Recalling family ties

There is a feeling, like a spring in the depths of my soul, flowing endlessly, spitting endlessly, running forever and ever, to water every grass and tree in my life journey… There is a person, like the eternal god, who will never die in your heart and mind.
— inscription
“Wow…” With a loud cry, the whole family’s suspense was relieved. I was born. Before that, the doctor told my family that this is an unsound fetus, it’s best to abolish it, but because my mother is very old and has been married for many years before conceiving a baby, everyone is hesitant, is a grandfather’s sentence, “No matter what kind of child is born, it must be born.” Let everybody calm down like eating a heart-setting pill. It was not until this cry brought out a healthy, tender child that everyone really laughed with joy.
“Grandpa, here I am!” Every time I walk in the yard, I can’t wait to shout out, because I want to see my grandfather soon.
My grandfather is tall and strong, but he has a beer belly better than watermelon; my grandfather is a small flat head, there is a black and white hybridization house, the face of meat every time he laughs, it is the same kind smile as most elders; my grandfather, smoking like life, right index finger and middle finger, has been smoked yellow. And the “permanent incense” is installed, and how much soap can’t wash out that smell. It was a pair of cocoon-covered hands that were extremely rough, but in my eyes, it was the warmest and thickest hand in the world.
Grandpa loves smoking, but I always think it’s a rumor. After all, he never smoked a cigarette in front of me. Some of the smoke in the house is just that if there is no smoke.
Grandpa is an all-round player, it seems that he will not, like: repair electrical appliances, repair water pipes, repair bicycles, repair houses… He came in all sorts of ways. Whatever the neighbor or friend asked him to do, he turned around and took the tools and left without saying a word. Once repaired, they never get paid. I think that’s the first thing Grandpa taught me – to be helpful and not to ask for anything in return.
Speaking of foreign customs, that is not entirely true. When Grandpa is elegant, he still gives people the illusion that he is a man full of language and ink, especially when playing chess.
I remember once, my grandfather took me to see him play chess, and repeatedly told me not to quarrel with him. At the beginning, he slowly entered the state, just like a stone carving, except for the eyebrow, a moment of locking, a moment of stretching, people are uncertain. Although I don’t know chess, I can also see that grandpa and his chess friends play happily with each other. I guess that’s why so many players like to find grandpa to play chess. Not only because the chess is good, but also because Grandpa knows how to share this share – quiet.
“Laoding, fresh pork cuts two kilos for you!” I’m familiar with such Nanchang dialect cries. That’s what Uncle Meat Seller usually calls. He must have seen Grandpa. Grandpa is his regular customer, and he sells two or three kilograms at a time. Grandpa loves meat very much. Every time I went, he would make a big bowl of red-roasted meat. He always said, “Children grow up and eat more meat.” Grandpa knew that I like lean meat, so he put fat into his bowl every time. Looking at me eating, he seemed happier than the man who ate me, and his eyes were narrowed with laughter.
Memories of childhood are inseparable from grandpa’s. I was brought up by my grandfather. When he went there, I went there. At that time, Grandpa would go to Zhongshan Bridge every afternoon to hang out and play with the old people of his age, chatting together, but those topics always revolved around me, just like this granddaughter was the treasure he discovered after years of excavation. Maybe it was infected by my grandpa. Since I was a child, I didn’t recognize students and liked making friends.
I thought it would last forever. However, the world is often not what people want, grandpa suffered from advanced gastric cancer. Watching him lose weight day by day, without beer belly and fat all over, he will never bulge up a small bag with laughter, some of which are only skin and bones. It’s been a long time in hospital, and I always believe everything will be okay.
That afternoon, I came to see my grandpa after school and said that I wanted to eat his roast pork. My grandpa also promised to eat it for me as soon as he got well. I went out to play with my friends in the yard for a while. When I came back, I heard a loud cry before entering the door. I rushed into the house and saw a grandfather who was closed-eyed and could not wake up, no matter how shaking he was. However, I did not cry, I do not know why, looking at that motionless body, I, silent, do not say, do not cry.
In the evening, almost all the relatives came, placing the sadness I could not understand. That night, I was sitting in a chair, not sleeping, just dazed. The next few days, I was the first to wake up, the first to give him perfume, tell him, I think he, I am angry that he did not fulfill his promise.
A few days later, in the spiritual hall, I listened to the meaningless mourning speech and watched the outside lying fairly and quietly in the transparent box. In the afternoon, I was a few meters away from him outside the railings, watching him push into a box, the fire suddenly burned. At that moment, I fell on my knees and burst into tears like a storm; at that moment, I shed all the tears that I had not been able to shed before, and the cries around me were very loud, but I could not hear them, and I was buried by my own cries. I know, I have already faced the reality, that most painful grandfather, really, really, no longer.
Grandpa, he, left others with photographs, belongs to the memory between him and them, left to me, but it is the love that death can not take away, it is always the kind smile, it belongs to our eternal memory.
Five years later, I come to recall him and turn out all the memories hidden in my heart; to recall the past bit by bit; to recall what he taught me, helpful, not rewarding; to recall his quiet; to recall his red-roasted meat; to recall the blood-soluble affection in water, the love that will remain in my heart forever.

Mid-Autumn Festival Eve

Late at night, with a slightly cool autumn wind, in the morning sunshine on the grass and leaves that glittering dew, every time this season comes, the mood is particularly comfortable, such a season makes people feel no depression. I remember when I was a child in my hometown, this season is the autumn harvest in the north, peanuts are ripe in this season. I remember that when I was very young, I often followed my father to collect peanuts in the peanut fields on the hillside. I remember that I did not go to school at that time, there was no pressure, it was simple, I didn’t want to worry about anything. In the morning, before the sun had risen, my father would get up early and work on the ground. I ran to the trolley early and waited for my father. My father pushed me up the hill with the trolley. I felt that there were many dreams in the wooden trolley. I dreamed of picking wild fruits on the hill. I dreamed of catching crickets on the mountain. On the winding mountain road, I only felt my father walking forward step by step. The pace is so steady. Half the way, you will see the sun. The warm sunshine shines on my face, leaving a pinch of sweat on the tip of my nose.
When I arrived at my peanut field, I always couldn’t tell the boundaries of my own. My father always compared with me before he worked. There was a big stone from here to there. Every time I told you in detail, I was afraid I would forget it. Then my father always habitually took out the cigarette bag that had been hanging on his waist, rolled up a cigarette and took a deep breath. When he saw the cigarette smoke coming out of his father’s mouth, he felt that it tasted good. In my memory, it was the father’s taste, which gave me a sense of steadfastness.
There are many treasures on the mountain. In my eyes, wild flowers, strange-shaped small rocks, all kinds of insects I collect, I will take them home. My favorite thing is to catch a scorpion, because it is too cunning to catch it for half a day, and it also bites my little hand, it is always in the Bush from inside to and fro, the color and leaves, not recognizable, there are many thorns on the bush, I simply can not catch it quickly. When I can’t catch it, I will pester my father and let him catch it with me.
I would also sit on the rocks on the top of the mountain and watch my father working. I would eat all kinds of wild fruits in my mouth. At that time, I never thought about how tired my father’s hard work was. By noon my mother would bring us warm meals on her shoulders. My mother was very weak, and my heavy father would never let her do it. My father and I were sitting in the field eating together, and from time to time I would run around the mountains with my mother’s baked cake to catch up with a flying grasshopper and come back panting. My father always looked at me with reproachful eyes, disrelishing me for not having a good meal and feeling really happy at that time. There are many walnut trees on the mountain, so I went to pick walnuts, climbed to the top of the tree, could not come down, cried for my father, and then stepped on his shoulder to dare to come down.
Every season, I always feel that there are too many peanuts in the field. After dinner in the evening, because I was afraid that the peanuts would be lost, I would follow my father and take the quilt to sleep in the field. Father propped up a small shed with plastic film, and we laid quilts in it.
When the sun goes down, there will be a lot of insects flying in the sky with lights. At that time, they don’t know what it is. They run and chase after it. After they catch it, they ask their father what it is. Later, they know that it is a firefly. Autumn night air is very fresh, the sky is very high and clear. I can see many stars with my head up. I feel tired with my neck when I hold my head up for a long time. I just walk on the grass, fold a wild chrysanthemum, hold it in my mouth, a fresh taste, and count the stars. The sky is so beautiful. At this time, the moon is half round. At that time, I always felt that there was a grandpa on the moon. The moon is changing every day. Maybe the grandpa on the moon is playing tricks. In a few days, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be called August 15th in my hometown. What I hope most is that the Mid-Autumn Festival will eat mooncakes made by my mother herself. Mother would fry and crush the new peanuts and the walnuts I picked, then put on brown sugar, peanut oil and moon cake fillings, make moon cakes with wooden mooncake models, one by one, printed on them, mother would be very careful to put the moon cakes in the cooking pot branded, one by one, or it would be pasty, mother’s hands are very rough, and not afraid of scalding. At this time, I will be happy to wait for the first moon cake to come out. Mother’s mooncakes are very fragrant but slightly greasy, so I won’t eat them unless I can eat two.
Mother always cooks several dishes in the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. Father always remembers to buy soda for me in the shop. When I drink soda, my father drinks liquor. I feel that liquor is not good at all. At that time, there was no TV at home. After dinner, I would listen to my mother’s story about Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Then I fell asleep unconsciously.
In a twinkling of an eye, I have been married, and my father and mother are much older. Yesterday, my father called me. I said that I would go home to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with you. My father said that you were not very busy there? Don’t come back when you are busy. I know my father is afraid of delaying my work. I really want to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with you. I discuss with my girlfriend in the evening and bring my parents together to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival. They said they had become accustomed to living in their hometown and felt uncomfortable in the city.
Every season that miss will be very strong, along with the upcoming round of the Mid-Autumn Festival full moon, to my parents at home say happy Mid-Autumn Festival, wish you two old people good health, children miss you in the distance!

Cherish the love you have

Cherish, an eternal topic, cherish time, cherish life, cherish… I want to cherish the love I have.
Black and white hair, deep but bright eyes, tall nose, wrinkled forehead… I turned over my photo with my grandmother and looked at her kind and gentle smile. Sweet and sad memories flooded into my heart.
When I was a child, my parents sent me to my grandmother’s home in the countryside for work reasons. I was in a heaven of freedom and happiness. Running with friends on the ridge, playing with butterflies in the orchard and playing with poultry in the yard. I was naughty, either breaking the pot or trampling on the crops, but my grandmother didn’t scold me and always gave me a gentle and amiable laugh. Whether in the morning, noon, or evening, my grandmother made me the most delicious and nutritious meal. In the morning, my grandmother milked me fresh milk, or made me lean porridge with preserved eggs; at noon and evening, my grandmother always changed patterns to make me good food, I always eat a face of satisfaction and happiness, my grandmother saw me so happy, also showed a kind smile, in the light, particularly mild.
Grandma cooks delicious food, and I want to learn. But Grandma always smiled and said to me, “Wanlin is still young, and when she grows up, she will make a better meal than Grandma.” But I always pestered my grandmother, who had no choice but to let me watch her do it. When appropriate, let me help her get something.
“Wanlin, get some salt for Grandma.”
“Good!” I sniffed into the kitchen locker and turned it upside down and found a small bottle of white powder. Um… Salt is like that. I showed it to my grandmother happily.
Grandma looked at the small bottle with white powder in my hand, looked around, opened it, smelled it, and then laughed, “Is this salt?”
“Yes.” My solemn answer.
Later, Grandma laughed so hard that she couldn’t stand up. I was a little angry: “This is salt!”
Wanlin, this is the sugar you use to drink soy milk. It’s not the salt we use for cooking!” Grandma had a spoiled smile on her face.
I pouted my lips and nodded, seemingly unintelligible.
Grandma likes to go to the garden in her spare time. I also like a fart bug. Grandma took a big straw hat, I took a small straw hat; Grandma planted flowers, I also planted flowers, Grandma pulled grass, I also pulled grass. At that time, I would not carry the seedlings. I would not plant them properly. Instead, the seedlings were broken. I was afraid that my grandmother would scold me, so I buried the seedlings in the soil, which was regarded as a “burial” for them. But I do not give in, or a vigorous load, a vigorous plug, a vigorous break, I kept burying the broken seedlings in the soil, Grandma looked back at me, laughed: “Just a little bit of patience, how can you plug in?” Grandma’s old cocoon-covered hand wrapped around my hand, slowly inserted into the soil, Grandma’s hand is clear and cold, but I feel very warm. The seedlings are intact, standing proudly in the soil and exuding vitality. I cheered and my grandmother laughed happily.
With the passage of time, I grew up slowly, and my grandmother’s wrinkles became deeper and deeper. I used to indulge in my grandmother’s gentle laughter, indulge in her warmth, indulge in her favor, and take her favor for granted. As I grew up, I was not as lovable as I was when I was a child. It was very playful. My grandmother often taught me, but I ignored my grandmother’s earnest instruction and love. I thought it was right.
Until one day, Grandma and I were eating in the restaurant, I was absent-minded to look up at Grandma, but I did not expect that I stayed, Grandma’s breathing more and more heavy, urgent, paler and paler, and finally gave me a deep look, the corners of the mouth barely pulled a curvature, even fainted on the ground. I was so frightened that I called my parents.
In the terrible silence of the hospital corridor, suddenly came my bursts of choking, the “in-operation” brand suddenly lit up, and my heart suddenly fell to the bottom. Why did Grandma not laugh? Why is her face pale? I looked at my parents’gloomy face, and I understood what the foreshadows were. My heart was like a hole in the ice, and I felt sorry for my grandmother.
Suddenly the lights went out and my eyes flashed, but my heart broke into powder when I saw the doctor’s gloomy face like that of my parents.
On the white bed lay the pale grandmother, who slowly opened her eyes. Her first sentence was, “Has Wanlin eaten yet?”
“Um.” Hearing Grandma’s words, my heart was painful for a moment, and my heart was full of flavors. Suddenly, the past flashed into my mind like a movie. When I was hungry, my grandmother cooked meals for me; when I was bored, I thought of my grandmother playing with me; when I made mistakes, I thought of my grandmother’s earnest teachings to me; when I thought of my grandmother’s laughter, everything… Also think of, I shouted at my grandmother, love for her, I turned a blind eye, deaf, grandmother is love for me, and I? Did you repay her? Did she get nothing but a bump in the face? When I returned to my childhood, I was full of deep love for my grandmother, and… Endless apologies and guilt… For a moment, only for a moment, I had tears on my face.
I went over and grabbed my grandmother’s old cocoon-covered hand. “Wan Lin, you must not be sad when Grandma is gone in the future. People always have to be born, old, sick and dead. You should study hard and be a useful person. Stop being so playful… Listen to your parents, stop being capricious and talk back… Know, you know?” Grandma held my hand, and I nodded. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her pale face. She was still gentle, kind and warm, but my heart withered little by little until the freezing point.
The hands slowly loosened and Grandma closed her eyes, but there was still a kind smile on her face.
I want to cry, but think of Grandma’s dying words, yes, Grandma does not like me to cry, I barely bend my lips, but my laughter is ugly, unprecedented ugly. Finally, I still couldn’t help but burst into tears…
Grandma, I miss you, I miss the food you cooked, I miss you playing with me, I miss your warm smile, I miss everything about you… Grandma, I feel guilty. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t yell at you. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t talk back to you. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t turn a blind eye to your love. When you were alive, I neglected your love. When I really lost it, I regretted it. I learned to cherish your love, cherish possession, never forget each other, and do and cherish it.

Tree elder brother

When I was young, one day, some children and I were catching butterflies in the countryside and running. We suddenly ran into a forest that we had never seen before. At the same time, the butterflies also flew away. While the other children were feeling a little disappointed, I was deeply fascinated by the clean and messy woods.
Because the trees in the woods are arranged in an orderly way, when the wind blows, all the leaves rustle, as if from a pure natural rhythm, the woods go east and west, the trunks are brown, and there are green spots in the brown. Only one of the trees is slightly thicker, and the rest of the trees are still young and young. So, out of curiosity, I left the other children and walked alone to the slightly stout tree in the woods.
“Brother Tree, are you the leader here? Why are you so strong and strong?” I said softly, with curiosity, touching the brown tree trunk with green dots with small hands.
When the tree listened, it seemed to shake its head with the wind, and then the green dots seemed to burst into a slight smile. It seemed to tell me that this little sister, I am not a leader, but a common tree. As for why it grows a little different, it may be that I have better patience in general, so I absorb more sunshine, air and water than other small trees. Enough is enough.
Although I was too young to go to elementary school, and had no deep thinking ability, my brother muttered to me, relying only on a child’s instinct, intuition told me everything.
Since then, every time I come here to play with my friends, I have to come to this small forest and have a wonderful conversation with my brother. Until I am tired, thirsty and hungry in this small forest, I am too tired to leave reluctantly.
Later, when I grew up and went to school, I could only use my vacation time to go to the woods occasionally. I would report to my brother tree about my recent situation. I would say, “Brother tree, I’m going to school now. You know, our school is beautiful, the students are much older, the teachers are very good, I study hard, and the final exam is the first one.”
Every time my tree brother hears this, he is as usual, swaying with the wind, praising me, bragging about me, who knows, but I only know that no matter what I say to him, as long as I tell him what I think, I feel relaxed all over. For a long time, the tree brother is in my heart, both like my brother and my brother. Like my friend. I couldn’t live without the trouble of telling my mind to my brother tree. In the dark, I also felt that he was calling me from a distant place. Because I have the problem of talking with Dashu, so many children accompanying me grow up to be somewhat incomprehensible, and some directly say that I have the problem.
So, at first, there were some children from neighbouring families willing to accompany me to the grove, but as I grew older and older, the trees grew taller and stronger. Finally, no one would like to accompany me to the grove to see my brother.
I had to go alone, and I was determined that I had grown up and did not need the company of others. So I insisted on visiting my tree brother in my spare time.
Every time I went, I was happy and excited, but until one day, when I found that I had suffered the setback of people’s legend for the first time in my life journey, I no longer wanted to go anywhere, no longer want to go into the house, no longer want to integrate into the outside world, I found myself changed, become inferior, lonely and incredible.
I don’t want to go to see Brother Tree anymore. To be exact, Brother Tree is gradually forgotten in my memory, because my heart has been occupied by endless so-called troubles of life, and I can’t tolerate the innocence and stories of the past.
Later, with the continuous change of years, my mind matured. With the help of my relatives and my own feelings, I finally gradually came out of the valley of life, gradually feeling the warmth of the spring breeze, the hot summer, the cold autumn, the cruelty of winter. I know that life is like this, there are peaks and valleys, and everyone’s life is ups and downs. I have an epiphany…
At this time, I suddenly remembered the tree elder brother who had been waiting for me. Is he still there? This is the first thought after Enlightenment and the first thing I want to see. I walked out of my house and ran along the bending river.
However, in that place where I had been playing since childhood, I did not find the figure of Brother Tree. I cried, tears dim, Brother Tree, where are you, I call affectionately. Because I was greeted by bare roots everywhere, the tree elder brother was cut off body, do not know where to go?
Years later, the original site of Shu Brother has become a large villa, the woods have disappeared, Shu Brother has made great contributions to mankind, I am proud of the growth of Shu Brother! At the same time, I am proud of my journey these years!

Dream and cat

Last night, I had a dream. In the dream, there is meow. When I woke up, I found that the pillow was wet.
Our family has been keeping cats since we knew something, for several years, for more than ten years. Until my second year in junior high school, the last cat we had in our family… After leaving, we no longer have cats in our family. In the past, for any reason, it was said that there were too many mice in the family, or that the children in the family had to have a cat to play with. The adults in the family agreed to keep a cat. Even raising a cat has become a “habit” in the family. But later, no reason can be used as a reason for our family to keep cats again.
We have many cats in our family, orange, white, grey, black, and black and white, orange and white… All cats have been raised, and most of their lives come from other families. Their mother cat has given birth to a litter of kittens, and she thinks there are too many cats. So she sends them out. Fortunately, they are taken in. Of course, there are also cats from the “wild”. When my sister and I saw their pity, we wanted to take them in. But parents often disagree, saying that wild cats are mostly abandoned because they are bad. So, very few, very few of us have cats.
However, a wild cat was adopted by us. It’s clever! Otherwise, it won’t eventually make parents agree that it will stay. It was dressed in beautiful black and white clothes. Its hair was so smooth and cute. It always waited at the door for our brothers and sisters to come home from school to meet us. It’s this lovely one who spent two years with us, and it’s the only one who can stay with us for such a long time. You know, our cat’s vitality is always not very tenacious…
Just as it entered the cold winter, it left. We looked for it for a long time in those days. It will play everywhere, but it will always come home in the evening, because it knows – dinner time is up, master I am waiting for it to come back! But, in those days, my hopes have failed again and again. When the curtain of night rolls over the world on the third and fourth days, I understand that it will never come back.
Mother said, it’s cold winter now, our cats are so fat and tender that they must have gone out of the pot. At that time, the family was eating hot pot, but I endured, endured… It wasn’t until the night when I lay in bed and remembered what had happened to it that I let my tears run down unbridled.
That’s my sister’s favorite cat and I. It’s so cute and cute! It just left us at last…
I wiped my tears and welcomed the next lovely little one. This kind of thing has happened countless times in our family. Come on, go on; come on, or go on… Tragedy happens again and again, but it still can not stop its occurrence!
Later, we all seemed numb. In the second year of junior high school, it was the one I regretted most all my life.
At that time, after school, I rode home on my bicycle and passed by a road beside my home, where there was a bush. I found that there seemed to be a cat there. It was moving, causing the grass to sway. When approaching, it was an orange cat. Although it was covered by grass, it seemed to be small, just like the “lovely” cat at home. Only when I was too lazy to get out of the car, I stopped my curiosity.
Two days later, tragedy happened!
“Big cute” is missing! When we all confirmed that it was really missing, I thought about the cat found in the grass two days ago, and my heart twitched. Later, the old lady next door came over and said that she had found a dead cat in the grass, foaming at the mouth. It looked like it had just died! At that time, I collapsed.
Later, we learned that cat food had already disappeared a few days ago, but nobody went to buy it. From childhood to adulthood, cats grow up eating cat food, which seems to be a “habit” of our family. It was hungry because it was so hungry that it had to go outside to find food, but accidentally took poison! Blame us, blame me me more…
The old lady said, “You cat, it looks like it has been struggling in the haystack for a long time, just look at its dead state. If discovered earlier, it may be possible to recover…
At that time, I really did not know what to do. I didn’t tell them about my regrets, maybe I didn’t have the courage, maybe I knew it was in vain, or maybe I was discouraged… But now, whenever I think about it, I feel sad. It’s a kind of heartache of need, a guilt of life…
Later, my mother said that there would be no cats at home. Somehow, my heart was both happy and sad. After my mother said that, I was in conflict for some time. Think about it, at least the cat’s tragedy won’t happen again in our family. How nice! However, my heart is a little bit stuck – no longer accompanied by them, so lonely!…
Cats, I hope you can find a better family in another part of the world. I hope you have a good time.

My stage

Everyone on my stage has his own stage that he loves. I also have my own stage that he loves. That is writing. On the stage between the cubic inches, I am like a sapling growing constantly.
When I was young, my parents bought me a lot of picture books. I would read them while I picked up the color pen and scribbled them according to my preferences. In a short time, the book was vividly painted by me as a kitten. At that time, I was only one or two years old. There were only a few words I could write. All the words I wrote in the book were wordless. But I like to share my works with others. I always show them to others enthusiastically. As a result, people can’t understand what I’m doing. This may be my first contact with this stage.
Later, I grew up and learned many languages in kindergarten. So my favorite thing is to take the toys my parents bought me and weave wonderful stories. In the eyes of adults, I’m just playing with children’s favorite family, only I know I’m creating stories.
In my stories, plots are often ups and downs. As long as I feel unsatisfied, delete this paragraph and repeat it. I will play many roles in the story, even the tone of speech, the pause in speech, small I am very careful, not careless. In this way, in my mouth, childhood experience has become a wonderful story. Sometimes my parents will listen and comment on my new story while listening to it. Sometimes they will even help me put the scenes of the story more delicately… With the help of my family, I created stories by dictation. Wouldn’t it be a novel if it was written on paper? By this time I was almost on the writing stage.
Farewell to the kindergarten, I carried my schoolbag into the primary school. In the first grade of primary school, Mr. Wang found a small diary. Everyone is holding a small diary, with curiosity and expectations on their faces. The teacher told us that this is our diary. We can record the interesting events that happened that day on it or write what we thought was wonderful.
I was so happy because I finally found the stage I loved. I keep a diary on my diary every day, recording an interesting event in my class and around me. Teacher Wang and my classmates gave me a lot of encouragement and praised me as a small writer. I am more energetic on the stage.
But as the story grew longer and longer, I was in trouble. My article began to have mistyped words, sentences are not smooth place, sometimes for their article is not brilliant and frustrated. At this time, my parents gave me a lot of help. Every time they wrote a composition, they would accompany me, correct my wrong words, help me to deliberate the words in the article, and tell me to pay attention to the key points in writing. In this way, my writing level gradually improved day by day, and I finally became a small member of this stage.
By the third grade, my writing stage moved from a small diary to a large composition paper. Like the director on my stage, Mr. Wang taught me to pay attention to the structure of different types of articles, to the echo of context in writing, and to the description of details. Every time Mr. Wang commented on his composition, I listened very carefully and wrote down the points that I thought would be helpful to me. Teacher’s teaching, like a good medicine, let me learn more methods, on the stage with more and more props, performing more thoroughly.
The two most important ways that teachers teach me are reading and accumulation. Through persistent reading, I have learned many excellent works of literary heroes. Their storylines make me feel immersed in the scene. The beautiful and fluent words make me feel like spring breeze. In the process of reading, I realized the wider world and learned many good words and sentences unconsciously.
If reading is “moistening things silently”, then accumulation is the basis of “ten thousand tall buildings rise flat”. From the first grade, I always accumulated a few new words or my own wrong words every day, and used these words to make several sentences, and read several ancient poems. Through continuous accumulation, I have reduced my mistyping, learned to avoid illness sentences, and used poems more skillfully in writing.
If reading and accumulation are my magic weapon on the writing stage, then learning to polish my works is the secret I slowly learned on this stage. At first, when I wrote, I always thought that the article was finished. Through the explanations and demonstrations of teachers and parents, I gradually understand that a work needs to be polished with heart. My composition is like a rough, strange-looking stone at the beginning. After continuous polishing, it will gradually become a beautiful jade. After constant practice, I slowly developed the habit of polishing my works. Finally, with my efforts and sweat, I learned to express myself on this stage and became a thriving tree.
Writing accompanies my childhood and is also the stage I love. On this stage, my family witnessed my growth and my teachers guided my progress. My stage is full of criticism and tears, but full of flowers and encouragement. I would like to build a tower of sand on the stage between the cubic inches and become a towering tree.

Happy New Year

When the New Year comes, we are all very excited because we can wear new clothes, set off firecrackers and collect New Year’s money with our small wallet. Hee-hee, New Year’s Day, I always forget my lucky money, every child is like this. On New Year’s Day, we can also eat dumplings with our families, watch the Spring Festival Gala, every household, lively, happy to welcome the new year.
Today is New Year’s Eve. If I had a holiday, I would get up at 8 or 9 o’clock, but today I made an exception. I woke up at 7:15. I jumped out of bed and went to the living room. I sat on the sofa. My mother and brother were still awake. Only my father and I were awake. We dressed quickly, took firecrackers and went downstairs.
The following is really lively: the children and some uncles and aunts with firecrackers, are ready to welcome the new year in the sound of firecrackers. “Let’s set off firecrackers.” I don’t know who shouted, and the children soon got together. A string of firecrackers were set on fire in people’s hands, making loud noises and splashing everywhere. It’s like sending every good wish to every family. The sound of firecrackers was continuous and lively. After setting off firecrackers, my father and I went home. My mother and brother woke up. We finished breakfast, prepared New Year’s goods, got on the bus and drove to my grandmother’s house.
After more than two hours of exhaustion, we finally arrived at our destination, Dongqiao Village, Yuling Town, Lingbao, which is Grandma’s home. “Grandma!” As soon as I entered the gate, I cried out that, as I expected, my mother-in-law rushed out immediately. Haha, my grandmother is still so young and energetic! Then, my two cousins came out, and we were in a mess. What a bustle! I still talked to my little intimate princess. “Lulu, how did you do on the final exam?” I asked, “Language: 98 points, Mathematics: 99 points, English: 100 points, a total of 297 points, the class first!” Lulu answered happily. “Not bad! I am the same as you, Chinese: 97 points, mathematics: 100 points, English: 100 points, 297 points, the first in the class! I said. “Look, we are a pair of bosom sisters, even the scores are the same!” “Yes! Let’s go and play with the wrestling guns. I have a lot of them. Let’s call morning, Yangyang and my father to play together! “Good idea!” Dad took Yangyang, me, Lulu and Morning, and we went out to play with wrestling guns hand in hand.
“Boom, boom, boom, boom!” This is my four guns. This is Lulu’s second cannon. We had a great time! Meanwhile,
Grandma is making dumplings with her mother. They are also very busy. As soon as we got back, we heard a “crash”. The first dish of dumplings came off the pot and we had to make a second pot. Lulu and I also wanted to have a jump. So we washed our hands and sat down at the table and began to play seriously. Well, actually, Lulu and I can’t make dumplings at all. Making dumplings is just an excuse for both of us. The first dumpling I made was like a leather ball. It was round. Lulu said to me, “Sister, this is not the Lantern Festival. Don’t be so round!” Look at my bag, I’ll teach you!” “Good!” Lulu was good at first, but the worse it got behind it: leather, meat stuffing………………………………………………………. Mess. “Ha-ha, you can’t pack it. Why didn’t you teach me?” I laughed. Lulu blushed, and she said, “Good sister, let’s learn together, shall we?”
“Good! Let’s learn together! In this way, Lulu and I learned to make dumplings while we were making dumplings. Lulu and I made twenty-five dumplings all at once. After ten minutes, a large plate of dumplings was finally wrapped. Grandma gave us a big plate of dumplings, and the four of us ate around the table in a mess, because we were so hungry! “Lulu, I think it’s a sense of achievement to eat dumplings made by myself! How about you? ” “Me too!” Soon, night came, and I went out to watch fireworks with Yangyang, Lulu and Morning. I don’t know who lit a cannon of fireworks. Suddenly, countless small sparks came out of the cannon. In an instant, a silver-white “dragon” rushed to the sky like an arrow off the string, emitting tens of millions of flowers, like a beautiful little girl, wearing a dress, singing and dancing in the sky. Dad came out, he lit several “butterflies” fireworks, only to see a few beautiful butterflies, dancing, flying to the sky. At this time, the sky is like a big garden, butterflies are like messengers of spring, waving their wings and joining the colorful banquet one after another. All around the fireworks are constantly burning, red, yellow, blue, purple, a variety of colors intertwined, dazzling. At this moment, we jump, jump, laugh and shout, not to mention how happy we are, but also with everyone is the harvest of family!
We finished watching and went home. Mom and Grandma were watching the Spring Festival Gala in 2014. We also sat down and watched it. “Lulu, look! Really play! Ha ha! ” “Yes, it’s really fun!” Originally, it was the wife’s words in the sketch “Can’t Help You”: “Oh, my elbow, oh, my Bolinger, oh, my waist disc, oh, it doesn’t hurt at all!” Soon, it’s eleven fifty-five. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, bang, the New Year’s bell rings!” I said aloud to Lulu. “Let’s sing”Happy New Year!” I said. “Good!” Everyone agrees with one voice. “Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year to you all! We sing, we dance, and we wish you all a happy New Year! __
In this way, we celebrated the New Year with songs.
This is the best New Year I’ve ever had. I wish you all a happy New Year.

A Beautiful Smile

I am not happy to smile, but happy to smile.
—— Notes
Once, I was such a “different” child: in front of others, I am very good, I will quietly smile, like a winding smiling doll; at home, I will silently shut myself in the room, holding the puppet gently crying, turning the day’s grievance into tears, a one-time unified vent. Sometimes I can even cry for an afternoon and fall asleep on the wooden floor when I am tired of crying. I don’t know why there were so many grievances at that time, which made me seem to be a depressive patient. I just subconsciously felt that I was sad. There are so many blue and chilling sentences in my diary: “Maybe I should have known that’good’is another kind of surrender to fate.” “Happiness, that’s the jewelry on the mask.” There seems to be no real reason in the world to make me happy.
Later, I began to collect articles as cold as my words, which seemed to collide with my mind. I looked at them as if I had seen the same kind of excitement. I shut me up more and more frequently in that small room. Over time, in my eyes, the pink walls of the room turned into a raging blood, which would swallow me up one day. I still smiled in front of others, but there was a little coldness behind the smile.
At a class reunion after graduation, Sha Ling, a dead party, praised the depth of the articles I had written before. I laughed. What is “deep”? Deep is in a narrow room a person’s bitter thinking, let tears soak in the hands of the puppet, let the pain in an instant release. I just laughed until the end of the class reunion. After that, I was ready to go home, but I stopped. Unfortunately, my classmates, just classmates, have the same quiet smile as me, but her smile seems more pure. She said she noticed my smile at the class meeting. “It’s not the same as usual!” She said with a laugh.
Great insight. I sighed in my heart, and at the same time I wondered: Is my inner thoughts so obvious? I also laughed, the corners of my mouth bent to a standard 27. Five degrees. “Yes?” I answered her quietly. At that time, I was full of guard against everything, like a hedgehog standing on a thorn, afraid of being hurt, but also to drive away the good intentions of others. “Well, don’t underestimate me. I’m going to be a psychologist in the future!” She laughed even more brilliantly, as if she hadn’t felt my indifference at all. “All right.” I gave in. “What do you think of my laughter?” “Then I said it frankly. You just laughed at the class meeting. What do you say? It doesn’t seem to come from your heart, but it’s a little bit cold this time. She looked me in the eye as she spoke. I avoided her eyes and felt a panic. It was a kind of panic that I didn’t know what to do after being seen through. “How did you think of that?” I managed to maintain my smile. “Not what I thought, but what your smile told me.” Regret more and more affirmation. I panicked again, and for a moment I was like a sparrow plucked out of its feathers, shivering powerlessly in the cold air. I suddenly felt that this was a dialogue between the devil and the angel. The Angel wanted to save the devil. The head of the devil was frightened for the first time. It was funny. I changed into a sarcastic smile: “Go outside.”
Spacious streets emit a fragrance of banyan leaves evaporated after the rain. I walk with regret in this wet green fragrance. I calmed down and suddenly became interested in how she wanted to “save” me. “The world is really boring.” I opened my mouth. “No, the world is beautiful, but there are some things that blindfold your eyes and make you feel the beauty of the world.” Look at the glittering rain on a leaf. “You speak like a nun.” I tilted the corner of my mouth to one side. “Well, in fact, every nun is a psychologist, and they have the ability to free people from pain. You say I’m like a nun, so, as you say, maybe I can, too.” Look at me quietly. I sighed, “Nothing in the world can make me happy.” “Maybe there is. That’s a smile.” Pity pointing at my mouth, “But it’s not your kind of smile. It’s the kind of smile that goes straight to your heart and feels the beauty of the world.” I looked at her sarcastically. How could I possibly laugh at that strange smile? All of a sudden, it was funny, like a TV plot, dog blood, false incitement. “I’m tired. I’m going home.” I shook my head and walked back, with disappointment on my face. Originally, angels are just like this. Devil, of course, still want to live in hell. She did not stop me, but in the humid and rich air came a word: “Once, a man said to me,’I am not happy because I smile, but because I am happy because I smile’.” I was shocked when I heard this sentence in its entirety. Looking back and smiling at me behind me is the kind of direct heart, can feel the world’s beautiful smile.
Philosophy was great. I was instantly awake when I heard this very philosophical remark. Perhaps, I have been wrong about the world. I always think that the world owes me: the world owes me happiness, the world owes me freedom, the world owes me luck, the world owes me warmth… Perhaps all this is just my own naive resentment, thinking that I have less than others, but never thought, all this is because I do not strive for. A smile can buy happiness, but I only know how to trade it for pain. I’ve been satirizing others, but I don’t know that it’s actually satirizing myself. Just as I was told at the end of that day, as long as we fight hard and actively, the devil can also emerge as an angel in an instant.
I didn’t say anything to regret that day, but after a long silence, I said to her, “You are the greatest psychologist.” Then stop and give her the happiest smile.

Silent Father Love-Dad

Today is Mother’s Day, but I want to say something to my father, hiding in my heart for a long time, but still have no courage to say it, can only be written in this way!
Dear dad, I really love you!
Dad, as a man, you have multiple identities: you are a son, a husband, a teacher, of course, for me, you are my good father.
Dad, you have a lot of nasty shortcomings. As a son, you are impatient; as a husband, you lack responsibility; as a teacher, you are not dedicated enough. But as a father, no one can be better than you. This is the so-called imperfect person, everyone has some shortcomings, and shining points!
Dad, you are so lazy that you can’t even eat cold food directly in the microwave oven because you like to lie there and brush your cell phone after dinner, go to bed without changing your coat, and keep the same posture wrapped in quilt until you watch TV as usual in the wilderness. However, you will always be happy to ask me if I want to cook another dish because I praise the delicacy of one of your dishes; you will shout at the moment when my mother let me brush the dishes: you don’t brush, put it there for me to brush; you will pick me up at 10 p.m. in the cold winter season and pick me up on time in the bitter cold wind. Dad, you love face very much. Sometimes you have a little vanity. However, you will ask acquaintances to change classes for the sake of poor grades. You will also ask the chef for a piece to bring back for my mother and me because you think the egg cakes in the unit canteen are delicious. Dad, you’re very impatient and often impatient. However, every time you call me or video you always have to wait until I press the end, no matter what I say to you, you feel interesting, a smiling expression.
Dad, all over the world, you are the one who loves me most, tolerates me and even spoils me without principles. That’s why I became a very perverse and uncertain person. I’m always puzzled because a little thing gets angry with you. When I’m bored, I’m always pestering you for no reason, no matter what you’re doing, and when I play with you, I’ll hit you lightly. But you never get angry with me about it. You always grin and rub where it hurts and blame me me, “You little boy, it’s too six!”
Dad, from childhood to adulthood, you can’t see me suffering, you can’t see me suffering, you can’t see me being wronged, you can’t wait to move all the good things in the world to me. Dad, I understand that you have really done everything you can to provide me with the best life. You have poured all your heart and love into me.
Dad, I envy people who are smart and can achieve good results without much effort in learning; I envy people who are beautiful and look like scenery everywhere; I envy people who are rich in money, and too many things can be easily settled down with money, but, Dad, I never envy others who have a good father, because I know that I know very well that in this world, No. There will be a good father who loves my children more than you do. All the people in the world love me less than one tenth as much as you love me. No matter what decision I make, you always stand on my side unconditionally. What you want most is my health and happiness. For all my requests, your answer will always be: OK, OK, go and buy!
Dad, I want to apologize to you for what I said and did to hurt you. Most of the time, I don’t think about what I say or do without thinking about it. It doesn’t hurt people to say what I say. Dad, I remember once I lost my temper with you and regretted apologizing to you afterwards. But you consoled me with great indiscretion: “Oh, little boy, what’s this?” On that day, I complained about life without gratitude to you, but you apologized to me. You said that you ignored my feelings and always thought I was a child, but you stressed that let me not doubt the love of my parents. You always love me and support me.
Dad, before I really do not understand, do not understand you understand, always by their own nature. Dad, from now on, I will try to look at the problem from your point of view. I won’t just blame you and restrain you without discerning the facts.
Dad, sometimes you forget a lot, and you talk to me and my mother so much that you never want to shut up, whether we are bored or not. Mother said: your father will definitely be Alzheimer’s later, when the time is boring! Dad, I don’t know if you’ll ever be more forgetful or if you’ll ever be really Alzheimer’s. But I assure you and myself that I will always accompany you, care for you, be considerate of you, be tolerant of you, and love you without any shaking or change.
Dad, you look so good. My classmates will secretly tell me how handsome your dad is when they see you. Dad, you are humorous, generous and tolerant. You are an activist who loves life. You don’t complain, and you don’t like to hold on to your mistakes. You are so versatile that you sing very well. You are kind to everyone and always forgive others for their shortcomings. Dad, I’m really proud of you.
Dad, I hope you can take active exercise in the future. Don’t try to find an excuse to slip back every time you go out of the house. I really hope you can keep healthy and energetic. Dad, I hope you can regain your hobbies, such as music and chess, instead of holding your mobile phone all day like a junior high school student. Dad, I hope you can stand in a fair position and give advice on my decision in the future. Don’t blindly accommodate me, but let me see the truth of life with your life experience.
Dad, finally, I want to say to you, I really love you very much, love you very much, in my heart, you are a super dad, and proud of you! Thank you for accompanying me, attaching importance to me and loving me from childhood to adulthood! You are the best, the best and the best dad!
Dad, I hope you! Happy every day! Work is important, but also pay attention to rest, do not stay up late every time, so mother will be angry! Although I can’t say these words, I wrote them out. When I summon up my courage, I will let you see. At the same time, I will try to make myself your proudest daughter. I won’t let you worry about my grades and other things. I will also strive to grow up, will not be as naive as before, will not let you remind me every time that it is cold to wear more clothes, eat not picky! I love you, Dad!

Go fishing

After the holidays, I was bored with my homework. When I saw the outdoor camping program on TV, I suddenly thought that there was a small pond behind my house. Every time I passed by, there would be countless little fish swimming around, causing a series of ripples. A carp of mine stood up and ran to several friends’houses to make an appointment to go fishing.
After about a few small partners, we separated to find fishing tools. Amin and I took a hoe to dig earthworms. We chose a very wet mud field and dug a deep pit. We were exhausted, panting and sweating, but still did not see half of the earthworms. We were both somewhat discouraged. My uncle came out to me and saw us with a dejected look. He laughed and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You’re listless.” I told my uncle about the fact that we couldn’t dig out earthworms. My uncle laughed at the red insect in the mud and said, “This is the bait!” Fishing does not necessarily require silly earthworm children.
A veteran fisherman of my uncle told us that this kind of insect is called red blood worm, which is more suitable for fishing than earthworms. We dug up a lot of red blood worms, stood on the shore and watched the little fish jumping around in the pond, waiting for the arrival of other fishing tools.
After a long time, I finally saw the shadow of other people! Wang Chuan came running with a slender bamboo pole. That bamboo pole is as tall as three Wang Chuan! Xiao Li also came back with two discolored fish floating and panting like an ox. “This is a fish floating that my father doesn’t use. Should I be able to use it for a long time?” I patted Xiaoli on the shoulder and did a good job!
After a while, I heard the voice of Brother’s desk. Brother’s desk is the tallest eldest brother among us. He pulled out a box of brand-new rainlines from his pocket and a box of fishhooks from his arms like magic. Several of our worshippers looked at him and he laughed and said, “My father gave me a reward, so I bought two new boxes. Have you all found the tools yet?” I nodded, took a side rod and began to tie the line. The surface of the bamboo pole is very smooth. Just after the fishing line is tied, the fishing line will slide down spontaneously before it starts to tie anything else. I tried and tried the fishing line, but I just couldn’t wait to crush the bamboo pole. Each of us could not make the fishing line tied to the bamboo pole steadily. Best wishes, my uncle appeared again. He took the bamboo pole frown and rubbed it with his finger. He looked around and picked up a sharp stone and emptied it. Pick up the fishing line and go through it and tie it to the bamboo pole.
We cheered and my uncle booed, telling us to fish quietly. After that, he turned and went back to his fishing seat to hide his merits and fame.
Let’s start the next step and fix the fish on the line. It’s still very simple. Just float the fish through the line. The next step is to wrap the hook around the line. Uh huh! It’s still simple. Such a simple fishing rod is ready. We hang the red blood worm on the hook and shake our arms to let the line drop into the middle of the pond with the parabola theorem.
We sat on the floor, my eyes fixed on the floating fish surrounded by water. We were drowsy in the sunshine. Suddenly Xiaoli flapped my shoulder and shouted excitedly, “Go up! It’s hooked!” I immediately came to the spirit, and sure enough, I saw the fish floating up and down in the middle of the pond. I tried to mention that it was very heavy. I secretly delighted: this is still a big fish, mention it!
Catch a bundle of straw…
We’re all covered up. What’s this? Why is this thing in the middle of the pond?
Amin suddenly shouted, “Ah! Fish hook! “The hook is gone.” I raised the line, and the hook was still there, but the hook was gone, and there was only a short silver stick left. Brother Tai kicked away the straw a little unhappy and took out another hook: “Fish for me! I don’t believe it!” I had to tie one more and throw the hook again. I chose to throw it near, this time it should be OK!
Once again, we focused on the fish drifting. This time, the fish drifting was swinging up and down very quickly. I looked at the time and lifted it easily! _ A black object appeared in front of us – shoes.
Once again, we were confused. Brother Tai checked the hook for the first time. Sure enough, the hook was sacrificed again. Brother Tai was unable to bend down and sit on the ground like despair, and we fell into silence.
Our savior, uncle! Again! As if I had seen the light of hope, my uncle patted me on the head and handed me a sponge board full of fishhooks with a smile. At that moment, I thought my uncle was really an angel! Although it is a very short and dark angel. My uncle tied a fishhook to show us that there were two ponds. In the middle of the pond was a small highland, which was flooded by rain and flooding. There was a lot of weed and garbage, and we had to throw the hook to about ten meters on both sides of the pond. Then my uncle gave me the fishing rod and again made a small gesture.
We are sure to win this time. With the advice of a good fisherman, we can catch fish. We held our breath and stared at the fish floating, finally! The fish drifted again, and I shouted! Finally, I caught a small crucian carp as wide as two palms! Several of us cheered and were so excited that we wanted to run a few laps. Soon we got into trouble again.
How do the fish get off the hook? Do you pull it directly? Xiaoli immediately stopped me: “You’ll kill it like this!” I closed one eye and looked at the fish’s mouth with one eye. I found that one of the hooks caught its cheek. I cautiously took off the hook along the curve of the hook, and immediately took the bucket with water. The fish returned to the water and began to swim happily.
My uncle came over and looked at the bucket and touched my head. “Well, keep refueling!”
“Ah! Today, I can’t catch one. My father came down and looked at my uncle’s fishing pail. My uncle laughed and shrugged and said, “I said to be quiet, shush!” We laughed embarrassingly.
That rod is still there, as for the fish… It tastes good!