As time goes by, many things have already drifted with the wind, and many things can no longer find the feeling of the year. And my childhood, also slowly disappeared in this time feast, I can no longer find the carefree of the year, no longer the innocence and happiness of the year.

In my impression, my childhood seems to have done two things, one is to dig the fruit of the “hook grass”, and the other is to fight “hook grass.” Although there are only two pictures left in my impression, these two pictures, these two seemingly naive behaviors have accompanied me throughout my childhood.

At that time, I didn’t know the so-called “hooking grass” and the fruit. I only know that “hooking grass” is a good thing for fighting skills, and also a good way to test the character.

At that time, I always ran downstairs in my spare time, and I planted it in the green bushes in order to find the strong and powerful “hook grass”. Every time I choose the game’s hook, I always carefully peel off its outer stem, for fear of accidentally dismissing my “first place”. Peeling the grass is like a big head. The long filaments underneath are not particularly good, but this is a slender white line, but it has an amazing pull.

The two thin lines are intertwined. It seems that from the very beginning, I have fixed my heart to be the king. We are pulling each other in the opposite direction. They are also intertwined more closely. Under the pull again and again, one party finally falls. The head, while the winner is with his king to continue the next round of competition. We repeat this and repeat the same action, but we don’t feel bored at all. Only now, I can no longer find the feeling of the year, no longer the happiness of the year, no worries of the year.

We also like to dig up the fruit of the “hook grass” and wash it. It was also a great pleasure for us. But not everyone’s luck can be so good, not all the “hook grass” under the button-sized fruit. So we started the carpet search, it is necessary to find the first fruit, and it is necessary to find enough. I only remember that time, our laughter was very cheerful, very hearty, from which only the innocence of childhood and the joy of seeking, rather than the smile of today.

After the search, we started our “trying to eat” trip, because the amount of searching is not much, so we didn’t eat much, but every time we put the fruit in our mouth, we will all face each other. Smile up. Perhaps it is because this is the result of our mutual search, or our naive resonance in the past, or the friendship that belongs to us is gradually solid in each other’s heart, no matter what, then we are all happy, both It is naive. And these, now no longer, can no longer be found, and my childhood, can no longer go back.

Life is like a stumbling trip. When we have passed the ignorant, innocent, always bumping childhood, we have grown up, and our childhood can’t go back. I miss this period very much, but I also know that the past has passed, and it is no use to recollect it. Instead of reminiscing about the past, it is better to look to the future. Don’t let us indulge in the past and miss the future. A great time. Childhood, beautiful, my future will be more beautiful. Since there is no naive happiness in childhood, then I would rather have the confidence and pride of the future.

My elementary school life

In my 6 years of elementary school, I spent time, childhood, or dreams. At that time, I was just a child who was arrogant and ignorant. I don’t know how big the world is outside and I don’t know the dangers in the world.

When I first came to elementary school, I didn’t know anything. I only knew that being a student was a responsibility for myself. At that time, I was happy with my friends and parents. At that time, I dreamed of being a teacher. The mother said that the teacher is a hard gardener and feeds on the saplings like us. Therefore, I am determined to be a teacher. I am young and ignorant, I don’t know what country my country is.

I remember when I watched the anti-Japanese war drama, wasn’t there a fragment of Japanese imperialist military invaders, holding a Japanese flag on the stick (it was young, I didn’t understand). My dad said to me, don’t hold the Japanese flag, this is not right. At that time, I was not hostile to the Japanese nation, but I was somewhat abhorrent to China.

At the time of the 1st to 3rd grades, the results were fairly stable, and it was the first few in the class. However, when I was in the fourth grade, there was a change. The language scores began to deteriorate. On the 60-point scale, I got 40 points. At that time, my mom often tore my papers, not to copy Zhao Kun’s papers, or to copy them. Once again, I don’t know how many times I’ve played it. One time, isn’t my chrysanthemum opened into a red rose? [That is the belt inside the car (toxic)] It’s a painful mark that makes me unforgettable, that hurt The pain lasted for more than a month, only to heal, but I did not feel bad about my mother, it is still my mother, my mother is playing against me, just love for me (playing is kiss, love is love), then It also blends the mother’s love, I hurt, my mother’s heart hurts. The score is already the student’s assessment standard. If you don’t have grades, you can’t get a good high school. My mom told me that it should be tested. At that time, the mathematics scores were more ups and downs. Every time the mid-term final exam expired, the scores would be fully tested. However, when the scores were taken, the scores were reduced by more than 20 points. The students always thought that I was copying, but the actual is not. This situation of mine is the same as that of our original class. It is like this.

When I was in elementary school, I seemed to like girls too. I was somewhat impure at the time, but I did not show it. I don’t understand what “love” is. In elementary school, I am still a vulnerable group. I don’t have much popularity, I won’t fight, I don’t have much strength. Elementary school is pure and fresh.

We played the game king together, the Three Kingdoms killed, of course, DOTA.

That was the happiest day of the sixth grade, but the class was still distressing. When I was in elementary school, my language performance gradually declined. I don’t know why. As I grew older, my mind’s consciousness will be full and I will understand my nation and my soul. The philosophical language I created when I was a child:

“If you see a book and look at it seriously, you will find a vault.” I remembered this sentence and understood some truths. At that time, when I was reading, I could fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. The classical Chinese only understood sexual memory, and I understood the meaning of the author. I haven’t read the Four Books and Five Classics. The classics of my ancestors are of no use to me.

This is the time I spent six years with my friends and family. Elementary school time has passed, junior high school time is almost gone, we are all waiting, waiting for people, just love and life. There is nothing in the world that you can’t see but feel.